Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 197

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 197 197. Beijing Conservatory Of Music 1

Chapter 197. Beijing conservatory of music (1)

The Beijing Conservatory of Music was the largest conservatory.

Together with the Central Conservatory of Music and the Northern Conservatory of Music, they are called the three major conservatory.

It was founded in 1983 and has 37 years of history so far.

Although it is not as old as the central conservatory of music, it has also produced a large number of talents in recent decades.

Many famous composers, pianists and singers have emerged from it. It has a respectable reputation at home and even around the world.

The Beijing Conservatory of Music is located on the bank of Beihai, adjacent to the famous Beihai Park. It has an excellent geographical location.

The area of the conservatory is very small, and its scale is not even comparable to that of several middle schools in Beijing, and the total number of teachers and students in the school adds up to only more than 2,000, which is simply not comparable to the school with thousands of students in the University City.

Ren has never been to the Beijing conservatory of music before, but this higher music school has been famous for a long time.

It is said that every year there are tens of thousands of students who come to Beijing to apply for the conservatory.

Most of them have been trained since childhood. They are proficient in such aspects as piano, violin, national musical instruments and so on, and can crush a guy like Ren into slag.

However, most of these arrogant children will be mercilessly eliminated in the process of applying for the conservatory.

Many of the candidates' family has spent a lot of money on training them, then after arriving in Beijing, they spend a lot of money to ask the teachers in universities for guidance, only to be told that there was no hope of getting in.

Therefore, those who can be admitted to the conservatory are not ordinary people. Genius is a common pronoun among them.

As the second semester has just started, many students are on the campus. Many were holding guitar cases in their hands or they were wearing headphones listening to music.

They were all the students of Beijing conservatory of music. In another term, they were all geniuses who have gotten admission into the conservatory.

"There are a lot of people here."

Amidst those walking groups of students was Ren. He was wearing a black jacket and normal grey pants. Of course, there were sunglasses and a mask hiding his face.

People may wonder why an actor like Ren was here?

The answer was simple. Ren was here to learn music. He has earlier requested Director Zhao to let him learn about the essence of music.

Director Zhao has agreed and contacted his friend named Che Shu who was a professor in the composing department of the conservatory.

It should be noted that the Beijing conservatory of music didn't give permits to attend lectures just to anyone.

Ren was extremely lucky to get a permit to attend the lectures. It was only possible due to the connections of Director Zhao.

"Now, where should I go?"

Ren has taken some time out of an advertis.e.m.e.nt shoot to come here today but he noticed that he has a lot of time in his hands.

The lecture he wanted to attend was about composing and it would be presided over by professor Che Shu himself.

Ren also wanted to introduce himself to the professor and thank him for letting him listen to the lectures but the lecture will start in an hour.

Ren has come too early.

'Let's head to the library.'

As he has time, he decided to not waste time and head to the library. He can read books about music and composing there.

He made his way to the library and on his way, various people glanced at him because of his attire.

Ren can't do anything about it. He would be hoarded with students if he took off his mask and sunglasses but as a result, Ren was looking like someone suspicious.

Although it was weird to wear sunglasses inside a building, Ren just ignored it.

His celebrity life has made him used to wearing sunglasses.

Ignoring all the suspicious glances he received, Ren finally reached the library.

The library was full of books and Ren felt like he was in a sea of books and all the books were about music or singing.

Ren didn't even know that there are so many books about music in the world. It was shocking to be exact.

'Will there be a book on acting here too?'

Ren thought that there should be one or two books about acting in this library too but he chose to ignore the thought in his head.

He had to search through the whole library to find a book about acting and there was no guarantee that he would even find one.

He decided to focus on the books about musical theory for now.

Ren took a book out of a shelf and saw the title 'Harmonics'. He opened it and saw that all the words were in English and there was no Chinese character in it.

He took out another book titled 'The theory of music' and noticed that it was also in English.

It was not like Ren was unable to read the English characters, it was just that Ren was surprised to see so many books in English here.

Anyway, in the end, he finally decided to read a book titled 'Light music and song making'.

It was a book with a red covering and just reading the preface made him interested in it.

The book was about composing light music and how one should hold on to the emotions to bring out the true value of a song.

There were a lot of views of famous composers in the book and how just a little change can completely change a song's quality and value.

Ren was completely immersed in reading the book. He has never thought that a book about music can be so interesting.

He also felt that he had made a self discovery today. He was more interested in music than he had thought.

As he was reading the book, a silhouette suddenly approached him. It was a silhouette of a girl who was strangely wearing a big cap and glasses.

It was hard to see her full face because of that.

"Excuse me."

"Ah, what do you want?"

Ren said as he turned around to look at the girl wearing the big cap.

"Um, can you give me that book?"

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