Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 207

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 207 207. Control Over A Character 2

Chapter 207. Control over a character (2)

For Ren, the CEO's office was a place where he has come and gone frequently. He has gotten used to sitting in the CEO's office.

The first time he was really nervous sitting in the office. It's only been a year but he has gotten used to sitting in the office.

He has come here to discuss his future plans and his roles before but today he was called for an entirely different reason.

"So, you want me to not play the role of Cao Xu in Director Chen Pu's drama?"

Ren said as he stared at the CEO.

"Yes, it would be best if you can drop this project."

CEO Xu was talking with the usual smirk on her face. There was also her atmosphere which implied that the situation was in her control.

She was a woman that is not used to hearing no but Ren was not someone who would back down, especially when he liked the role and had already passed the audition for it.

"Sorry. I don't want to drop this role."

CEO Xu curved her lips when she heard. She has already guessed that Ren will answer like that.

"Is there any specific reason behind this?"

"I like this role and I feel like my acting will improve after doing this role. It's a challenging role. That's why I want to do it and I have already passed the audition for it."

"It doesn't matter if you have passed the audition or not. It will be the best solution for everyone if you can drop this role."

"I really want to play this character."

Ren was also stubborn to the end. His stubborn attitude has also been affected by the role and he has grown even more stubborn.

No matter what, he won't listen to the CEO this time!!

"You should understand it yourself that this character is not something that can be taken lightly. It can have an effect on your personality."

"I don't think so. I can play this character well without it backfiring on me."

"You said that but you yourself know that the character has started to affect you."

Ren went silent when he heard that.

He has already noticed that the character of Cao Xu has started to affect him mentally. He had already noticed it when he was isolating himself in the hotel room.

But he hasn't given up on the character.

One of the reasons was because he didn't want to give up on a character just because it was hard to play and it can affect him mentally.

But there was also another reason.

It was about his talent. Ren knows well that no matter what, his talent was not comparable to actors like Xiao Rin and Xie Yujing.

He was even more confirmed of it after watching those theater plays in Los Angeles. If he wanted to compete with actors around the world, then he had to improve his acting.

The only way he can improve his acting was through playing different and challenging characters.

Cao Xu was one such character. He felt that he would learn many things by playing it.

Director Chen Pu was also a veteran director. He was even called one of the golden directors. Acting under his direction helped him grow.

Ren was sure of that.

"No matter what, I don't want to give up on the character."

Even after CEO Xu's efforts, Ren was not backing away. He was still stubborn.

That's why, CEO Xu brought out her secret weapon. She has already thought of everything.

When Director Zhao had told her about the matter, she had read through the whole screenplay and even watched Ren's audition.

She was obviously not willing to let Ren get affected mentally. It was too much of a risk, especially when Ren was becoming the face of Top star entertainment.

She had thought of several ways for Ren to give up on the role and in the end, she has come up with a method.

"If you will give up on this role, you can play a character in these movies."

CEO Xu said as she passed two thick stacks of papers to Ren. They were the screenplays of two of the big budget upcoming movies.

Ren held them in his hand and read their titles loudly.

"Golden time and The lost skill"

"One is a romantic comedy which is quite different and it has a unique storyline to it. The other one is a martial arts film and the budget of it is quite huge."

CEO Xu leaned against her chair before finishing.

"You will be the main character in both of them. From my analysis, both of them would be a big hit. They will also take the same amount of time in shooting as Director Chen Pu's drama."

In exchange for giving up on Slayers, CEO Xu was giving him two projects to do. They were also high quality projects and there was a high chance that they would be hit.

It was a fair deal but Ren was not going to agree to it.

"Sorry, I don't want to do them."

"Read their screenplays at least. They are good stories. You won't be disappointed."

"It's not about that. I have already gotten invested into the character of Cao Xu. I want to play it, now I want to see myself playing it on the screen."

CEO Xu sighed for the first time. Ren was really being stubborn. If it was any other actor or actress, he or she wouldn't even dare to refuse her.

But that also makes him unique. Not anyone can reject the CEO straightly.

"Then, can you control the character and assure me that you won't be affected by it."


Ren can't assure her of that because he himself wasn't assured of it. There was a high chance he would get mentally affected.

"CEO Xu!!"

At that moment, someone came through the door. It was the secretary of CEO Xu.

"What happened?"

There was a strict rule that no one can disturb her when she is talking to someone and her secretary knows about it well.

But she still interrupted her and Ren. It will only happen when there is something urgent.

"Director Chen Pu wants to talk to you."


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