Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 195

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 195 195. Work Starts Again 1

Chapter 195. Work starts again (1)

After sending off Alisha with her parents, Ren and his parents also boarded the plane to China.

Ren was feeling sad because of the parting with Alisha but he has bigger matters to take care of. There was a lot of work piling for him in China.

After coming back to China, Ren rested for two days in his home before going back to the company to check his schedule and upcoming projects.

"How's the company been in the last week?"

Ren asked sitting in the van. On his right, White bear was driving the car while smiling.

As Ren was on a holiday, White bear was also free and he had fully rested this week.

He was now as much as excited as Ren to be back in the work.

"Most of the things are calm. Lumous' successful debut was on everyone's mouths and I have heard that they were talking about you too.".

After the concert, Lumous' popularity was sky high and they were doing several reality TV shows too. They will also release their mini album soon.

"What about me?"

"The usual rumours about you. Nothing more. Oh, yes, a media reported called me to ask about your next project. He was even willing to pay a price to know about it."

Ren shrugged his shoulders when he heard that. It was not the first time this has happened.

Both him and White bear have already gotten used to it. Even if they want to reveal information about Ren's next project, they can't do it without taking permission from the production house and the director.

"Have you gotten the screenplay for Slayers?"

"Ah, I forgot to give you the screenplay. It's actually in the back."

Slayers was Ren's next project. It was going to be directed by Director Chen Pu who Ren had already met before.

Although it has not been confirmed and Ren still has to give the audition for it, Director Chen Pu has liked Ren quite a lot.

So, the role should already be considered Ren's.

"When is the audition?"

"It's in two weeks but are you sure about doing this drama?"

White bear suddenly asked, surprising Ren.

"Why are you asking that?"

"It's because the shooting of the drama would take several months and it will surely take over half an year to finish it and Director Chen Pu's previous works has.."

Ren interrupted White bear as he was speaking.

"You think he has lost his touch."

White bear nodded when Ren said that. He was not wrong, many people in the industry had the same idea about Director Chen Pu.

They have the same complexion that Director Chen Pu has lost his touch in the recent years. It was also not rare to see a director losing his touch after some years.

That's why, White bear was worried that Slayers would be a flop.

Only Ren, who was from the future, knows that Slayers will be a big hit with an average rating of over 10%.

"I don't think he has lost his touch yet."

"Why do you think so?"

Ren grinned when he heard that and he replied as he looked at White bear.

"It's a feeling."

White bear was dumbfounded when he heard that but he soon laughed out loud.

"Then, do you think that Slayers will be a big hit."

"I think so."

"Haha, then I will support you. If you say that it will be a hit, then it will surely be a hit."

White bear has full confidence in Ren as he has proved that his decisions about projects are always right.

Talking and laughing like that, both Ren and White bear quickly reached the office.

Their arrival caused a small commotion as the employees and the trainees whispered among themselves.

Ignoring all the attention they were receiving, Ren and White bear made their way to the PR Team office.

"Director Kang."

"Ren, you are finally here."

Director Kang and the other employees of the PR Team greeted Ren warmly.

"Here's a souvenir from Los Angeles."

Ren passed the souvenir he had bought from Los Angeles to Director Kang.

"Coffee beans, it's the best gift I can receive."

She laughed when she saw the coffee beans in the bag. For her, coffee was her partner while working over time.

She even thinks that she has married to coffee and her work.

"How was Los Angeles?"

"It was great like expected. Los Angeles was completely unlike Beijing."

"Did you visit Hollywood?"

Director Kang asked curiously.

"Yes, it was a great experience for me. I saw some Hollywood celebrities there."

"Did you get their autographs?"

Ren shook his head when he heard that.

"No, I did not get their autographs."


Director Kang asked in confusion. White bear also looked at him with surprise in his eyes.

"I thought I should take their autographs when I will work with them."

Ren said as he scratched his head and Director Kang was really shocked when she heard that.

"This kid is really."

Director Kang muttered slowly and Ren was unable to hear her muttering.

She felt that Ren was really unconventional but that was also the thing she liked about him. That made him special than other actors.

There was something more weird and special about him but she was not able to perceive what it was.

"If you want to work together with Hollywood celebrities, then it will be a long road ahead."

"I know that and I am willing to work hard for it."

After seeing Hollywood with his own eyes, Ren was more excited than ever to make a mark there but his current popularity was not enough for him to act in a Hollywood movie.

"That's good. There is a lot of work piled up for you. You would be busy for quite a while."

"Where should I start from?"

Director Kang again laughed when she heard that.

"Let's start from the.."

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