Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 212

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 212 212. Duel 2

Chapter 212. Duel (2)


The old man swung his sword horizontally and Ren jumped to the side to dodge.

Far from blocking the attacks, he was now dodging them by jumping to the sides. There are many times when the old man's sword will brush his shoulder.

And he has to say it really hurts!

But even after that, Ren was still going on with the duel. He didn't know how to win it but there was only one thought in his mind.

'I have to win!!'

"You are really weak. Why do you keep dodging? You should face me head on like a man."

"This duel will not even last a second if I did that."

Ren said while dodging another attack.

He couldn't help but think that he will lose. It was because the difference between him and the old man was tremendous.

He was like an extra while the old man was a protagonist or he should say that he was currently the villain, at least for Ren.

"You are really weak. Are all actors weak like you?"

"I am an actor, not a martial artist."

"Then, let me ask you a question. Why are you so hell bent on doing that role. Won't actors like you get many such roles?"

'Why do I want to do the role?'

The answer was simple and it didn't take much time for Ren to answer that.

"It's because it will help me in taking a step towards my dream."

"What is this dream you are talking about?"

"The dream to reach the top and proudly exclaim that no one is above me. I want to show the world what I can do!!"


Ren attacked the old man while saying that. Those words have made him motivated to some extent but the old man casually blocked his attack and said.

"You have a big dream but I don't know if you have the resolve to reach it. I have seen many young people exclaiming big things but never doing it."

"I am not like those."

"That is to me to decide. Now, show your resolution!!"

The old man said as he attacked Ren straight to the soldier and he was not able to dodge it this time.


Ren cried out as he dropped his sword. He felt like his shoulder had been greatly hurt.

"I advise you to give up on your dream. You can't achieve it with your half assed resolve."

The old man said as he mocked Ren. At that moment, a voice interrupted the duel.

"Stop this duel!!"

CEO Xu quickly came forward seeing Ren squatting on the ground holding his shoulder.

"You can't hurt him like that."

She said as she glared at the old man while he simply laughed and said.

"Young lady, it's not my fault. It's a duel and anybody can get hurt in it. I can't do anything about this."

"I don't care about that."

"CEO Xu, stop."

Ren interjected on the conversation and said as he struggled to stand up.

"What are you saying? I'm talking for you."

"You don't have to. I think I can fight on my own."

"You clearly can't fight. Just give up on it."

"No, I can still go on!!"

Ren raised his voice this time and CEO Xu looked at him strangely.

'If I can't even fight on in a duel, then how can I achieve my dream!!'

The old man's earlier words have triggered him. He now wanted to win this duel at all cost.

Ren wanted to show the old man that his resolve is not half assed. He had regressed back from the future and if he can't even become the top, then he's better off dead.

His eyes were burning with desire at that moment, a desire to win!!


CEO Xu wanted to stop Ren from fighting anymore but before she could say anything else, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"You should let him fight."

It was Director Chen Pu.

"What do you mean? He can get hurt, no he looked like he's already in pain."

"Look at his eyes, those are the eyes of someone who can even go against the world. He won't listen to you in this state."

CEO Xu looked at Ren's eyes for a second before sighing.

"I wonder when he will drop his stubborn attitude."

"I don't think he will."

Director Chen Pu said with a smile and pulled back CEO Xu to the side. The duel continued after that.

"I haven't thought that you will stand up again."

"I haven't given up yet."

"Let's see how much more you can hold on for."

The old man said as he again started to attack Ren and he can only block.


While holding on his ground through the barging barrage of attacks, Ren was thinking of how to defeat the old man.

'I can't hold on for long.'

His shoulder was hurting because of the earlier attack and Ren's grip on the sword was getting loose. It was hard to hold the sword for a newbie like him.

Thinking like that, Ren thrust the sword forward and the one man again blocked it.

"Come at me!! I will give you a chance to attack me."

The old man said as he took a defensive stance and Ren finally got a chance to attack him.


Ren attacked with attacks from all directions but Ren's attacks were not even able to reach him. They were all getting blocked with the sword.

The old man was keeping his distance from Ren and it was hard for Ren to even touch him.

"Your thrust is too short."

He said as he laughed but Ren's mind was running at a great speed at that moment.

Suddenly, Ren took some steps back.

"Are you giving up?"

"No, I am just preparing for the final strike."

"Final strike? Haha."

The old man laughed like he had heard the most funny joke ever but Ren was not joking.

'It's time to end this.'

He took a deep breath and stared at the old man with a gaze filled with conviction. Then, he started running towards the old man.

'His thrust will come short again.'

That was the thought in his mind and he didn't bother to defend himself. For him, Ren was just a newbie he can beat anytime.


Ren thrust his sword towards the old man again but as the old man was about to defend himself, he suddenly noticed a strange thing.

"Why is the sword stretching?"

The sword was growing longer and before he could react, it had already attacked him on the shoulder.


It was not an attack with great power and it didn't hurt much but it has indeed touched the old man. According to the rules they had set earlier, the winner was Ren!!

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