Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 180

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 180 180. A Riveting Experience 2

Chapter 180. A riveting experience (2)

The concert was going great. Ren, Xiao Rin and Lin Ru's voices made it spectacular, as the audience danced as they listened to their songs.

The high pitch instrumental sounds from the speakers excited the audience and the college students sitting on the front rows were dancing through the concert.

It was the same for the middle aged and the older people too.

Most of the songs made them think about their past and current loves and they reminisce about their past with tears in their eyes.

There were many people in the crowd who were crying after hearing those heartbreaking lyrics and the emotional singing of the singers.

"Now, I would like to thank you all for the support you have shown us tonight. We are really grateful for it."

The audience cheered when Ren said that from the middle of the stage.

"To thank you all for coming here, there will be a special performance tonight."

Special performance!!

Those words excited the audiences and as they cheered loudly. There were shouts of 'What is it?' and 'Tell us quickly' mixed in with the cheers.

"To end this wonderful night, the new girl group 'Lumous' will be performing their song here. I hope you will all like it."

The audience was sad when they heard the word 'end' but they were also curious about the new girl group called 'Lumous'.

They have never heard about them or seeing them. So, there was a lot of curiosity among the audience.

Especially, in the fan club of Ren.

"Leader, do you know who Lumous is?"

"No, I don't but I think they are a new girl group launched by Top star entertainment."

"I wonder how well they will perform."

"They will probably perform well. Top star entertainment is famous for their girl groups."

"We will know once we see them."

Although there was some curiosity among the audience, there were also some people who were angry because of this.

"We are not here to listen to some girl group."

"Yeah, I want to listen to Xiao Rin again."

"Yes, we don't need that girl group. We want to listen to more songs by Ren and Xiao Rin."

It was just a small majority of people who were thinking like that, but their commotion stopped when the lights suddenly blackened out across the Tianjing stadium.

When the lights came back, there were four girls on the stage.

They were obviously Lumous ready to perform in their costumes. When the audience first saw them, they were stunned just by their outer appearance.

Lumous was a group that highly emphasized their individuality, as well as their skills and outer appearance.

When everyone got into position, the sign came down and the music started flowing out. It was the title song 'Once'.

It was the same song that Ren has featured in and after careful deliberation, the A&R team has decided to go with his for the title track.

Even their debut mini album will be titled 'Once'.

The song started with their dance and Sun Jia and Rose decorated the front magnificently with their steps.

They were the best dancers in the group and they were tasked to be the front dancers.

They swiftly slid to the sides and pushed forward Nie Wen to the centre as she started singing the first verse.

"You don't know me, how much I love you..."

"Once, when we walk together.."

"Talk together, holding each other hand."

"I used to love you once."

Nie Wen's voice was the most melodious in the group and even her breath rang out from the ear mic.

To perform a song with a group dance, ear mics were important, otherwise they have to use the audio recording.

The audiences jaw dropped when they saw the girls dancing vividly while singing through their ear mics.

'They are amazing!'

'The song is great and the dance makes it greater.'

'They are my new idols to follow.'

Those were the thoughts among the audiences. The people who were earlier bad mouthing them were now enjoying their performance.

Lumous was capturing everyone with their performance.

The stage colored in faint red and blue was not flamboyant. However, it was enough to emphasize the girls on stage.

The spotlight enveloped all the girls and did their job.

As the first and the second verse ended, the girls pushed Rose to the center and she played the rap while the others girls dance with a hip hop style on the sides.

Rose rapping was incredibly fast and the audience didn't expect such a feeble looking girl to rap so fast.

She was fully displaying her skills which made the performance more powerful.

After the rap was finished, next up was Cei Xin's verse. Honestly, Cei Xin can be considered the least talented in singing and dancing.

But her strong point was the amount of emotions she pour into the lyrics.

"You don't know me, how much I love you..."

"Once, when we walk together.."

Her voice contained emotions that can capture the heart of any teenager. It also worked wonders as countless people were enamored by her beauty and singing.

With her verse, the song was reaching it's ending and the ending was special.

The girls moved to the sides like they were making a path for someone to come. Their dancing grew stronger and the echo from the speakers resounded within the whole stadium.

Through the path, the girls created came Ren and whole crowd started cheering again.


"Ren! Ren! Ren!"


The audience cheered and waved their banners, light sticks and hands as they shouted with all their mights.

Ren's entry was unexpected to all of them. The one cheering the loudest was Ren's fan club.

"Once, I saw you on the streets walking by..."

"Someone else side..."

"I was devastated when I saw you like that."

"My heart was broken once again.."

Ren sang the second last verse and in the last verse, all of them sang at the same time, creating a spectacular chorus.

Their voices and cheers from the audiences resounded throughout the Tianjing stadium, as the song finally finished.

"Thank you for listening!!"

The girls and Ren bowed at the same time and that concluded the end of the concert.

It was a magnificent end. One that will be in the minds of the audience for a long time.

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