Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 209

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 209 209. The Way Of The Sword 2

Chapter 209. The way of the sword (2)

"Uncle, why have you called us here?"

"I think you already have an idea about that but first tell me about your father. How is that old man these days?

"He's fine and has been getting old everyday but he still hasn't given up on his habit of drinking."

"That old geezer will never change."

Director Chen Pu said as he laughed. He was talking with CEO Xu like he had known her from childhood.

CEO Xu was also acting really familiar with him, even going as far as to call Director Chen Pu uncle. Ren looked strangely at the two of them.

"It seems like you want to ask something?"

Director Chen Pu said as he looked at her with a slight smile on his face. He was stroking his beard with a content look on his face.

"Yes, I want to ask about the relationship between you two?"

Ren asked, pointing at the both of them. Actually, he had many questions in his mind, but it was not the time to ask them all.

"Her father and I are close friends. We used to work together in the past."

"Yes, that's why I call him uncle. Sorry, I hid it from you."

'Work together?'

Listening to that, Ren wondered in his mind about the identity of CEO Xu's father.

CEO Xu, Xu Shishi, she was able to create Top star entertainment at a very young and and in the time, Ren had known her, he had seen that she has many connections.

She was even acquainted with Director Chen Pu, one of the golden directors and they were quite close.

No ordinary person can do that in such a short amount of time, Ren was sure that she was not from an ordinary background and her background was even quite big.

Although Ren wanted to ask about her father, he refrained from doing that as the moment was not right.

He looked at Director Chen Pu and asked.

"Director Chen Pu, why have you called us here?"

"I was just getting on the topic. I have called...."

As Director Chen Pu was speaking, CEO Xu interrupted him and said.

"I will clear it in the beginning but Ren would not be playing the character of Cao Xu."

"Why have you come to that decision?"

Director Chen Pu asked with a serious gaze but if one looked into his eyes, then you would be able to see some playfulness in them.

"It's because acting in your drama and playing the character of Cao Xu will do him more harm than good."

"You should know that working under my direction can improve his acting skills and I am quite confident of my drama, I'm sure that it will be a blockbuster."

"Blockbuster or a flop!? I don't care about them. What I care about is the actor my company is in charge of. We manage celebrities to earn money but we aren't that greedy to push them in a hole."

Ren wanted to interject in the talk but he was just silently sitting on the side. He didn't feel like it would be wise to talk at the moment.

That's why, he was silently sitting on the side and listening to the discussion. He was also checking the so-called master of the dojo who was sitting besides Director Chen Pu.

He was the only person who was just quietly sipping on his tea and hasn't said anything.

The master seemed to be calm and composed and it looked like the discussion between CEO Xu and Director Chen Pu didn't interest him at all.

He was instead checking out Ren from time to time.

"You are really like your father. I didn't think that you care for your actors that much."

"I care for those who are worth to be cared about and Ren is one of them."

CEO Xu glanced at Ren while saying that and Director Chen Pu laughed loudly when he heard that.

"Haha, you are really like your father. For one second, I thought it was my old friend talking instead of you."

"I think I take after him."

"You indeed do take after him."

Director Chen Pu really thought that it was CEO Xu's father talking with him currently.

CEO Xu was just like him, he was also someone who will care deeply about the people he deems worthy. It was to the point that there were many times he had taken a hit for others.

"You won't change your decision."

"I won't."

CEO Xu shook her head and Director Chen Pu then looked at Ren.

"What about you? Do you want to play this role?"

"Yes, my decision is still the same. I want to play this character."

"Even if it means that you have to go against your own agency?"


Ren's reply was quick and Director Chen Pu liked that. He turned to CEO Xu as he asked.

"You don't want him to act in my drama and he wants to act in it. Shouldn't an agency should go with what the actor desires."

"You are correct but in the long term, his decision can be a big loss for us and I don't like losses."

"What if there's a way to not make losses?"

CEO Xu raised her eyebrow when she heard that. She looked at Director Chen Pu like she was asking what he was talking about?

"You are just worried that his real personality will take a hit because of the character of Cao Xu, right?"

"Yes, it's not like this type of case has never happened before and the character of Cao Xu is rather dark."

CEO Xu suddenly remembered something. There was a time when she had personally seen an actor get affected because of a role.

He was also like Ren. Stubborn to the point that he didn't listen to anyone and dived into one of the darkest character roles in the history of Chinese movies.

In the end, he was greatly affected by that.

"I can understand what you are saying and I have a solution for it."

"What type of solution?"

Instead of answering, Director Chen Pu looked at the person on his side.

For the first time, the one man who was the master of the dojo opened his mouth.

"The answer is in the way of the sword."

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