Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 178

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 178 178. Concert Starts 2

Chapter 178. Concert starts (2)

"Ah, this looks good."

Ren said as he looked at the mirror in front of him. He was currently on the backstage in Tianjing stadium, getting ready.

Today, he was wearing a black jacket with blue jeans and he also have a chain around his neck.

Most of the people who have seen A born star would be able to immediately recognize his look. It was the same look of Leo in the first scene of the movie.

As today's concert was of the album of A born star, Ren decided to try out this scene for the opening of the concert.

It will create a good impact on the audience as A born star is still vivid in their minds.

"Are you ready?"

White bear asked as he entered the green room.

"Yes, I think I will do fine."

"I wish for that too. I have already checked the lightnings, the speakers and the sound engineers are also on standby. We would be starting soon."

"What about Lin Ru, Xiao Rin and Lumous?"

Ren asked as he raised his eyebrow.

"Lin Ru is still getting ready, while Xiao Rin and Lumous are currently doing their makeups."

"It's time to start the concert then."

Ren said as he took a deep breath. The opening act in the concert would be his.

He has to give a impactful performance to gain momentum for the other singers.

"Are you nervous?"

"Slightly, but I will do fine."

"I know you will do fine. You can't mess up."

Ren laughed when he heard that and asked.

"You believe that rumour too?"

White bear shook his head as he replied.

"It's not because of that rumour. I know you better than anyone else, you don't like to lose when the stakes are high."

"Yes, you are right."

Ren said as he again laughed brightly.

* * *

Inside Tianjing stadium

Thousands of people were waiting for the concert to start. All the 20,000 seats were full and people were talking in hushed voices.

Several people were excitedly swinging their light sticks even before the concert has started.

In one of the corners in the stands, a group was excitedly talking among themselves.

"We have to cheer the loudest whenever Xin Ren comes on the stage."

The fan holding light sticks in both of his hands said. He was giving commands to the other people.

The fan was Mapple, Ren's self proclaimed number one fan.

"Leader, don't worry. We will not disappoint you."

"Yes, we will cheer the loudest and saw all the people the power of Xin Ren's official fan club."

"Yes, let's support him with all our might!!"

The group of people were from the official fan club of Ren and Mapple has now been elected as the head fan by the other members.

The head fan position means that he is the leader of the fan club and he will be responsible in collecting donations from other fans and holding fan events.

"I wish for the concert to start soon."

"Yes, I wonder how will it feel to listen to the songs live. I have already listened to them several times, but it would definitely be a different feeling listening to them live."

"Yes, it's obvious that it would be a magical feeling."

"I wish there would be an announcement about his second album after the concert."

Suddeny, one of the fans wearing a hoodie said.

"A single would also be nice."

"Yes, maybe he can collaborate with Xiao Rin or Lin Ru."

"They can just form a duo."

The other fans also agreed with him.

Seeing that, the older fans who have been in the fan club for a long time retorted.

"Hey, Xin Ren will obviously do a movie or a drama next."

"Yes, he's an actor before he's a singer."

"He only did singing because it was an requirement for the movie."

After A born star, Ren's fan popularity has grown exponentially. His fan club has also received many members.

Some of these members have come after listening to the album of A born star, they bend more towards singing rather than acting and want Ren to grow as a singer.

This has created conflicts with the original fans who have joined the fan club after seeing Ren's acting.

It has a created two groups in the fan club and fans would often fight with each other.

"Ah, they started again."

Mapple muttered as he sighed. He was already troubled by the problem as the head fan.

He has tried to make sure that no conflicts arise, but conflicts are still arising at regular intervals.

He has to find an answer soon or the fandom can separate. That would be a disastrous thing to do.

"Leader, what should we do?"

Another fan asked him.

"I don't know. For now, we have to make sure that the fight don't grow much or the security personnel will know about it and our reputation will go down the drain."

"Yes, we have to avoid it for now."

The other fan said as he sighed.

As they were thinking about how to solve the problem, the lights in the stadium suddenly dimmed and all the people suddenly went silent.

They all know that this was the start of the concert.

Ren's fans also stopped making a commotion as they looked at the stage waiting for the performance to start.

"The moment you have all been waiting for is here, the concert of the blockbuster musical drama, A born star, will start now."

A voice resounded from the center of the stage. No one was able to know the owner of the voice as the stage was completely devoid of any light.

"Now, let's start the concert!!"

With that voice, soft music started to play out from the speakers and it resounded within the Tianjing stadium.

The people started to wave their light sticks as all of them recognised the music of the song flowing out.

It was the song 'Are you listening?'. The concert was finally starting!!

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