Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 186

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 186 186. Alisha 2

Chapter 186. Alisha (2)

"Uncle. Pant. Pant. Ahh, I am tired."

Alisha said as she said with a panting voice. Her chest was heaving up and down as she tried to muster some stamina.

"I am tired now. I have been running all night."

Ren said as he sat on a bench.

They were currently in a park, sitting on the bench. They were resting after running so much.

"I thought you will fight with those thugs but you were really shameless."

"I can't fight with three people at the same time. I am not a superhero."

Even if Ren started a fight with them, he would not be able to hold on for long. He would be overwhelmed by them sooner or later.

That's why, Ren devised the idea of imitating those strange movements and distract those thugs. His plan worked in the end.

"Even if you are not a superhero, you should not run away so shamelessly. You should be a man."

"I am a man."

"A true man don't run away from those situations."

"Even if I had fight them, I would have taken some hits. For a celebrity, his face is important."

"I thought all the Asian celebrities knows martial arts. I thought you would use some martial arts when I saw you imitate those strange movements."

"All Asian celebrities don't know martial arts. Don't always believe the movies."

Alisha and Ren soon recovered their strength and stamina, but they didn't stood up from the bench. They kept looking at the stars in the sky, sitting side to side.

They just kept gazing at the stars in the sky and no one said anything for a while.

"Uncle, I am feeling sleepy."

Alisha suddenly said destroying the silence.

"Do you have a place to stay?"

"No, I already told you. I don't have anywhere to go."

Ren scratched his head when he heard that. When he had went with Alisha to the bar, he had thought that he will give her to the police.

He didn't wanted any problems because of her.

But now, he would feel worried if he just left her in the police station. They have grown close during the time they had spent together.

Ren can't leave her alone now!!

When Alisha will call him 'Uncle', he would really think that he was an uncle to the little girl.

"Let's go to my hotel. You can sleep there."

"You don't have any problem with that?"

Alisha said as she stared at Ren with a confused expression.

They had only met and their first encounter can be said to be the worst. She has tried to steal his wallet and he was letting her stay with him.

Normally, she would refuse such offer as she was not a naive little girl. She knows well that people can't be trusted.

But for some reason, she felt safe with Ren. Although, she herself don't know the reason behind it.

She felt that there was special connection between him and her 'Uncle'.

"No, I don't. Now, let's go, I am feeling sleepy too."

Ren said as he stood up from the bench.

He was now feeling some jet lag. He has also ran quite a lot since coming to Los Angeles. He really wanted to sleep now.

Ren took Alisha to the hotel he was staying at. It was a fairly large hotel and Ren's room was also quite large.

His parents has slept already.

"Wow!! The room is so large."

Alisha exclaimed when they entered the room. The room was really large with a large bed, imported furniture and a separate bathroom with a large bathtub.

It was actually like an apartment.

"You can sleep on the bed."

Ren said pointing towards the big bed in the room but Alisha shook her head.

"No, you are letting me sleep here. I should sleep on the sofa. You can take the bed."

She refused but Ren didn't agreed with her.

Alisha was living in the streets for so long and she was also a young girl. As a gentleman, Ren could not let himself sleep on the bed.

That's why, he said.

"You are a girl. You should take the bed. The sofa is enough for me."

"No, I will sleep on the sofa."

"I will sleep on the sofa. Don't be stubborn."





Like that, both Ren and Alisha kept bickering with each other. It was strange that they were bickering with each other over the rights to sleep on the sofa.

In the end, Alisha proposed an idea.

"Why don't we share the bed? It's too big for one person anyway."

Alisha was right, the bed was too big for one person and Ren and Alisha can share it without feeling uncomfortable.

But Ren shook his head.

"No, you should sleep on the bed alone."

Maybe, Ren's thoughts were old fashioned but it was true that he will feel uncomfortable sharing bed with Alisha.

Ren was afraid that he will tempted by her long slender legs. In the end, he was a man and it was not good to sleep on the same bed as a young girl.

"I am feeling sleepy now. So, let's not waste time bickering and sleep."

Ren said as he yawned and Alisha has no choice but to sleep on the bed alone.

As soon as Alisha laid on the bed, she felt a warm feeling enveloping her. Before she knew it, she was already floating in the sky of dreams.

"She's quick to fell asleep."

Ren muttered when he noticed that Alisha was already asleep. He thought that the little girl was really energetic.

'Let's sleep.'

Ren thought as he went to the sofa to sleep. It was just his first night in Los Angeles but it was a rough start.

He wonder how his rest of the vacation will go?

He prayed that his vacation will be peaceful. On the other hand, he was thinking of ways to introduce Alisha to his parents.

He just can't go any say that he has pick up a girl from the street.

With these thoughts in his head, Ren fell asleep.

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