Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 194

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 194 194. Goodbye

Chapter 194. Goodbye

As the shouting and screaming was disturbing the other people in the hotel, Ren, Alisha and her parents moved to a nearby cafe.

Hearing the noises, Ren's parents have also came to enquire about the situation and they also went to the cafe.

"So, you lied to me?"

Ren asked as he stared at Alisha.

She shrieked back when she saw that stare. It was because she was feeling guilty of lying to Ren and his parents.

They have taken such good care of her and she has lied from the beginning. Her guilt was really too big.

"Yes, I am really sorry."

"Saying sorry don't change the fact that you lied to me from the start."

Alisha lowered her head when she heard that. She can't refute that.

"I know she lied to you and I know I can't ask for forgiveness but can you please forgive her?"

Sitting next to Alisha, his father said.

Alisha has already explained everything to her parents and they were very thankful for Ren and his parents for taking care of Alisha.

"No, you don't have to ask for forgiveness."

Ren's father said as he waved his hand. He was able to speak in English because he has been practicing his English since Ren told him about the trip to Los Angeles.

His mother was the same. Their English was not perfect but they were still able to converse at basic level.

It was also the reason Ren's parents were able to talk to Alisha without much trouble.

"No, it's Alisha fault. We have to ask for forgiveness from you all."

"Yes. We are really thankful to your family for taking care of Alisha."

Alisha's mother said holding Alisha's hand. Her unreasonable behavior from before was long gone and she was acting like a calm woman now.

"Can I ask the reason Alisha ran away from home?"

Ren said as he asked a question he wanted to ask for a long time.

Alisha has earlier told him that she had run away from home because of her abusive parents but Ren now know that it was a lie.

"I will explain."

Alisha said as she started explaining everything.

It was really simple. One could even say that it was Alisha's rebellious nature which forced her to run away from home.

Alisha home was originally in London.

Her father was British while her mother was actually an actress and model from Australia.

It was just another case of parents forcing their dreams on their children. Alisha's mother wanted her to become a actress.

It was because her mother was never able to become a big actress, that's why, she wanted Alisha to become an actress instead of her.

Unable to take the pressure, Alisha ran away from home saying that she will go to her uncle's house in America.

The fat man sitting besides Alisha's mother was actually her uncle.

But she never went there and came to Los Angeles where she met Ren.

Ren very well knows the rest of the story.

"Why did you lied to me?"

Ren asked her as he kept staring at her.

Alisha was feeling like Ren's stare was more like a glare but she looked into his eyes as she replied.

"It was because I thought you would leave me alone if I said the truth but, but I was going to tell you the truth soon...."

Alisha fidgeted with her hands as she said the last part.

"When were you going to tell me the truth?"

Ren asked and Alisha again lowered her head.

"Ren, it's enough. You are scaring her now."

His mother said from the side and Ren sighed when he heard that.

It was just that he was really feeling a sense of betrayal because of Alisha's lie.

He had never thought that Alisha will lie to him like this but now, he can't do anything aside from sighing.

"I know well that you are feeling hurt because of our daughter but I would like it if you can forgive her."

Her father said as he lowered his head. He was really a good father.

"I understand."

Ren said as he again sighed. It looks like his trip was over now.

* * *

Alisha's parents have already booked their flights back to London and they have also booked Alisha's ticket.

So, she will part ways with Ren and his family now.

Ren and his parents also went to the airport to say their goodbyes to her. Even if she had lied, they had spent a enjoyable time with each other.

"Thank you once again for taking care of our daughter."

Alisha's father said.

"No, it's okay. We have a good time with her too."

"Yes, there's no need to thank us."

Ren and Alisha's parents said their final goodbye to each other and after that, Alisha's father came towards Ren.

"I know my daughter has unintentionally hurt you. I will ask you to forgive her as she's still a kid."

"No, no, Sir, it's not like that but."

Alisha's father interrupted him from speaking as he said.

"Alisha always have trouble finding friends and I can see that she thinks of you as someone close to her. That's why, I would like it if you can forgive her."

Ren looked at Alisha when he heard those words. She has a guilty look on her face and she will occasionally glance at Ren from time to time.

'Well, she's just a kid in the end.'

Ren sighed as he thought that Alisha was just a kid and he should not be so hard to her.

They will part ways here and no one knows if they will meet again. That's why, it was better to part ways as good friends.

Ren thought that he should give her something as a parting gift. That's why, he ran to the gift shop near the airport and bought a big bear stuffed toy for her.

Girls always likes stuffed toys and Alisha was the same.

"Here, take it."

Ren said as he handed the big bear stuffed toy to her. She hugged the bear as she asked.

"You are not angry with me?"

"I'm still angry but I can at least give you a parting gift."

".Thanks, I will treasure it."

Alisha tightly hugged the stuffed bear like it was the most treasured thing to her.

She then looked at Ren as she opened her mouth.

"Uncle, you know I ran away from home because I didn't like acting."

"Yes, your father told me about it."

"But you know, maybe I will try acting now."

"You will?"

"Yes, I think it will be interesting."

Alisha said as she showed a bright smile. It was the brightest smile Ren has seen.

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