Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 187

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 187 187. Alisha 3

Chapter 187. Alisha (3)

"Uhh....it's already morning."

The next morning, Ren woke up drowsily. He rubbed his eyes and checked his surroundings.

For a second, he wondered why he was sleeping on the sofa but he quickly recalled the events of yesterday.

He stood up and went to the bathroom while thinking about how to introduce Alisha to his parents.

He washed his face with water in the bathroom, brushed his teeth and got ready.

"It's already 9 AM."

Ren checked the time and wondered why Alisha was still sleeping. Maybe it was because she was too tired yesterday.

But it was already morning and he could not leave her sleeping like this, so Ren thought about waking her up.

The bed was in the inner room and Alisha was sleeping there.


Ren knocked on the door softly at first, but there was no answer after a few knocks.

After that, he shouted, and there was still no reply.

'What happened?'

Ren got worried, even though there was a girl inside, he decided to open the door. When Ren entered the room, he saw something bad.

On the bed, the blanket was messy and hanging half off the bed. Under the blanket, there was a small body that was shaking like a poor, frightened cat.

Ren rushed to the bed.

Alisha seemed to be having a seizure. Her face was frowning, her teeth were gnashing, and she was saying something that Ren could not understand. She obviously had a fever.

For a while, Ren thought about how to handle the situation. He didn't know anyone here in Los Angeles and the ambulance will take time.

He suddenly got an idea.

Ren took out his phone and called Jake. He put the phone between his ear and shoulder.

While waiting for Jake to answer, he removed the blanket and picked up Alisha.

"Jake, where are you? I have an emergency, and I need a car immediately! Please come quickly. It's life or death!"

-What happened, Ren? Did something happen to your parents?

"No, but it's an emergency. Quickly come!!"

Noticing the emergency in Ren's voice, Jake quickly said.

-I will be there in ten minutes.

After ending the phone call, Ren hurriedly ran outside towards the lobby.

As he left his room, he unexpectedly found his parents outside. It seems like they were coming towards his room.

"Ren, who is this girl?"

Noticing Alisha in his hands, his mother asked. She wondered who the girl was in her son's hand.

But Ren doesn't have time to answer his parent's query. He just replied.

"Mother, I will tell you everything later."

Ren ran out to the elevator, leaving his parents in disarray.

"When will Jake come?"

Ren stood at the side of the road waiting anxiously for Jake's car.

From time to time he looked down at the curled up Alisha. Though she was not short, she was still light to carry, and Ren attributed that to her cruel parents.

There was sweat on her forehead, and her hair was wet and stuck to her face as if she had just come up from under the water. Ren's clothes were also wet from Alisha's sweat. The girl's body was sticking to his, which was slimy and uncomfortable.

He looked at the girl whose life was in danger and sighed to himself.

'I really did pick up trouble this time.'

Thankfully, Jake came quickly and after sitting in his car, Ren hurriedly told him to drive to the nearest hospital.

"Drive quickly!!"

"I am driving but who is the girl in your hands?"

"I can't explain now, just drive."

'She's still sweating.'

Ren was really worried for Alisha. Sweat was still dripping down her shoulders and her temperature was quite high.

He was worried that Alisha had contracted some disease after living alone in the streets. It was not weird to contact a virus these days.

It was great that the hospital was quite close by and Ren hurriedly ran to the elevator once Jake stopped his car.

As he was running, he passed by a nurse.

"Sir, you have to register first"

"Damn! I don't have time to register. It's an emergency!!"

Ren said as he didn't even give a glance to the nurse. The nurse watched the back of Ren as she wondered who the fierce Asian man was.

'There are too many people in the elevator.'

Ren thought and decided to take the stairs. He could not waste even a second.

Alisha was sweating too much and she was constantly mumbling something in a foreign language which Ren can't understand.

It was like she was having a nightmare as she repeatedly scratched Ren's neck, as if she was running away from someone.

Thankfully, Ren reached the third floor and saw a doctor.

The doctor was talking to a pretty nurse and he was just about to ask her out for dinner when Ren suddenly interrupted him.

"Doctor!! Help! It's an emergency."

The doctor was furious for being interrupted but when he saw the girl in Ren's hand, his anger subsided.

He quickly asked.

"What happened to her?"

"I don't know. She's sweating too much and she has a fever."

"Okay, don't worry. Nurse, bring a stretcher."

The nurse was quick to get a stretcher and Ren safely put Alisha on it. Then, both the nurse and the doctor took the stretcher away to treat Alisha.

Before going, the doctor patted Ren's shoulder and told him not to worry about her.

He didn't know what was the relationship between Ren and Alisha but the doctor can tell that they shared a close bond.

'I hope she is fine.'

Ren felt relieved to have the weight taken from his arms, but realized that they were so far past the aching stage that he could not feel anything. Although the girl was not heavy, carrying someone for so long was strenuous work.

Just last night, Ren was praying for his vacation to be peaceful but now, he fully knew that nothing peaceful would happen to him.

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