Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 211

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 211 211. Duel 1

Chapter 211. Duel (1)

"You are really a shrewd man, uncle."

CEO Xu said as she learned on the wall and glanced at Director Chen Pu standing on his side.

"How am I shrewd?"

He asked while raising his eyebrows.

"It's because you called us here but you never said that Ren has to fight a real martial artist."

"Even I don't know of that. I thought there would not be any problems but that old man is really strict with his rules. He doesn't understand that rules can be broken for some people."

Director Chen Pu sighed while looking at the old man who was holding a sword in the centre of the room.

The way of the sword was a dojo with some rules and these rules can't be broken, even by the man who had set them.

One of the rules was that, for becoming a disciple of the dojo, one had to fight an instructor or the master himself. It was a rule that was applied to every person.

The rule was made to gauge the strength and weaknesses of the disciple and whether he is worth teaching or not.

Normally, one would fight an instructor but Ren was currently in front of the master of the dojo. He will personally test him.

"It's not like you are different from him. You also don't break rules normally."


Director Chen Pu scratched his head as he laughed slightly.

"So, why have you specifically chosen this dojo?"

CEO Xu suddenly asked surprising Director Chen Pu.

"What do you mean?"

"Don't try to act innocent. I have known you for years. If it's just about learning martial arts, there are countless dojo's that will willingly teach Ren and he doesn't even have to pass a test."

"Haha, you really know me."

Director Chen Pu laughed as he looked over CEO Xu. He felt that the daughter of his friend has really grown up and has become clever.

"It's because the way of the sword is really the best dojo if you want to learn true martial arts and it focuses on both body and mind."

"Aren't there any other reasons?"

CEO Xu glared at him and Director Chen Pu gulped nervously. That glare told him that she knows that there's also another reason.

"Well, it's because learning about swords will help Ren better play Cao Xu."

"Cao Xu is also a swordsman."

CEO Xu said and he nodded with a solemn expression on his face. The character of Cao Xu was a swordsman and he was a peak level expert.

His weapon was known as the blade of shadow in the drama and Cao Xu's main strength also comes from that blade and his expertise of swordsmanship.

"You are really a director."

Directors are the creatures that will search through all the 7 billion people just to find someone suitable to play a character.

Their most prioritised thing is how they can improve their work. To do that, they will not even care about the actor.

Director Chen Pu was thoroughly a director!

He brought Ren to this dojo, so that him learning the sword can enhance the fighting scenes in the drama just for a bit.

He can be said to be selfish but he was also helping Ren in the process. In the end, CEO Xu can only say.

"Uncle, you are really shrewd."

She said that while looking at the fight that was about to begin between the old man and Ren.

* * *

'It's hard to hold it.'

Ren thought as he tightly gripped the sword in his hand. It was rough because the sword was a wooden sword often used in practice.

Holding the sword in his hand, he swung it a few times but his movements were rough and untrained. He was truly a beginner.

"Don't worry about the test. I will go easy on you. Just show me what you have."

The old man in front of him said. He had a smile on his face as he looked at Ren. It was a kind of smile that made people afraid of him.

Ren was also the same.

Although the old man was saying that he will go easy on him but was that really the truth?

Ren can tell from experience that the old man in front of him was a shrewd man who thoroughly enjoyed playing with other people.

He has to be careful of him.

'Why am I even having a duel with him?'

That question passed through Ren's mind at that moment but he shook it away because it was for the sake of acting.

If he can really control the character of Cao Xu, then he will not have to worry about characters affecting his thoughts in the future.

Moreover, Ren knows that martial arts movies will really get a boom in the upcoming years.

It was a good thing for him to learn more advanced martial arts early.

"Let's start the duel. You will be the winner if you can touch me with your sword."

"What if I was not able to touch you?"

"Then, you are not qualified to be taught by me."

The old man said as he took his stance and Ren also did the same. Although both of them were taking their stance, it can be clearly seen that Ren was unprofessional.

He doesn't even know the S of swordsmanship!!


Even though he didn't know anything about swords, he still decided to fight the old man head on. If he keeps dragging it, then the old man will surely beat him.

He can't take that risk. He has to finish the duel as soon as possible.

At least Ren thought like that but the old man blocked his attack easily like he was playing with a child.

"You can't touch me with just that."

He said as he counterattacked with repeated strikes. Ren was forced to take several steps back but the old man didn't stop attacking him.

Ren can only defend but even that was not easy.


He felt like he would lose any second and he was barely able to hold his ground.

The old man was really a monster.

'Shit! This is definitely not going easy.'

Ren cursed the old man in his heart while blocking his attacks

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