Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 182

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 182 182. Trip To America 2

Chapter 182. Trip to America (2)

The time to reach Los Angeles was approximately 14 hours. Ren was pretty much bored on the plane, the most he could do was to watch some movies.

After the long flight, Ren and his parents finally reached LA international airport.

His parents seemed to be affected as they were going through the procedures of entry.

"It would be better if we had gone somewhere in Korea. America is too dangerous."

His father grumbled after they were done with the procedures. Seeing him, his mother clicked her tongue and said.

"You are always like this. Putting up a fake front in front of your son."

His mother completed her sentence while looking at Ren.

"Don't worry about your father. He was actually very happy about the trip. He's just acting in front of you."

"I am not acting."

His father said with an annoyed face, but Ren and his mother were already familiar with his antics.

Ren even finds this side of his father to be cute.

"Although, I am happy about the trip, but America is really dangerous. We have to be careful."

His mother suddenly said and Ren can only scratch his head hearing that.

His mother and father still regarded America as dangerous.

Well, it was not fully incorrect as well. America was really the land of guns and the crime rate was high too.

It was just the typical stereotype of conservative Asians towards America.

"Don't worry, mother. Nothing will happen to us. Now, let's go."

Ren said, leading his mother and father towards the exit.

'The tour guide should be here. Huh!! There he is.'

Before planning to visit America, Ren has already booked a tour guide for his parents. His parents can't speak English like him, so there was a need for a tour guide for them.

Ren also quickly found out the tour guide after leaving the airport. It was because the tour guide was holding a big poster of his into his hands.

"Hi. My name is Xin Ren."

"I know you. I'm a fan. You can call me Jake."

The tour guide name Jake was quick to get familiar with his family. He was actually a Chinese who has settled into Los Angeles.

They quickly put the luggage into the car and drove towards their hotel. It was already evening when they had reached Los Angeles. So, Ren and his parents were already tired.

"The nightlife of LA is the best in the world. You should experience it too since you are here."

Jake started a conversation with them in the car and Ren replied back.

"It doesn't look like this city sleeps."

"Yes, it doesn't. There are many celebrities parties going around every night too."

"Celebrity parties?"

His mother asked from the back and Jack answered her.

"Yes, LA is actually the home of Hollywood. The culture capital of the world. You can find people partying every night."

The culture capital of the world- that was the nickname LA had. It was because every six of its residents were part of the entertainment industry.

It was also the place where the highly prestigious awards like the Oscars and the Grammys are held.

"I have heard that you can find celebrities on the street here."

Ren asked Jake.

"Yes, you can definitely find celebrities roaming around here. Many people come here to meet their favorite celebrities."

Ren wondered if he would be able to meet some Hollywood celebrities here. If he can, he wanted to meet some Hollywood actors that he was a fan of.

"I think one day people will also come here hoping to meet you."

Ren laughed slightly when he heard that.

"Do you think I can become a Hollywood star?"

"I think you can. I have seen your performances and trust me, you can definitely become a Hollywood star. Maybe you should audition for some roles here."

"I also think that you can become a Hollywood star."

His mother also chimed in from the back but Ren just answered with an awkward smile on his face.

"I think I am good in China currently."

'A Hollywood star, huh.''

After that, Ren stared outside the window as he thought about his life if he really became a Hollywood star.

But that was probably a distant future for him.

He was not even close to becoming a Hollywood star. He was currently just famous in China and Korea.

Hollywood seemed like a far away deal.

Ren also was not sure if he could compete with the world's top actors. If he really compared himself to them, he will just be face smacking himself.

"Many people come to LA just to get a role in a movie. There are many times that they will manage to get a role, but they will also be dissapointed many times."

Jake still continued his chatter. He was the talkative type.

Ren also didn't hate. He was able to get some information about Los Angeles from Jake.

Chatting like that, they quickly reached the hotel Ren has booked.

His parents were tired after the long flight and they immediately fell asleep. They were not young anymore and they need appropriate sleep.

Ren on the other hand was also tired, but he still wanted to experience the nightlife of Los Angeles.

That's why, he exited the hotel to roam the streets of Los Angeles and Ren has to admit that it was a completely different experience for him.

It was much different than China.

As Ren was roaming around the streets, he noticed several girls looking at him. His Asian look was attractive to the westerners.

Or maybe those girls were just looking for a one night stand with him. One night stands were not uncommon especially in a place like Los Angeles.

'I should only roam the areas around the hotel.'

Ren thought like that because he was not much familiar with the streets of Los Angeles.

He was afraid that he will get lost here.

As he was roaming the streets, a shadow suddenly shoved at him. Ren felt some pain as he fell on his butt.

He looked around to see who the person was, but before he could say anything, the person had already started running.

"Are Americans this disrespectful.?"

As Ren was grumbling, he suddenly noticed something strange.

His wallet was not with him!!

He quickly looked at the person running and hurriedly chased after him.

His first night in Los Angeles started on a rough note.

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