Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 181

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 181 181. Trip To America 1

Chapter 181. Trip to America (1)

[Brother Ren, we have a blast at the success party tonight. I wish you were here!!]

Ren smiled as he read the message on his phone. It was a message sent by Xiao Rin yesterday.

As he was busy packing yesterday, he was not able to read it and now, he was reading it recently.

Below, the message was a photo of Xiao Rin, Lin Ru and Lumous. They were all wearing light clothes and the whole background was decorated.

There was cake thrown all over the place. Sun Jia and Rose even have pieces of cakes on their faces. It seems like they have thrown cake at each other's faces.

"It seems like they are doing good."

Ren said as he closed his phone.

Just yesterday, there was a success party on the top floor of the company. It was the party to celebrate the success of the concert and to celebrate 'Once' getting into the 9th position of the music charts.

It seems like after the concert, Lumous and both the song he sang with them 'Once' went viral. It even achieved the 9th position on the music charts.

It was a great feat to get into the top 10 of the music charts, especially for a rookie idol group.

"Ren, how much time is left until the flight will take off?"

Suddenly, a voice interrupted Ren's thoughts.

He turned back and saw his mother standing there with a bag in her hand. She was wearing travel clothes and there was a beaming smile on her face.

"I think it will be soon."

Ren said as he thought about the timing of the flight to America.

Yes, he was going to America, Los Angeles to be specific.

He had gotten a break for a week, so he wanted to take a vacation with his family. He was thinking of visiting some places in China, but he has finally decided to travel to Los Angeles.

There were some reasons behind this.

First of all, no one will recognize him in Los Angeles. If he went anywhere in China, there would be people recognizing him.

He would not be able to silently enjoy his vacation because of that.

Secondly, his parents had never travelled overseas, so he wanted to have a trip with them.

Those reasons were enough for him to book a flight to America. Actually, his agency helped him quite a bit in it, by booking the best flight and a travel guide.

-Flight XXX to Los Angeles will take off soon. All the passengers kindly report to gate 149.

The boarding announcement finally happened and Ren and his parents finally boarded the flight to America.

* * *

"Director Zhao, you are really smiling these days."

Director Kang said as she stared at the wide smile on the face of Director Zhao. She had been seeing that smile for a few days now.

They were currently in a restaurant close to the company.

The work for the day was already over. Normally, Director Zhao will show a tired expression after a day of work.

But he was still smiling.

"Of course, this year has been great for me. With Chu Min's successive hits, Xiao Rin's spectacular debut and Ren becoming famous rapidly. It feels like nothing will go wrong this year."

"The year hasn't finished yet."

It was still only September. There was three months left until the end of the year.

"I don't think anything will go wrong."

"Why do you think like that?"

"When unlike the other departments, my department seems to be the most peaceful. It also doesn't have any problematic stars."

The other department, mainly the department looked over by Director Huang has many problematic celebrities.

Director Huang's department looks peaceful from the outside, but it has many celebrities who will cause unnecessary trouble.

Just look at Wu Qing, she may look normal from the outside, but she has caused various troubles till now.

One time, she had even refused to perform at a show, delaying the whole performance of Tristine.

Well, Tristine was not new in creating troubles. Every member has fights with each other. Because of these reasons, they are on the verge of breaking up.

It was also because of that, Top star entertainment has hurried the debut of Lumous.

"I wonder if there is really not one problematic celebrity in your department."

"I really don't think there is someone that can be termed as problematic. There are some new rookies who can create trouble in the future, but they are very docile right now."

"What about Chu Min?"

Director Zhao scratched his head as he replied.

"He himself knows that his career is in the highest point right now. I don't think he would want to mess it up."

Chu Min has just finished the shoot of his idol drama and he was currently busy in the promotions and he was also doing some advertis.e.m.e.nts on the side.

He was the most likely to cause trouble but he was silent right now.

"Then, what about Xiao Rin?"

"I really don't think she would do anything that will cause trouble. Although we have to be extra careful because she's still young."

"She can be eccentric sometimes."

"Yes, she can be but currently, she is too embroiled in her career after the large success of A born star."

"Then, you think Ren will also stay obedient?"

Director Zhao replied with confidence when he heard that question.

"Yes, he's the one I am the most confident in. He can be weird sometimes, with him bringing projects that will less likely to become a success but everytime, he will create a miracle."

Director Zhao now fully believes in Ren's ability to choose a project. It was to the point that he will not stop him from choosing a strange project in the future.

He even wants Ren to come to him and say that he wanted to work in a project.

That's how much he believes in him.

"I know that, but trouble always comes from the unexpected."

"Why are you talking like you want some trouble to happen?"

Director Kang giggled when she heard that. She shook her head and replied.

"I don't want any trouble to happen. It's just my intuition."

"Your intuition tells you that something will happen?"

Director Kang nodded her head.

"I don't think you should trust your intuition. It isn't always right."

Director Kang also knows that but this time, her intuition was really strong!!

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