Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 217

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 217 217. Training Start

Chapter 217. Training start

"You are sure you would be safe?"

White bear asked Ren as they entered the outer courtyard of the dojo.

Today was Ren's first lesson here and he was feeling somewhat sleepy as it was just 5 in the morning.

He had an interview with a newspaper today and thinking about his work, it was decided that he would learn swordsmanship in the morning.

"I will be safe. Why do you think I won't be safe?"

"No, it's just a feeling. My intuition is saying something is wrong."

White bear said as he shook his head. Ren became wary when he heard that.

There was a scary aspect to White bear. It was just his intuition. Ren has noticed that he's intuition will be on the mark 9 out of 10 times.

Ren can just hope that he would be wrong this time!

"Hey, that's him, right?"

"Yeah, he looks the same as him but why will a celebrity be here?"

"Yes, I can be wrong but ain't that fat man with him, his manager, I think I saw him on that reality show."

"Should I go talk to him to find out?"

Ren and White bear can both hear murmuring from their surroundings. It was the disciples of the dojo.

They were surprised seeing Ren here. He was also not wearing any kind of disguise, so it was very easy for the disciples to recognise him.

But they won't dare to approach him. It was because the instructors would scold them and give them a beating, telling them to focus on their training.

The way of the sword was a dojo which was really harsh on their disciples.

"I think you should have worn a mask at least?"

"I wanted to but that old man told me that it would be okay and I wasn't able to object."

"But what if the media gathered here?"

Celebrities are objects which naturally attract media attention. If the media knew that Ren was training in a dojo, then they will surely gather here.

They would want to know the reason behind it and everything else.

"I don't think it's easy to enter here."

If the media really managed to get here, then the instructors would be enough to scare them away.

Ren has noticed one peculiar thing about this dojo, most of the instructors of this dojo were scary and burly men. Anyone can get easily scared by them.

"By the way, where were you yesterday?"

"Oh, that, I was."

When Ren asked that, White bear expression became strange. He fidgeted with his fingers as he thought of an excuse.

But at that moment, someone interrupted them.

"If you are here, then you should come to the training room immediately. Don't waste time here."

It was the same burly instructor who had led the way for Ren and CEO Xu when they had come here to meet Director Chen Pu.

If he wasn't wrong, then his name was Xian Ju.

"I am coming. Let's go quickly."

Ren said to White bear who quickly followed him. He was glad that Xian Ju came in time or he didn't know how he would have answered Ren.

White bear sighed once more in the end.

* * *

In the training room, Ren was sitting in front of the old man. The old man was teaching him a breathing method which can help him stay calm.

Seeing the old man teaching Ren the breathing method, White bear muttered from the side.

"I suddenly feel that I am in a martial arts novel or something? Is that breathing method like those in online novels? Can that help Ren punch large rocks to shreds?"

White bear's face was excited. It was because he has been reading quite a lot online novels these days.

It was to the point that he wished that he could be the protagonist of those cultivation novels. Becoming the top and getting a harem of 100 girls.

"Do you think we live in a fantasy world or do you think that there's something like the hidden world that the ordinary people don't know about?"

Xian Ju shot him a stern look.

He was getting frustrated standing on the side and White bear was asking him silly questions.

"Don't be so angry. I am just letting out my curiosity."

"You should keep your curiosity to yourself."

"Why are you being so stern? Are you an instructor here?"

White bear asked with a smiling expression and Xian Ju furrowed his eyebrows.

"Are all managers talkative like you or are you the only one?"

"I think everyone is talkative in this line as we have to meet different people everyday. Directors, producers, actors, actresses."

"You said you meet actresses?"

Xian Ju suddenly asked, showing interest in this topic.

"Yes, I have met many actresses as Ren has worked with many different actresses. There are some actresses in the agency too."

"Then, can you get me an autograph from someone?"

"That will be a breeze. Whose autograph you want?"


As Xian Ju was answering him, he was interrupted by the old man.

"Xian Ju, start the basic training with Ren."

"Ah, yes."

He stopped talking with White bear and started telling Ren about the basic postures and the correct way to hold the sword.

In martial arts, there are many different forms of posture and if one doesn't even know the basics of it, then he can't be said to be learning martial arts.

Holding the sword was a very basic and important thing. It was because it was directly related to how tight one's grip on the sword can be.

'Will he be okay?'

White bear thought in his mind. The same thought was on the mind of the old man as he left the training room but he shook off these thoughts.

'At least his face would be okay.'

The old man has commanded Xian Ju not to hurt his face and he was sure that he would not go against his command.

But the old man was not sure about anything else.


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