Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 189

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 189 189. Vacation Finally Starts 1

Chapter 189. Vacation finally starts (1)

"Who is this girl, Ren?"

His mother asked as she pointed at Alisha who was laying down on the bed.

"She's someone I picked up."

Ren said as he scratched his head.

"You picked her up? From where?"

"From the streets."

His parents were dumbfounded when they heard that. Ren also didn't have any excuses to make, so he truthfully starter explaining everything to his parents.

About how he met Alisha and how he took her to the hotel and about how he rushed to the hospital when he saw that she has a fever.

After listening to all this, his parents looked at Alisha with pity. A young girl has to go through all of this alone.

She was really pitiful!!

Although Ren didn't thought like that, he knows very well that under the pitiful self of Alisha, there was a little devil hiding.

But her parents thought differently. They were quick to get familiar with her and for some reason, even Alisha started calling them mother and father.

His parents were obviously happy at that, especially his mother who immediately hugged her.

Ren didn't know but his parents always wanted a girl and Alisha was just like the daughter they had imagined.

Alisha was also smart, she immediately started acting more friendlier with his parents.

'This little girl is really crafty.'

In the end, Ren can only sigh about it in his heart.

Two days later, Alisha was able to leave the hospital. She was diagnosed with a common cough and fever that had been intensified by the strain of living in the streets and not enough rest.

Renthought it had to be more complicated.

The doctor agreed and said that if the treatment did not continue to work and if the high fever returned, it could trigger a more dangerous illness.

Ren was on a vacation in Los Angeles but the first two days of his vacation were wasted because of Alisha.

But after two days, their vacation finally started Alisha also joined them.

The girl was not a native of Los Angeles and haven't seen it much. She was more than happy to accompany them.

* * *

"Uncle, this line is too long."

Alisha grumbled with a frustrated expression as she looked at the long line.

"We can't do anything. We have to wait."

Ren said as he checked the time. They were already standing in the line for five minutes and they had to wait for ten more minutes before their turn will come up.

Ren can't do anything in this.

They were currently in one of the most famous places in Los Angeles.

The Universal Studios theme park!!!

Universal Studios Theme Park is known for its mind-blowing rides based on blockbuster movies, but it is also a working movie studio and an attraction everyone can enjoy.

The highlight for most people is the ever-changing selection of rides, which range from simulators to roller-coasters.

Ren was really excited to come here because he would be able to see most of the sets of some famous Hollywood movies.

Movies like the Wizard's journey or the Oscar winning movie Techno warriors.

He was here with Alisha only as his parents wanted to visit the art museums today. Los Angeles was famous for its wide range of museums.

After waiting for ten minutes, their turn finally came and they were able to enter the sets.

Alisha wanted to try the rides first, that's why Ren have to sit on the roller coaster with her.


It was the first time Ren has sat on a roller coaster and it was a horrific experience for him. He didn't wanted to sit on the roller coaster again.

'I feel nauseated.'

In the end, Alisha has to help Ren stagger out of the ride. She was not able to believe that Ren will be this scared of a ride.

She laughed at him because of that and asked him to sit on the roller coaster again, but Ren firmly refused her.

He was not going to go through that hell again.

After the nauseating roller coaster ride, Ren and Alisha went through some other rides which were less dangerous.

After trying out all the rides, they finally reached the place Ren wanted to go for a long time.

It was the old sets of famous Hollywood movies.

Ren was really excited seeing those sets but Alisha was bored seeing them. She cannot figure out what was so good in watching these old sets.

"It's so boring here."

"You are underestimating movies if you feel that this is boring. Here is the place where some of the greatest movies were made. You should appreciate it."

Ren said as he scolded her like he was a teacher.

"What was there to appreciate? Can't we just appreciate the movies?"

"You are wrong if you think like that. A filming set is the movie is made. It's like the mother which gave birth to a child."

"Is making movies fun?"

Alisha was slowly starting to take interest in the conversation.

"Making movies are really fun. It's a long and arduous task but it pays up in the end."

"What if it's a flop?"

"Even if the movie is a flop, it still has some value. Sometimes, failure can teach us more than succees."

Alisha slowly understood the point and both of them started roaming the sets and they also took several pictures together.

In the end, they visited an area called City walk which was close to the Universal Studios theme park.

It was a place with many theater groups and it also has many stores. Alisha was drooling watching those fashionable dresses in the showcase.

She may not like one but Alisha really like wearing different types of clothes.

Seeing that, Ren also bought her a dress. She kept refusing it but Ren's decision was final.

In the end, Alisha kept the dress and she even gave a kiss on the cheek to Ren.

He was startled by it but he didn't thought much about it. He was in America, kissing on the cheeks is considered normal here.

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