Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 202

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 202 202. Method Acting 1

Chapter 202. Method acting (1)

After reading the message sent by Ren, White bear, Jiang Wan and Director Zhao quickly left for the place Ren was in.

Xiao Rin also followed them as she didn't want to be left behind. The current location of Ren was actually a small hotel room.

He has locked himself in that hotel room to prepare for his character and now that there was only one day left in the audition, he decided to come out of it.

They reached there quickly and rushed to the room Ren was in. He was in the room no. 287.

"I wonder how he has lived this past week."

"I asked the hotel staff and they said that the person in this room has been continuously staying inside the room and even his dinner is sent in the room."

"Yes, it seems like he's been practicing his character by locking himself in an unfamiliar room. Let's first see his condition."

Director Zhao said as he knocked on the door and a voice came out from inside the room.

"Come in."

Everyone recognised this voice. It was the voice of Ren. They quickly opened the door and came in but they were shocked to see the condition of the hotel room.

The room was messy with bed sheets thrown on the floor and there were sheets of paper thrown all over the place.

Near the window, Ren was sitting on the chair. He was looking outside the window without blinking.

The atmosphere around him was different than usual. There was some sketchy feeling coming out of him.


White bear quickly ran up to Ren. He wanted to hug him but as soon as he reached closer to him, he felt an ominous feeling.

He quickly stopped his feet and stared at Ren with a strange gaze.

"Ren, are you okay?"

"Yes, I am mostly fine. Sorry for worrying you all."

Ren said in a calm and collected tone. It was different from his usual self. He looked like a completely different person like his normal self was just an illusion.

The other people in the room also perceived the change in Ren's attitude and atmosphere.

"Brother Ren...."

Xiao Rin softly muttered but she didn't approach him. She just stayed on her spot as she looked him over.

On the other hand, Director Zhao collected the sheets of paper on the ground and noticed something written on them.

"These are notes."

The sheets of paper were notes Ren has made to study the character of Cao Xu. In the past week, he has studied the whole character of Cao Xu and has made notes about how to play him.

Director Zhao also found the copy of the screenplay of Slayers he has given Ren. It was also filled with scribbles and notes.

Just by this, Director Zhao can guess how hard Ren would have worked to get into the character of Cao Xu but he feared that Ren was too into the character.

"Brother Ren."

Unable to hold back, Xiao Rin tried to call his name but Director Zhao stopped her.

"Ren is not normal right now. He is completely immersed in the role of Cao Xu. You should not disturb him."

Disturbing Ren currently can prove fatal as no one knows how he will react. His reactions would not be like his usual self.

They also don't know how immerse Ren was in his character?

"Director Zhao."

"Ah, yes. What do you want?"

Ren suddenly called out to Director Zhao and he looked at him in surprise.

"I am hungry."

"Ah, you are hungry? Of course, you would be hungry. I will order some chicken noodle soup."

Ren shook his head when he heard that. He looked at Director Zhao with a straight gaze.

Director Zhao felt that he was being stared at by a wild beast. He nervously gulped.

"I want to eat something vegetarian."



'Why does he want to eat vegetarian food suddenly?'

Director Zhao thought and wondered but he suddenly remembered the screenplay of Slayers.

The character Cao Xu was also a vegetarian. It was weird but that was his character. He can spill the blood of others but he doesn't like to kill innocent animals for food.

He was truly a weird character and Ren was thoroughly becoming like him.

'I have to do something about it.'

If nothing is done, there is a high chance that Ren will suffer both as a person and an actor.

Director Zhao can also guess the type of acting Ren was using to immerse himself in the character of Cao Xu.

This type of acting is called method acting and it was a famous form of acting in which an actor will think of his past emotions to portray different characters.

It may seem easy but it was not.

Ren was using the same method acting. Director Zhao was sure of it since he has seen various actors using this method but it was a method that can backfire too.

If one can get too immersed in a role, he or she can forget his true self.

Actors are creatures who portray different types of characters on screen but what if they suddenly forget their own selves while playing a different character?

Just the thought of it was scary and it was possible through method acting.

That's why it was dangerous.

Ren was the rising star of their agency, now he was the rising star of the whole Chinese entertainment industry.

He can't let him risk himself for just one role.

He would regret it if he really let that happen. He has to somehow help Ren to drop the idea of playing the character of Cao Xu.

There was no other way than that.

"Director Zhao."

"Ah, yes, what happened?"

"I think we should get out of here soon."


Ren pointed at the ground outside and Director Zhao saw some people with cameras entering the hotel. It looks like the media got the news that they were here.

"We should leave."

Ren said as he stood up from his seat, took out his mask and left the room.

"Let's go quickly, I am hungry."

He shouted towards the other people in the room and they all had one thought in their mind.

'He is completely different than his usual self!!'

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