Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 208

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 208 208. Way Of The Sword 1

Chapter 208. Way of the sword (1)

"Is this the place Director Chen Pu asked us to come to?"

Ren muttered as he looked at the huge old looking building in front of him. It has a unique atmosphere to him and it was like the building has a story to it.

When Ren and CEO Xu were talking in her office, her secretary told her that Director Chen Pu had called and told Ren and CEO Xu to come to an address.

The address was the huge building in front of him.

They don't know the reason behind being called here. Director Chen Pu has not told the reason and just instructed them to come.

"Yes, it's the place. Let's get off."

CEO Xu said as she got off from her Lamborghini. It was a limited edition version.

It can be clearly seen by just her choice of car that she was a rich woman. Well, she was a CEO, so her driving an expensive car like Lamborghini was understandable.

"You like my car?"

"What's there not to like?"

"You can buy one yourself if you want to."

Ren can really buy an expensive sports car if he wants to, but he never felt a need for a car. He can travel in White bear's van and apart from his work, he was not the type to go out.

Ren and CEO Xu walked towards the courtyard of the building and saw some people swinging their swords around.

"It's probably a dojo that teaches martial arts."

CEO Xu said as she looked at the people swinging around their swords.

"Yes. I wonder why Director Chen Pu has called us here."

If he wanted to meet, it wasn't a place like a cafe or a restaurant much better. There was no reason for them to meet at a dojo or was there any reason behind meeting here?

Ren and CEO Xu wandered around the courtyard and saw a burly man coming towards them.

He has muscles all over his body and anyone will feel that he was scary looking.

"Who are you two?"

He asked as he squinted his eyes. There were some rules in the dojo.

One of the rules was that no ordinary person, who was not a trainee here, could come into the courtyard or the outer perimeter of the dojo.

It was a rule that was premised so that the people learning the sword of art can practice without any disturbances.

"We are here to meet Director Chen Pu. He called us here to meet him."

"Are you talking about the old man with the long beard?"


CEO Xu answered shortly and the burly man started showing them the way. He led them to the inside of the building.

"My master is currently talking with the old man you want to meet."


Ren wondered about the so-called master. Being able to run a dojo, it must not be ordinary but his thoughts get distracted once he enters the building.

It was because of the chanting that was responding all across the building.




There were more than 100 people swinging around their swords inside the dojo and they were all letting out a strange word.

It created a magnificent scene, watching this many people swinging around their swords made Ren feel like he was seeing a scene in a martial arts movie.

"What does 'bulkar' mean?"

Ren asked the burly man and he answered without blinking his eyes.

"The word bulkar is derived from an ancient language and it means fighting."

"Why are the people training chanting bulkar repeatedly?"

"They are chanting it repeatedly to tell themselves to keep on fighting. Even if they don't have any strength left in their body, they will keep on swinging their swords."

The martial arts dojo Ren was in currently was called 'Way of the sword'. Most of the ordinary people would not have heard of this dojo.

But those who are familiar with martial arts or train in some kind of dojo must have heard of it at least once.

It was a rather famous dojo in the martial arts community and the reason it was not popular was because not just anyone can enter it.

You have to pass the test of the master to enter the dojo and not just anyone can pass it. You have to show that you are worth being taught the way of the sword.

Another reason was that the master of the dojo doesn't believe in commercialising.

In this age where dojo's are heavily publicised and there would be television advertis.e.m.e.nts about it, the way of the sword was instead against this.

There were no advertis.e.m.e.nts about it because the master was against it.

He would always say that he wanted to only train people who wanted to experience the way of the sword, he was not in this business to earn money.

Hearing all of this from the mouth of the burly man, Ren and CEO Xu felt that it was rather amiable and the master of this dojo was certainly not an ordinary person.

"Are you an instructor here?"

"Yes, the master thought that I was worthy enough to teach other people in the way of the sword."

The burly man tone was sharp and Ren could feel that he respected his master a lot, it was because everytime when he would speak about his master, his eyes would be full of respect.

Ren and CEO Xu finally reached the inner courtyard with the help of the burly instructor.

The burly instructor told them to go inside a room and quickly left after that. Reb and CEO entered the room after that.

"Director Chen Pu!!"

"Oh, you are here already."

Ren called out to him as soon as he entered the room. There was another person sitting with him which Ren thought was supposedly the master.

Ren wanted to ask why they had been called here but before he could ask anything, CEO Xu words surprised him.

"Uncle, what is this? Why have you called us here?"


Ren thought as he looked back and forth between CEO Xu and Director Chen Pu

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