Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 205

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 205 205. Immersion 2

Chapter 205. Immersion (2)

The scene was from episode 6. It was a scene where Cao Xu would be fighting a wolf alone. It was a scene that needs lots of imagination to perform perfectly.

Normally, one would not get such a scene to play in an audition but Director Chen Pu has given Ren to do the scene for one reason.

He will be able to know if Ren can have the same charisma and body language as the Cao Xu in his mind.

In this scene, more than dialogue delivery or expressions, body language was more important.

It was also a special scene in the drama because in this scene, it will be displayed about how Cao Xu practiced fighting wolves alone in the deep forest to gain insight about survival and life.

There was also another reason behind him fighting the wolf alone. It was because when Cao Xu was a kid, he was once attacked by a wolf when he was on a journey.

He was scared of wolf's after that but he knows that to get the throne, he has to fight against his fears. That's why he was fighting the wolf alone.

He didn't want his enemies to take advantage of his weaknesses, so he was eliminating his weaknesses one by one.

To take someone's life, one first has to know the value of their own life.

That's what Cao Xu would often say in the drama and it was also the line he would say before killing someone.

If he deemed that someone's life was not worth it, then he would kill him without any thought. Someone worthless is better off dead.

"What is he doing?"

White bear muttered as he looked at Ren who was giving his audition. He was moving around in circles slowly in a strange trance.

There was a strange gleam in his eyes as his eyes were focused on one thing but White bear was only able to see that Ren was focusing on empty air.

"He is imagining a wolf."


His question was answered by CEO Pan who was focusing on Ren, or more specifically his acting.

"He is imagining a wolf that is ready to leap on him. His strange stance is actually a fighting stance. He is going around in circles because he knows that the wolf can attack him anytime."

He said and White bear finally understood what Ren was doing. He increased his focus and he began to imagine the wolf.

A cold ferocious wolf with sharp teeth and claws. His food was Ren and he was ready to attack him.

Ren was going around in circles when suddenly, he backed off a few steps and swung his arms around.

White bear felt that it was strange but he quickly guessed what had happened.

The wolf has leaped towards Ren and he has backed down to dodge its attack but the wolf was able to scratch his arms and blood was flowing out of his arms now.

The expression of pain, suffering and hidden anger was well apparent on Ren's face. His anger made him want to kill the wolf but he was just waiting for his chance.

'He's dodging the wolf's attacks.'

CEO Pan thought as he looked at Ren rolling around on the ground. He can also imagine the wolf and can see how Ren was effectively dodging the attacks.

He can also see that Ren was trying to protect his arm from the wolf. It was like he was fully immersed in the scene.

His actions were precise but there was also some hesitation in it. It was the fear of wolves Cao Xu had from childhood.

It was stopping him from properly attacking the wolf but he was also getting over his fear slowly.

For an actor, getting immersed in the scene is a necessary part of acting and an actor's skill level shows how much he can immerse himself in a scene.

A director would want an actor to get completely immersed in a role and Ren was doing exactly that.

It was not looking like he was acting at that moment, it was like he was actually Cao Xu.

Ren himself was too immersed in the scene. He has completely forgotten that he was in the studio of Wheel works production and he was giving an audition.

He was not in an audition room at that moment. He was imagining himself to be in the deep areas of a mountain, facing off against the wolf.

His life was on the line right now and he was fighting for survival. Only the strong one can get out of this alive.

Both Ren and the wolf knew this well.

Taking the chance, the wolf tried to leap at Ren but Ren dodged and while rolling around, he picked up a small shark stone from the ground.

That part was not in the screenplay and there was no stone. Like the wolf, the stone was imaginary too.

But in these types of scenes, if an actor can improvise, then it's the best.

Even the reason Ren picked up the stone was because he was completely immersed in the scene and aside from the forest, he was even imagining the stones on the ground.

Holding the stone in his hand, Ren waited for a chance to attack the wolf. The wolf didn't see the stone in Ren's hand and leapt at him.

'Now's the chance!!'

Ren thought and rolled around the ground. While rolling around, he quickly threw the sharp stone and it striked the wolf's eye.

Blood spluttered from the wolf's eyes and Ren quickly overwhelmed him. He pounced at him and strangled his neck.

The wolf tried to struggle, scratch and bite Ren but he was unable to do it. He slowly succ.u.mbed to his death and Ren sweeped the sweat out of his forehead after the wolf had died.

He looked at the dead body of the wolf and thought that he would be the same as the dead wolf if he was not the superior one.

"Don't be sad over your death. Think about how your death was the first step of my ascension as the king."

He said those words with a blank face and the scene finally ended. After the scene has ended, it took Ren some seconds to get out of the character.

But even after that, his body language resembled Cao Xu slightly but these things didn't bother Director Chen Pu at all.

He was busy thinking about what sort of masterpiece he can create with Ren. His eyes were full of excitement.

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