Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 213

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 213 213. Meeting Again

Chapter 213. Meeting again

"Master, will you teach that person?"

The burly man who had earlier led Ren and CEO Xu in the dojo asked the old man. He had a strange expression on his face as he looked at his master.

"What do you think of someone who is willing to give it his all to achieve his dream?"

"I will think that he's a person with great willpower and resolve and he is worth teaching the way of the sword."

"That kid is also like that."

The burly man raised his eyebrow when he heard that and asked.

"But that person looked like he would die off a punch. He is like an ant."

Ren's physique in front of the burly man was indeed like an ant. Not just Ren, all the normal people are like ants in front of the burly man.

"Xian Ju, I have already told you to stop evaluating people with just their bodies. Body is just a medium, the real worth of a person lies in his mind."

Xian Ju made a bitter smile as he asked.

"Does that mean that person has some worth in him?"

"He indeed has some worth, at least he can be taught. I don't know about the rest."

The old man thought about their duel at that moment. Everything was going as he had planned it to be me.

He hadn't thought of the possibility of Ren winning the duel. He just wanted to evaluate him. As for teaching him the way of the sword, he has already agreed to it.

Director Chen Pu was one of his old friends. It was a request from him.

The old man wasn't able to deny it but he had told him not to say anything about it. It was because he wanted to see if Ren was worthy or not.

During their duel, the old man has already passed him. Ren was an amateur but he has guts.

He had passed him the moment Ren had stood up after squatting down.

He hasn't expected anything more from him but Ren has greatly shocked him.

The old man still remembered his grasp when he had seen the sword stretching suddenly but the reason behind it was that while thrusting his sword towards him, Ren jumped to cover the distance.

It was truly shocking!!

He has never seen this before in his career. Ren has gone to great lengths just to win the duel.

He can clearly see the resolve in his eyes at that moment!!

The old man has decided to teach him wholeheartedly now. He will teach him how to counter his inner demons and control the character.

"You should not be against him as you will be his training partner."


"Yes, you two will suit each other and I think you can learn something from him."

"Master, I don't want to."

Xian Ju was against this idea. He felt that it would be too insulting to be the training partner of a newbie.

"It's my decision. Do you want to go against my decision?"

Xian Ju gulped his saliva when he heard that. He has long since known that going against the master's decision was akin to courting death.

He doesn't even have a girlfriend till now. How can he die yet?

Xian Ju can only accept it reluctantly. Although he accepted it, he won't be cooperative with Ren.

From the start, Xian Ju didn't like these 'pretty guys'. Although Ren was miles away from being a pretty guy, Xian Ju considered all of the handsome guys as such.

He felt that those handsome guys are just sissies.

There was a reason behind this. When he was still in high school, he used to like a girl. She was pretty and was nice to him, he felt that she liked him.

But when he confessed to her, she rejected him instantly saying that she wanted to focus on her studies.

But the next day, he heard about her dating a senior. That senior was a handsome guy, unlike him.

From that day, Xian Ju has started hating these handsome guys. Ren has not done anything but because of that high school senior, he was going to be in a lot of trouble.

'I won't go easy on you!!'

Xian Ju muttered in his heart.

* * *

Taking a bus to the Beijing conservatory of music took around 30 minutes from his house. Ren had been free today, so he had taken this bus to go attend some lectures.

He was also feeling somewhat happy sitting in the bus after a long time.

These days, he would mostly venture with the help of White bear but when he called him today, White bear was unexpectedly busy.

Ren thought that he was hiding something from him but he left the matter thinking that White bear has his own life.

If there was some matter, then he would tell him in the future. He was sure that White bear wouldn't hide something from him.

As he was sitting on the bus, looking at the passing buildings outside, someone approached him.

"Can I sit here?"

It was the voice of a girl. Ren raised his face and looked at her. She was wearing a blue top with flower patterns and blue jeans.

Her face was hidden with a cap and sunglasses but instead of hiding her beauty, they seem to enhance it.


Ren felt that it was strange that the girl had asked to sit beside him. It was because Ren's current appearance was really suspicious.

He was covering his face with sunglasses and a mask. That's why, no one has approached him till now.

But this girl has approached him. He found it strange, the more strange thing was that the girl was also hiding her face.

He felt that it was suspicious. Anyone who will look at them from a distance will surely feel that they were together. It was because their appearance was too similar to each other.

Ren didn't mind the girl sitting besides him but he kept glancing at her.

The girl didn't care about Ren's glances and she opened a book from her bag and started reading it.

'Light music and song making!!'

Ren thought that he had seen this book before and when he focused on his thoughts, he finally remembered that it was the same book he was reading in the library.

Ren wanted to ask if she was the same girl Ren had met in the library but he refrained from doing that.

But when the girl started eating a chocolate bar, Ren's confusion changed into confirmation.

"Are you the girl who snatched the book from my hand in the library a few days ago?"

Ren could not help but ask and the girl stared at him strangely.

She pondered on his words before finally realising that she had met Ren in the library before. His masked appearance was still vivid in her mind.

"You are that...strange guy."

The girl stared at him with both his eyes wide. He wanted to ask something but before he could say anything, the girl exclaimed.

"No, wait, you are Xin Ren!!"

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