Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 216

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 216 216. A Recording Studio

Chapter 216. A recording studio

"This is your recording studio?"

Ren exclaimed in shock when he entered the underground studio of Professor Che Shu.

After he was informed by the professor that the lecture was already finished, Ren was sad that he won't be able to learn anything today.

Seeing his dropped shoulders, Professor Che Shu has invited him to his underground studio. Lily obviously followed them.

"It's a studio I created with some of the professors but now, only I come here. I created it a long time ago, at that time, I was really motivated to create music but I realised that I was not made for it."

There are many things one would want to do in life but very rarely will people be able to do it. Most of the people will give up and find something else.

Professor Che Shu belonged to the latter.

"Instead I found out that I can lead people in creating music. So, I sometimes allow students to record songs here and I sometimes help them too."

"Yes, my band also recorded our first song here."

"You have been here?"

Ren asked Lily who was jumping around the recording studio.

"Yes, I was one of the best students of my professor. When I asked him to lend me the studio, he immediately agreed."

She said as she sat down on the sofa.

"I don't remember that. From what I remember, someone kept clinging to me, requesting me to let her use the studio for a week."

Lily immediately flopped down on the sofa when she heard that. She shot a glare at the professor but she knows that she can't argue with him.

It was her who had lied in the first place.

Ren laughed when he saw her like that. Then, he looked at the recording studio and exclaimed about how it was not much different from the professional one he has used before.

There were speakers, woofers, amplifiers and all other professional equipment in the room. There was also a big mixer.

"You said that you were writing a song, right?"

The topic quickly changed to the song Lily was writing. She plopped up from the sofa as she answered.

"Yes, but only half of it is completed."

"Do you have the score for it?"

"Yes, I brought it with me today."

She opened her bag and gave the score to the professor. Then, the professor looked at it for a second before typing it in the machine.

These days, it is easy to create songs with the help of modern softwares.

After typing the half finished score in the software, Professor Che Shu began to play it.

A melody started coming from the speakers. Ren listened closely to it. The tune of the song was slow and the melody has a raunchy feeling to it.

It was probably a love song.

Ren closed his eyes and tried to feel something from listening to the song but there was no special feeling in it.

Professor Che Shu also thought the same as he said.

"The melody is good but I think it's too bland."


"Yes, the song is okay but it's just okay. There's no special feeling in it for it to become a hit."

"Then, should I change it."

Professor Che Shu shook his head and replied.

"No, you should complete it first. Changing it without even completing it would be detrimental. First finish the song, who knows if it will come out as something unexpected."


Lily didn't take Professor Che Shu words as him mocking her work. She took it as advice and vowed to make a good song that can satisfy him.

It can be seen that she has a learning attitude.

"What do you think of the song?"

After advising Lily, Professor Che Shu asked Ren. He was startled by the question but he answered as honestly as he could.

"It was good. The starting was high but it felt like there were too many unneeded sounds added to it."

"What do you think is not needed?"

"I think the strings. Yes, the sounds of the strings should be lowered a little. Although, that's only my conclusion."


Professor Che Shu nodded at that. It looks like Ren has studied a lot and he was somewhat right but he was still an amateur.

"So, should I lower the sound of strings?"

"No, the string part is the problem but rather than lowering it, you should add something more to it."

"Something more? What should I add?"

"That's for you to decide. I can only give advice."

Professor Che Shu's job was to give advice, not to pin point every single detail. It was up-to Lily on how she can change the song to increase its quality.

But she still kept asking questions from him and Professor Che Shu answered some of them but he also avoided answering some questions.

During their conversation, the person who was the most benefited was Ren.

He wasn't able to understand much of the conversation about chords and melodies but he was able to get some of it.

This way, his musical knowledge was slowly increasing.

* * *

"So, has the casting done finally."

"Yes, the important roles have been casted. I have notified the casting agency to provide some good actors for small roles."

In a spacious room, two people were sitting. They were talking about the casting of Slayers.

One of them was obviously Director Chen Pu, the other person was someone who everyone in China recognises.

He was one of the seven heavenly kings of the entertainment industry, Hou Qian.

"So, did you get someone to play the antagonist?"

"Yes, in the end, I managed to find one. Have you heard of Xin Ren?"

Hou Qian was wide eyed when he heard that. He asked to confirm.

"That kid that has been getting a lot popular lately?"


"He passed the audition?"

"Yes, he passed it with flying marks. He was better than anyone."

"So, would he be able to give a competition to me?"

Hou Qian was playing the role of the protagonist in the drama and he's character was quite powerful.

Director Chen Pu has specially asked him to play the protagonist and after thinking about it for a month, he has agreed to it finally.

"More than competition, I think he has the potential to come on top of you."

"You aren't joking right?"

"You will understand once you see him yourself."

"Then, I am looking forward to meeting him."

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