Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 183

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 183 183. Trip To America 3

Chapter 183. Trip to America (3)

"Wait!! Damn thief!!!"

Ren shouted as he ran through the streets of Los Angeles, chasing after the thief that has stolen his wallet

The people he passed by gave him weird looks or they made a way for him but no one came forward to help.

Los Angeles was a place with a relatively high crime rate. Getting your wallet snatched by a thief was not uncommon, especially for the tourist.

'My stamina is decreasing.'

Ren thought as he kept on running. He didn't even know for how long he was running for or where he was.

He has just been chasing after the thief and he has to admit that the thief was really good at running despite his slightly short stature.

Ren has only been able to keep up with him due to him exercising regularly.

Although, Ren's stamina was decreasing. It was the same for the thief.

The thief has not expected Ren to chase after him, much less keep up with his speed.

The stamina of the thief was also decreasing and the distance between Ren and the thief was lessening. Ren was quite close to get a hold on the thief.

"I will not let you go, you damn thief!!"



Ren was able to get a hold on the thief but in the process, both he and the thief fell to the ground.

"I won't let you go."

Ren quickly took a hold of the thief's hand as he stopped the thief from running away from his grasp.

He has to run this much because of him. He will definitely take him to the police.

"Ah, let me go."

"I won't..ahhh!?"

As Ren heard the thief's voice, he suddenly realised something. The thief's voice was unusually thin, which made him think of something.

'Was the thief a female?'

To confirm this, he squeezed the hand he was grasping hard.

Like he had thought, the hand was really soft and thin. It was not a man's hand at all, the thief was really a female.

The thief girl was wearing a hoodie and her hair was short, that's why Ren was not able to distinguish her earlier.

He was thinking that the thief was a male, but the 'he' was actually a 'she'.

"Stop holding my hand, you pervert!!"

The thief girl shouted as she tried to shook her hand away from Ren's grasp, but she was unable to do it.

On the other hand, Ren was looking around his surroundings to see if there was someone there.

The thief girl had shouted too loud and he was afraid that a police officer would really come. Thankfully, they were in an alley and there was no one in sight.

"Hey, can't you speak English? Let me go."

The thief girl again shouted and this time, Ren replied.

"I can speak English and I won't let you go until you give my wallet back."

"I don't have it."

The thief girl lied blatantly as she stared at Ren.

"Don't lie. I am not an idiot."


The thief girl clicked her tongue as she again started struggling but she was not successful again.

"It's hurting. Please, release my hand."

"Don't act. I can see through your acting."

Ren was a professional actor. If a thief can fool him with her acting, then he can't call himself an actor.


The thief girl again clicked their tongue.

She stared at Ren, trying to think of ways to get away with him but she was not able to find anything. The most she could do was to stare at him.

"Fine, I will return your wallet."

The thief girl said as she finally returned his wallet. Ren released the thief girl from his grasp and looked at his wallet.

All the things were there and the thief girl has not kept anything with her.

"You should stop this thieving business."

"Don't try to act like you are my father."

The thief girl was really nonchalant. She spoke like Ren was the thief here.

"I am just telling you, what is right and what is wrong"

"I know that well."

"One day, you will surely find yourself locked in jail because of this."

"You are."


As the thief girl was speaking, a strange sound came from her stomach. Her face suddenly became red, as her cheeks blushed.

Ren looked at her with an amused look as he asked.

"Are you hungry?"

The girl didn't answer instantly but in the end, she nodded her small head.

"I haven't eaten for days. That's why, I have to do a petty thing like stealing your wallet."

"Is that so?"

The girl looked really pitiful when she said that. She lowered her head as a look of sadness descended upon her face.

Ren also thought that the girl was really pitiful seeing her saddened face.

"Where are your parents?"

"I am adopted. I don't have real parents. The people that adopted me used to beat and harass me. That's why, I ran away from my home some days ago. Now, I can only live on the streets."

While narrating the story, the thief girl even started to sob softly. Ren examined her body.

The thief girl was most likely only around 16 looking at her body stature. She also didn't look like a thief, her story can be believed.

"Do you want to eat something?"

Ren asked her as he scratched his head. He thought that he can help her if it's only a meal.

"Yes, I certainly want to. I am really hungry. Will you buy me dinner?"


The thief girl looked at Ren with upturned eyes. Her mouth raised into a curved smile.

"Let me see if there are any restaurants in the area."

Ren said as he took out his phone to check if there were any restaurants in the area. He thought that there will be some fast food restaurants open but there was nothing.

"You won't find any restaurant in this area."

"Then, where can I buy you food from?"

"There isn't a restaurant in the area but there is a small bar here. We can get food there."

The thief girl said as she started pulling his hands, taking him towards the director of the bar.

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