Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 200

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 200 200. The Antagonist 2

Chapter 200. The Antagonist (2)

-Where is Ren? I can't seem to get through his phone. I'm getting worried.

"Ah, Aunty, I can assure you that Ren is alright."

White bear said in a low tone. There was a worried voice coming from the other side of the phone.

Ren's mother was on the other side of the phone. She was really worried about Ren as she can't seem to get through his phone.

It's already been a week since she had last seen Ren and his phone was switched off since that time. She was getting more worried every second.

-If it's alright, then can't I talk to him for sometime? And where is he?

"Actually, he is preparing for a role and he wants to be left alone. Currently, he didn't want to meet with anyone."

-A role? Does he need to switch off his phone for that?

Ren had previously gone on to many filming sites and overseas too but he had never switched off his phone like this.

He has at least messaged her that he was fine but this time, there was no message or call. In the end, she can only call White bear to ask about him.

"I don't know how to explain it but I can assure you that he's okay."

The situation was too complicated to explain. White bear can only assure Ren's mother for now.

Although he was assuring her, he himself didn't know how Ren was and what he was doing currently. Even White bear was getting worried about him.

-Okay, I don't know where he is but I will believe you. Tell him to call me soon.

"Yes, Aunty, I will have him call you soon."

The phone call ended after that and White bear sighed sitting inside his van. He didn't know what Ren was doing but he was really getting worried about him.

A week ago, Ren told him that he was going to use a special method to prepare for the character of Cao Xu.

They haven't talked after that.

White bear feared that Ren was in some kind of trouble but he didn't even know where he was.

Ren has suddenly disappeared after messaging him that he's going to prepare for his character and after that, there was no news of him.

He hasn't even gone to the company this past week. He feared that people would ask him about Ren and he didn't know what to answer then.

As he was sighing in his van, he suddenly got a call. He picked up his phone and his expression worsened when he saw the number displayed on the screen.

It was a phone call from Jiang Wan.

'Should I switched off my phone too?'

He contemplated over this matter but in the end, he picked up the call. He has no choice but to tell the truth now.

-Dong Shu, where are you? And most importantly, where is Ren? You are not in some kind of trouble, right?

"I, I am fine and there's no trouble. At least, I want to believe that there's no trouble."

-What are you blabbering?

Jiang Wan's voice was frustrated and full of anger. There was a lot of work for Ren and he was nowhere to be seen.

He can't help but think that something has happened. The worst thing here would be Ren getting arrogant because of his fame and refusing to work or something.

It was not like it was uncommon for celebrities to change after getting famous and Ren's fame was quite a lot already.

"I, Ren, I don't know where he is?"

-Huh? What do you mean? You aren't joking, right?

A confused and shocked voice came out of the other side of the phone when White bear told the truth.

"No, I am not. He just messaged me that he was going to prepare for his character and then he disappeared."

-Ah, the hell is happening!? Anyway, you, come to the company quickly. It seems like we have to report it to the CEO.

"The CEO?"

White bear exclaimed in shock when he heard that. For him, meeting the CEO was an incomprehensible thing.

He has heard about the CEO from Ren and he knew well that she was not a normal person.

-Just come quick to the office!!

The phone call ended after that. White bear didn't know how many times he frowned today, but another frown came out of his mouth.

* * *

Meanwhile, in a room devoid of any light.

A man was staring at his reflection in the mirror without blinking. He was doing nothing but peering at his reflection like he was searching for something.

The man was Ren who was trying to delve into his inner darkness to prepare for his role.

When he had first read the whole screenplay of Slayers, he had found that something was strange. The screenplay was slightly different and some of the scenarios didn't meet the drama he has seen in the future.

After reading the screenplay over and over again, Ren has concluded something.

The screenplay was probably changed and the main reason for it was surely the character of Cao Xu.

The character of Cao Xu, Ren had seen in the drama was a maniac and inhumane but in the screenplay, he can't be described as a human.

He was a monster with his every cell full of darkness. There was also another thing.

When Ren has first met Director Chen Pu, he has told Ren that he needed a young and daring actor to play the role of Cao Xu but in the drama that Ren had watched, the role of Cao Xu was played by a veteran actor.

It can only mean one thing.

No young actor was able to play the role of Cao Xu or they refused to play him. In the end, Director Chen Pu has probably changed the character of Cao Xu to be less evil.

It had happened due to the reason that, to play such a character, one has to delve into the darkness of the human mind.

It was really difficult to come out from that stage and an actor can even lose himself because of this.

No actor would be willing to take such risks!!

It was another matter that Ren has decided to at least try to play this character and it was a completely different matter that no one knows if he would be able to come out of it in the future.

Even Ren was not sure of it.

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