Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 190

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 190 190. Vacation Finally Starts 2

Chapter 190. Vacation finally starts (2)


Alisha yawned as she looked at the passing buildings and people. It was early morning and they were going somewhere in the car.

"Uncle, where are we going?"

"We are going to watch a theater play."

"A theatre play?"


Ren said as he made an excited expression.

Los Angeles was the land of arts and artists and theater is also a part of it. There are many world famous theatre groups in Los Angeles and they were going to see the play of one such group.

"Where is the theater?"

"It's in Hollywood."

Hollywood- It was the name of the industry which produces the world's top quality movies every year. It was also the biggest movie industry in the world and it produces hundreds of movies every year.

But many people don't know that Hollywood is actually a suburb in Los Angeles. It was actually a place.

The theater they were going to is also located there.

"Why are we going so early then? Can't we watch it in the evening?"

Alisha said as she yawned again.

"No, it's a morning show and we are going to the theme park in the evening."

It was 6 in the morning and most of the people in Los Angeles were sleeping, especially the young people but Ren didn't want to miss the theatre performance.

Because it was in the morning, Ren did not disturb his parents and they were still sleeping.

"Why do I have to suffer with you?"

Of course, Jake was not spared. He still has to drive the car so early in the morning.

Last night, he was up drinking with his friends, so he was still sleepy and there was a smell of alcohol leaking from his mouth.

"You are the travel guide. It's your work."

Alisha said when she heard Jake's grumbling.

"I can't refute that."

Jake said as he sighed while Alisha and Ren laughed from the back.

Jake has become familiar with both Ren and Alisha, especially Alisha. It was because of her talkative nature that Jake has come so close to her.

The car soon reached the theatre where the play was. Ren and Alisha came out of the car while Jake prepared to take a nap in the car.

"We will come back in two hours."

"Okay, now go and let me sleep."

Alisha and Ren quickly entered the theater. The show was just going to start.

"Wow!! It's so big."

Alisha exclaimed when she saw the enormous size of the theatre. She has watched theater plays before but she has never seen a theatre of this size.

"It can hold a total of 10,000 people at the same time. It's not your usual theater."

Ren said and Alisha nodded with her both eyes flashing. They sat on their seats as they glanced at people coming in the theater.

It was early in the morning but there were still people who were willing to watch the show.

"Come to think of it, you have to perform live in front of the audience during a theater play. It must be really hard."

Alisha soon started talking. Ren has noticed she can't stay silent for more than one minute during the time he had known her.

But he was now used to it.

"Yes, as you are performing live, there is no leeway for mistakes. You can't re-shoot the scene like in a movie."

"That's bad. What if someone has to throw up or go to the toilet?"


Ren laughed out loud when he heard that. He turned around and looked at Alisha as he said.

"That will not happen and if one wants to go to the toilet, the other actors will try to divert the audience's attention until the actor can relieve himself."

"How do you know?"

"I used to do theater when I was an unknown actor."

"Really? Then, why don't you do them now?"

Alisha asked curiously.

"It's because of my busy schedule and another thing is that I found doing films easier compared to doing theatre."

"So, you like films better than theatre plays?"

"No, if I have to choose between films and theater plays, I would select theater plays as I like them more. I am just saying that doing films is easier.

"Why do you like theater more?"

Alisha kept asking her endless questions and Ren did her best to answer her.

"It's just because I feel that theater is more immersive than films."

"Why is that?"

When she asked that, Ren didn't answer her but he instead said.

"Your questions never end and the play is starting. You should focus on the play and you will automatically get the answer."

After that, Ren started staring at the stage and Alisha also focused on it.

'How can a theater play be better than a film?'

That was the thought in her mind as she focused on the stage.

"I was alone and lonely in the deep jungle. There was no one with me. My father who has come on this trip with me has already died in the hands of those wolves."

"I didn't know if I would be able to survive or not. I have nothing and I was the prey in this natural habitat of animals."

"I can't survive now. That was the thought in my mind but I still kept on, just so that I can stay alive. My hair has grown long and my beard was rough but I still kept on living."

The person on the stage was playing a person who was stranded alone on an island after going through a shipwreck.

Alisha focused on the stage as instructed by Ren. At first, she just watched the play with uninterested eyes but soon, she started feeling like she was standing on the stage herself.

The stage was so far away and the actor was speaking the lines quietly but Alisha felt like she herself was standing besides the actor.

It was like she was seeing the whole theatre play by becoming a character in it.

It was not something that she has not experienced before. It was like a whole new world was before her.

After the play, Ren asked Alisha.

"Do you get your answer?"

"Yes, I think I did."

Alisha said as she felt that she was beginning to understand acting better.

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