Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 215

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 215 215. Life Is Unfair

Chapter 215. Life is unfair

"So, you also know Professor Che Shu?"

Ren asked Lily as they walked side to side inside the campus of the Beijing conservatory of music.

"Yes, I was actually a student in this university until two years ago and Professor Che Shu helped me quite a lot when I was just starting my rock band."

Lily was a young and youthful girl filled with dreams of getting famous.

People who will graduate from the conservatory of music mostly want to become singers or composers.

They will venture in the industry for a long time until they can make a name. Very rarely will someone choose to start a rock band but Lily was like that.

The reason she knew who Ren was, was because after they had met in the library, she had told Professor Che Shu about how she had seen a weird guy wearing a mask in the library.

Professor Che Shu has laughed and accidentally revealed that he must be Ren.

That's how she was able to gauge that it was Ren in the bus.

"So, you like rock music?"

"Not just rock, I like all types of music but I am currently focusing on rock. Although I want to write something different too."

"You mean you can compose?"

"Yes, I can. I write the songs for my band."

Lily said, raising her head a little, seemingly proud of her talent. Ren smiles wryly seeing that.

He has already gotten used to her personality. He felt that she was one of those people who are really good in their work but they are basically idiots otherwise.

Ren thought that but he didn't dare to say it out loud. He was sure that she would again start crying if he said that out loud and this time, they were not in an alley.

So, there would be a huge commotion.

"That's why you were looking for a book on light music. You wanted to write something like that?"

"Yes, my previous songs are not working and my band really needs a hit. We are not even mainstream yet, so I thought that a light song would be nice."

The reason Lily was thinking of herself as a celebrity was because in a pop competition, her band has managed to get the first prize.

It was not a small pop culture event, so it had blown up somewhat and her band has gotten famous but they haven't given a good song after that.

They are now just singing in clubs and bars. They need a big hit to get some popularity.

"Are you working on a song then?"

"I am but it's not complete yet. It's not even close to being completed. That's why, I wanted some advice regarding it from the professor."

"Let me hear it when it's ready."

"Sure, I will give you the honour of promoting it when it is ready."

"I don't need such an honour."

Ren smirked as he said that and Lily started to grumble saying how he was missing a great chance and how he will regret it in the future.

"What's with these questions. It's my time to ask you some questions now."

She suddenly said and Ren nodded. He doesn't mind answering some questions.

"Why are you here?"

"What type of question is that. I am here to attend the lecture of Professor Che Shu."

"That's my question. Why is an actor and a celebrity like you interested in lectures about music?"

"It's because I am interested in music itself."

Lily furrowed her brows when she heard that. She looked at Ren strangely before realising something.

"Do you mean you will work as a singer too?"

Ren nodded his head and Lily became sullen suddenly. She pouted and muttered 'How unfair!!' before turning away from Ren.

"What happened now?"

Ren asked as he stared at her.

"I just realised how unfair it is that it will take years for my band to make a name for itself and sell at least a million albums but I am pretty sure that if you release an album, it will be a big hit."

Her words can be taken as malice but Ren didn't feel any of that from her words.

He knows from the start that life and especially the entertainment industry was unfair.

It will take years for an unknown singer just to make a name for himself and sell a successful album but if a popular actor decided to release an album, then it will become a hit because the actor already has fans who will buy it.

It can be seen as unfair but the actor would have also worked hard to make a name for himself.

In the end, it will all come down to luck and skill.

"Life is unfair. You can't fight it. You can just make things fair with your own strength."

"I will become really famous one day. On that day, I will be walking the red carpet and there will be a trophy in my hand."

"Sure, I will be the first one to congratulate you if that happened."

"You have said it now. So, you can't go back on your words."

Lily said as she smiled happily.

She was really a girl with huge dreams, trying to find the right wings to fly up her dreams.

There was something different about her. Normally, people will either be nervous or excited when meeting celebrities but she was acting like Ren was his old friend.

Moreover, there was no respect in her voice. It means that she was treating Ren as a normal person.

No one has treated him like this since he had become a celebrity. It was a good thing for Ren that he was able to talk with her Like this.

It kind of refreshed his mind from the stress of his work.

As they were talking, they finally reached the lecture hall. They were thinking that it should be filled with students but there was only Professor Che Shu sitting there.

"Professor, is the lecture cancelled today?"

Professor Che Shu shook his head as he looked over at the both of them.

"No, it's already over. It's you two who are late."

Ren and Lily both looked at each other when they heard that. In the end, they just sighed and muttered at the same time.

"Life is unfair!"

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