Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 192

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 192 192. Vacation Ends 2

Chapter 192. Vacation ends (2)

"Wow, there are soooooo many people...."

Alisha said greatly emphasising on the 'so' part while Ren's mother shivered slightly after seeing the crowd that filled the giant concert hall.

No, it was more appropriate to say that she was overwhelmed. The concert venue centered around a stage and every inch was filled with people.

"It can apparently house 100 thousand people."

"O, one hundred thousand!?"

Even his father, who wasn't easily surprised, was shocked.

When they looked around, they would see crowds upon crowds of people.

His parents couldn't believe that all of these people came to see just one singer.

Everyone grabbed their seats.

His parents were staring at the entrances as there was an endless stream of people coming in. They found it curious that such an enormous hall was going to be filled.

They were curious about it because it was the first time they were seeing a concert and it was on such a scale too.

"Ren, What kind of singer are we going to watch today?"

His mother who sat next to Ren asked.

"James Becker. The greatest pop singer currently. He's still in his early 20s but his popularity shows no bounds. You haven't heard of it."

"I think I did but I haven't heard his songs."

"Mother, don't worry. You will like him after hearing his songs."

Alisha said from the side. She has no problems calling Ren's mother as 'mother'. She was already calling her like that since the day they had met.

"Yes, his songs will be good if he's that famous but is he more famous than you?"

His mother asked, turning towards Ren.

"Of course, he would be more famous than our Ren."

His father answered in his stead and his mother glared at him.

"You should stay silent like usual. I don't want to hear you saying bad things about our son."

"I am not saying bad things. I am just saying the truth."

"I don't want to hear your truth."

Ren and Alisha laughed when they saw them bickering with each other.

One of the reasons Ren has decided to come here with his parents was because he wanted his parents to spend some time with each other.

That's why, he had been going alone with Alisha leaving his parents with each other.

The fights between them were increasing and Ren thought that a trip will help them mend their relationship.

His plan has also come out as a success.

"How did you even get the tickets? I thought they were already sold."

Alisha asked him as she swung her long legs around.

"I asked an acquaintance of mine."

"You know some influential people?"

"Yes, you can say so."

Actually, Ren has asked Director Zhao for the tickets. Coincidentally, he knew someone from James Becker's company.

It was also because of that they were able to get the tickets. Ren has asked for only three tickets at first but after Alisha joined them on their vacation, Ren has called him again.

Thankfully, there was still a ticket left and Ren was able to get his hands on them.

As they were talking, the concert started.

The stage was about to start and the lights went off. After that, numbers started appearing on the huge screen in front of the stage. It was decreasing from the number 10, and the audience all shouted out.






The audience was very dynamic. Alisha and his parents also shouted the countdown as well. The number soon became 1, then 0 and the cheers of the audience erupted along with a loud boom.


Along with the cheers, the lights came on the stage. And on the stage.


No one was there. The audience that was cheering and the girls all looked around to see what was happening.

'What's happening?'

Rem wondered if there was an accident or something. Just as the 100,000 audience was about to fall into the same suspicion, a humanoid hologram appeared with a few beeps.

It was the hologram of James Becker.

The hologram extracted bits of the performances he had shown in the past and showed it to the audience.

The music became faster and the mood was heightened, and the almost panic-stricken audience was instantly taken away by it.

The drum sounds became louder before the hologram vaporized into thin air. Just as the people were about to fall into panic again, pillars of fire rose from the surroundings before someone appeared from below the stage. Along with that figure, 2 more holograms of James Becker appeared.




The one from below was the real James Becker. As the two holograms and he joined into one, he started taking away the attention of all the people there.

"You know you love me."

"I know you do."

"You took my heart away."

"Breaking me all the way."

As James Becker started singing, the whole crowd began jumping around with excitement.

Even his parents who don't understand English started getting captivated in the performance.

Alisha was the one who was jumping and cheering the most. For young teenage girls, James Becker was an idol of admiration.

Ren also felt that the performance was unreal. He has felt that the concert he has held earlier was good but compared to this one, it was just kid's play.

They can't be compared at all!!

Maybe it was the level of perfection, the level of the top artist in the world. It was a level that Ren can't reach currently.

'So, this is the world.'

The world contained people that did such concerts. If he didn't know that, he might have rotten away as a frog in a well. Although he was doing well until now with the knowledge of his previous life, the world was vast.

This trip was not only a source of relaxation for him, it was also a rain check for him.

He has gotten slightly arrogant after his last movie's success but seeing the top artist in the world gave him a reality check that he needed.

With this, he realised that he was still not giving his all and he has a long way to walk until he can reach the top.

To reach the top of the world, he first has to become the top actor in Asia.

As Ren was enjoying the concert while thinking about his dream, he didn't know that tomorrow, he would get a shock.

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