Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 179

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 179 179. A Riveting Experience 1

Chapter 179. A riveting experience (1)

"Do you remember the days when we used to be.....together...."

"Those days were the nicest days..."

"But now I am all alone, watching you with someone else....."

"Are you listening to my voice...?"

Standing on the stage alone, Ren's voice passed through the cheering and dancing crowd of people.

Watching Ren on the stage like this, all the audiences has only one thought in their head.

'It's like we are in the first scene of A born star.'

The starting scene of a A born star depicts about Leo singing 'Are you listening?' in an concert.

Watching Ren like that, all the audience thought they have been transported into the movie. They cheered and waved their light sticks around, as it created a magical atmosphere.

On the stage, Ren only has one thought in his mind.

'The focus of the audience is on me alone!!'

It was a great feeling to make the audience focus only on him and cheer for him. Ren can feel that he has come a long way since his regression while experiencing this feeling.

"Remember the grief you gave me..."

"Making me feel all hollow and lonely....."

"Like a moon without the stars in the night sky..."

"But you were never listening to my lonely self..."

Ren sang the next verse with a louder tone, like he was singing to the stars in the sky.

The audience was cheering him on with full might, especially his fan club. They were singing the song with him, as they swung their light sticks around.

The atmosphere of the whole Tianjing stadium was riveting as people waved their light sticks and sang with Ren.

"Are you listening to my cries...."

"Are you listening to my sorrows....."

"To my grief, Oh my love....."

"I wish that I was with you at the moment..."

"But I know you are listening to my voice...."

Ren ended the third verse with the highest note he can get. The band that was performing with him also did his best to keep up with him.

As the first song finished, the dimmed lights on the stage lighten up revealing Ren with a mic on his hand.

He was smiling as he looked at the 20,000 people in front of him.

He flawlessly pulled the mic to his mouth as he started to speak.

"I would like to thank you you all for coming to see the concert tonight. I hope you will like it and enjoy our efforts."

As Ren said that, a defeaning roar resounded across the stadium. He continued.

"Now, for the second song, I would like to invite my cute junior, who played the role of the female lead exponentially in the movie."

As Ren said that, many of the male fans sitting on the audience cheered. All the people who Ren was talking about.

The stage lights again dimmed as Xiao Rin slowly walked on the stage.

She was wearing a purple gown as she descended on the stage like a fairy. Her hair were slightly curly and she has light makeup on her pretty face.

She walked up to Ren with light steps as she slowly started to speak on the mic.

"Thank you everyone for coming here today. I would like to express my thanks to you all. The next song will be 'With you'. Hope you all will enjoy it."

Xiao Rin slowly started to sing the lyrics of 'With you' as the music flowed out from the speakers.

With the music flowing out from the piano and Xiao Rin singing the song, everyone present felt that they were currently sitting with their loved ones, as they quietly listened to the song.

"You are the one, the love of my life.."

"I don't want to spend it with someone else.."

"I want to spend it with you.."

"Only with you.."

Xiao Rin's voice mixed with the music coming out from the speakers as they created a romantic feeling which spread across the whole Tianjing stadium.

Ren and Xiao Rin sang the second verse together.

"You are my realiy....."

"The destiny I want to achieve..."

"You are the only one.."

"With you, I want to spend my whole life.."

* * *

In the backstage, Lumous were currently huddled together as they watched the live broadcast of the stage.

"Xiao Rin is amazing. She has just debuted a few months before, but she can already sing in front of such a large audience without any pressure."

Cei Xin muttered as she stared at the screen. She contemplated in her heart whether she would be able to do the same or not.

"It's not like she's not feeling any pressure."

Someone heard Cei Xin muttering and said. It was actually Lin Ru who was just about to go on the stage.

"What do you mean?"

Nie Wen asked with a curious expression. She was not much talkative, but she still wanted to know the answer of this question.

"Anyone will feel pressure when he will be on the stage, especially someone who is not accustomed to it. That's why, Xiao Rin is also feeling the pressure."

"Then, how is she performing on the stage without any hint of nervousness?"

Rose asked as she raised her hand. The other members also wanted to know the answer to this question.

"Well, it was because she has trust in herself and the person she is performing with."

"Ah, what do you mean by that?"

"I mean, that she is able to stay calm because she is trusting Senior Ren. She trust that he will save her even if she messed up."

In the room, Lin Ru knows Xiao Rin the best, because of their rivalry. It just took her a glance to see what was going on with her on the stage.

"Then, how could we do it?"

Sun Jia sighed as she lowered her head.

"Aren't you all a team?"

"Ah, we are one."

"You should just trust each other on the stage and think that you will be fine because someone is protecting your back."

Lin Ru said as she left the room, leaving Lumous contemplating over her words.

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