Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 184

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 184 184. Trip To America 4

Chapter 184. Trip to America (4)

The thief girl led Ren to a bar that was close by. It was a really old bar and there were many people drinking there.

The bar was called 'Grass bar'. It was not some fancy bar but it was old and antique looking.

"Little girl, you are here again."

Strangely, the waiter of the bar knew the thief girl. The thief girl also greeted the waiter back.

"How do you know the waiters here?"

Ren asked as he sat down on the table.

"I am coming here for a week. That's why the waiters know me."

"You earlier said that you haven't eaten for days."

Ren said as he glared at her slightly while the thief girl just lowered her head and muttered softly.

"Sorry, I lied to you."

"What other lies have you told me?"

"The other things are true. I have really run away from my home and I am stealing wallets because I don't have money to buy my food."

"Where are you living then?"

"I am living on the streets. The hotels are too expensive. It's been a week since I have been sleeping on the bench in the park."

'A pretty girl living on the streets and she's even alone.'

Ren thought that a girl living alone on the streets was not a good thing, especially for a pretty girl and the place was even Los Angeles.

There is a high chance that she would encounter a pervert or some thugs.

The thief girl was also pretty.

She appeared to be around 16 years old and she wore a black hoodie with a picture of a teddy bear on the back.

She has long slender legs that can give serious competition to modals. It was well apparent that she would be good at running because of those legs.

She has brown short hair with neat bangs on her forehead. Beneath her finely curved eyebrows were a pair of extremely big eyes, and they were so clear and bright that they resembled a clear spring.

Her face has a trace of innocence in it and she can be considered a baby face but it only adds to her beauty.

In addition, Ren noticed that the girl's eyes were not commonly seen among westerners. They were not a blue, green, or hazel color, but instead they were the same color as her hair, dark brown.

'If she wants, she can be a modal with those legs but it's a pity that she.'

Ren thought that it was a pity that despite having long, slender legs, the thief girl was a washboard.

"It's unfortunate that she's a washboard."

The thief girl was startled when she heard that. She frantically raised her hand to block her chest.

Then, she glared at Ren as if she was looking at a pervert.

"Uncle, I will report you."

"I am really sorry. It just slipped out of my tongue."

Ren was just thinking about it but he unintentionally let it slip out of his tongue. His intentions were not of s.e.x.u.a.lly harassing the thief girl.

"And what's with calling me an uncle?"

"You act like an uncle and you are older than me. That's why you are an uncle."

Ren can't deny that he was indeed an uncle because of his mental age but it was not like he liked being called an uncle.

"Please don't call me an uncle."

"Then, what should I call you?"

"My name is Xin Ren. Ren is my name and Xin is my surname."

"Are you Japanese? Or Korean?"

"No, I am from China."

"Ohh! I once visited China. It was a great experience."

The thief girl said excitedly.

The more Ren talked with her, the more he noticed that she was the talkative type. She didn't seem like someone who would steal wallets.

"What's your name?"

Ren asked with a curious expression.

"My name is Alisha John Lawrence and I am 18 years old."

"18? I thought you were 16."

"People often think that I am younger but I just turned 18 this year."

Ren really thought that the girl was younger but looking at her long legs, she indeed seemed to be taller than most girls.

As Ren and the thief girl called 'Alisha' were talking, their food came.

"Uncle, why can you run so fast? Are you an athlete?"

Even during eating, Alisha kept asking questions from Ren. He did her best to answer her questions and he also ignored the fact that she was still calling him an uncle.

"I am not an athlete. I'm just someone who exercises daily."

"I thought only athletes can run that fast."

"You also run fast. Then, are you an athlete?"

"No, I am not."

The girl shook her head but she still kept asking questions from Ren.

From time to time, she will also share her own experiences. She will tell Ren about the stories from her past and how she was living in the streets.

Maybe, she was someone who likes to talk but Ren thought differently. He thought that Alisha was talking so much because she was lonely for a long time.

Because of living in the streets, she was not able to really talk with someone and now that she got the chance, she was talking excitedly with Ren.

"Uncle, if you are not an athlete, then what is your job?"

"Why do you want to know that?"

"I am just curious."

The girl's curiosity was shown on her face. Ren answered her seeing that.

"I am an actor."

"An actor? Are you a theatre actor in Los Angeles?"

There are many theater groups in Los Angeles and it was no wonder that Alisha thought that Ren belonged to one of these theatres.

"No, I am a well known actor in China."

"Huh? Do you mean you are a celebrity there?"

"Yes, I guess I am."

Alisha's face was saying that she didn't believe Ren at all. That's why Ren took out his phone and searched his name on the internet and showed her.

After seeing the information on the internet, Alisha was shocked to the core.

In the end, she only muttered one sentence.

"Uncle, you are awesome."

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