Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 206

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 206 206. Control Over A Character 1

Chapter 206. Control over a character (1)


In the office of CEO Pan, Director Chen Pu was hysterically laughing recalling the performance of Ren just now.

In his hand was the recording of the audition and he was playing it again and again. No matter how many times he saw the recording, there was always a sense of satisfaction in his face.

"You, you are really happy."

CEO Pan said as he looked at Director Chen Pu with an awkward smile on his face.

"Yes, you were saying that no one will be able to play this character to perfection but I found it. He will nail this character and I will create a masterpiece with him."

Creating a masterpiece that will be resounded throughout the entertainment industry, not just in China, but in the whole Asia.

That was the goal of Director Chen Pu and Ren was the one of the main pieces to complete his goal.

"I know Xin Ren passed the audition and is perfect for this role but."

"But? Are there any other problems?"

"The character of Cao Xu."

CEO Pan lowered his head and sighed before finishing his sentence.

"Let's change it."

"What the hell are you talking about? I can't change the character that can be the highlight of the drama."

"Let's just simmer it down. It can affect Xin Ren. Think about the safety of that boy."

"He will be fine."

Director Chen Pu said as if he can't be bothered with this matter. At that moment, he just wanted to quickly finish all the pre-production and auditions, so that he could quickly start the shooting.

"I was observing him after the audition and there were signs that he was getting affected by the character of Cao Xu."

CEO Pan was one of the veterans in the entertainment industry and he has been in the industry for over 40 years.

He can clearly see that Ren was unusually getting affected by his character. He wants to help Ren if he can.

As someone from the entertainment industry, he wanted to encourage youngsters that can lead the movie industry in the next coming years.

Ren was one of the most talented and refined youngsters.

"He can handle that much?"

"What if he wasn't able to handle it. He is a talented young actor and he will probably be the next 'Film emperor' or even the next 'Heavenly king'. Are you willing to risk his career just because you want to make a masterpiece?"

Director Chen Pu fell into his thoughts when he heard that. Truthfully, if he can, he doesn't want Ren to get badly affected by a role.

Especially when the role was from his own drama series Slayers.

From what he has seen of him till now, he is not like the other youngsters in the industry. He was calm, composed and he was even willing to work hard.

Just by seeing his audition, Director Chen Pu can tell that Ren has worked really hard to get the level of immersion he had shown.

"Well, I don't want him to get affected by it."

"That's why, I am telling you to make some changes into the character. It's not too late to do it."

"No, I will not do that."

"You just said something else."

"I didn't say that I will make changes in my character. I can help him some other way though."

CEO Pan was confused when he heard that. He stared at Director Chen Pu like he was telling him to explain what he was saying.

"For an actor, sometimes a character can become a part of him and it can even affect him, but there are ways to control the character."

"Control a character?"

"Yes. I will just make him learn how to control the character."

* * *

"Ah, so he passed the audition?"

"Yes. Director Chen Pu was laughing like a maniac after the audition finished. His eyes were shining like he was looking at the most precious diamond in the world."

"That old man."

Director Zhao sighed as he imagined the laughing expression of Director Chen Pu.

He knew well that Director Chen Pu'd dream project is Slayers and Ren's acting as Cao Xu can alone make it a big success.

His previous works were also flops, so he was desperate for a big success.

'What can I do now?'

Director Zhao has already guessed that Ren will pass the audition and he has been thinking about what he can do to stop Ren from signing this project.

But he was not able to think of a single way Ren can leave this project.

It was not like Director Zhao wasn't thinking about the advantages and profit they can get if Ren really played the role of Cao Xu.

But for him the safety of his actor was first.

Just some weeks ago, Director Kang had told him that she was feeling that something regarding Ren will happen and it will be a big matter.

He has just glossed it over but now, he felt that this is what Director Kang was hinting at.

He now needed a way to stop Ren from doing this project. He knows that if he told him not to take part in this drama, then he will surely disagree.

Ren has already worked hard to get the character of Cao Xu in sync, if he really told him to give up now, then it will be a waste of his efforts.

But he has to persuade him somehow.

"Ah, who can even persuade him?"

He contemplated that fact.

Xiao Rin was too meek in front of Ren. She won't be able to persuade him. White bear was close to him but he was his manager. In the end, he will side with Ren.

He himself can not persuade him.

"There is someone who can indeed persuade him."

Director Zhao suddenly thought of the person who has the power to persuade Ren. She was the person no one can go against.

Not even Ren!!

'It's time to report the situation to the CEO!!'

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