Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 198

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 198 198. Beijing Conservatory Of Music 2

Chapter 198. Beijing conservatory of music (2)

The book Ren was reading was really interesting and it was not weird for someone else to want to read it but Ren still asked.

"You want this book?"

The girl's voice was slow and soft, probably because they were in the library.

"Yes, I need it for something."

"But I haven't finished it."

"I know that but I want it for something urgent. It's really important, so can you please give it to me."

The girl said as she requested. Ren looked at the girl properly.

Although half of her face was hidden, Ren was able to notice the slight fragments of beauty from her face. There was also another thing that was highly noticeable.

It was her huge b.r.e.a.s.ts that seemed to want to come out of her blue top. There were also her long, slender legs and jade like white skin.

Ren would give her eight on a scale of ten. The minus two points were only because he was not able to see her face properly.

In conclusion, the girl was highly attractive.

"Can you please give the book to me?"

The girl again said when she saw Ren not responding to her. She even bowed slightly but Ren was still silent.

Actually, he was busy admiring the girl's body. That's why he was silent but the girl thought differently.

'What should I do? Ah, I should trade the book with something.'

In the end, the girl brought out a chocolate bar out of her bag. She held it in front of Ren's face and said.

"You can take this chocolate bar in return."


Ren finally came out of his trance when he saw the chocolate bar in front of him. He looked towards the girl and then at the time and replied.

"It's okay, you can take it."

"Thank you, here take this chocolate bar in return."

The girl pushed the chocolate bar in Ren's hand and he tried to refuse it.

"No, I don't need the chocolate bar."

"You should take it. It's not everyday that I am willing to give someone my chocolate bar."

"What do you mean?"

Ren asked with a ting of confusion and curiosity mixed together.

"Hehe, it just means that it's precious."

The girl laughed as she said that. Her laughing figure was extremely eye catching and Ren felt that it was somewhat intoxicating.

"Oh, yes, you should not wear sunglasses inside the library."

The girl suddenly says but before Ren could say anything more, the girl has already grabbed the book and flew away.

She was just like the wind.

'What should I do with the chocolate bar now?'

Ren contemplated the matter and in the end, he finally decided to eat the chocolate bar. He was feeling hungry after reading the book.

He also left the library as his lecture was going to start soon.

Reaching the lecture hall, he noticed that Professor Che Shu was taking the attendance call.

He was just listening to the lecture and he didn't want to attract much attention, that's why Ren decided to sit in the back.

"Lu Fei."


"Long Aotian."


"Zhang Ye."


Once in a while, there would be some students skipping out the lecture but the lecture hall today was relatively filled with students.

Ren felt like he was back in his high school days seeing the packed lecture hall. It was also a new experience for him as he has never been to college.

"Today, we will talk about the breathing technique."

Professor Che Shu started the lecture and the whole class went silent. All the students were listening to the lecture with full attention.

The lecture was about the breathing technique of a singer. All singers have their own unique breathing pattern.

The breathing pattern was the gaps a singer takes while singing a song. Different songs have different breathing patterns and one has to mimic the breathing pattern to perfectly sing a song.

The lecture was also about that.

Professor Che Shu demonstrated the different breathing patterns of different singers and how one can sing a song completely differently based on one's breathing pattern.

The lecture continued for over an hour and aside for some parts where Ren was not able to understand the meaning, and the parts where he felt bored, the rest of the lecture was really interesting.

Ren felt that he could sing songs better in the future by controlling his breathing pattern. Although, he has to do it several times to get it right.

The lecture ended soon and all the students left in groups of three or four. Ren approached the professor after the lecture.

"Professor, thank you for letting me listen to the lecture. It was really interesting."

"You are."

Professor Che Shu was confused seeing Ren approaching him out of nowhere. Ren wondered what was the problem before finally taking off his sunglasses and mask.

Professor Che Shu was somewhat surprised to see Ren here but he greeted him warmly.

"I didn't know you were coming today."

"I have some time today, so I thought about listening to your lecture. By the way, thank you for the permit."

"It's not a problem."

Director Zhao and Professor Che Shu have known each other for a long time with both of them being from the same college.

As Director Zhao has asked him to take care of Ren, Professor Che Shu would definitely not refuse him and he himself was interested in interacting with Ren.

It was not everyday that he would be able to talk with a celebrity like Ren and he noticed that Ren was not arrogant at all.

He was quite friendly and before they knew, they were talking with each other happily in Professor Che Shu's office.

"So, you are saying that the album of A born star worked because of the light hearted music in it but the trend is of fast songs in the market."

"Yes, but the public will surely get bored of it after a time and we used that. Instead of fast music, we focused on the emotional aspect of the song."

"Light music and emotions. That's something new. I learned something new today."

"No, It's me who learned quite a lot today."

Ren noticed that Professor Che Shu was not like any other professor. He was a person who was hungry for more knowledge and he didn't mind asking the younger generation for it.

He quite liked the conversation between them and in the end, Professor Che Shu gave Ren some more books about composing to study in the meantime.

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