Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 219

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 219 219. Something For Him

Chapter 219. Something for him

"Are you okay?"

Xiao Rin asked Ren. Her eyes were filled with worry as she glanced at Ren's hand.

There were calluses formed on his hand.

"I am okay. Don't worry about it."

Ren said as he sipped tea. His hands were hurting but now he was used to this pain.

It's already been a week since he has started his spartan training in the dojo. Two things had happened since then.

First was that he was getting used to the pain and the training, the other thing was that Xian Ju has become a reality devil in his eyes.

Although Xian Ju hasn't done anything too explicit after that 'spar', it was still too much for Ren to handle.

"How is your shooting going on?"

Xiao Rin has recently started the shooting of her new drama School days. It was a teenage drama about two girls who started liking the same guy.

Xiao Rin was playing one of the leads in the drama. The other lead was a young actress who has only played supporting roles till now.

Her name was Mo Yi.

It looks like she and Xiao Rin were getting along well!

Today, he and Xiao Rin were sitting in a cafe. She has invited Ren today and he was free, so he had come.

It was a different experience for them as they had mostly met in the office or at the shooting. It was their first time sitting alone in a cafe.

"It's going well. Mo Yi and I are becoming good friends, and all the staff is good with me. The co actors and the director are also treating me well."

'They should be jumping with joy because of you joining their project.'

After her performance in A born star, Xiao Rin was considered as a first tier actress.

It means that with her joining the project, a cable network drama like School days has got massive popularity and there would be lots of people seeing it.

Xiao Rin was even nominated for the next actress award in the Golden dragon movie awards that will be held next month.

There was not much chance of her winning the award, but for a young actress like her, just getting nominated was a big deal.

Of course, Ren was also nominated and in several categories too.

"Brother Ren, you seem fine now."

Xiao Rin suddenly said and Ren asked with a smiling expression.

"Do I?"

"Yes, before, you were really cold and there was some kind of ominous feeling coming from you. Ahh, sorry, I should not have said..ouch!!"

Xiao Rin tried to apologise in the middle of the sentence and by reflex, she bowed her head only to take a hit from the table.

She groaned in pain as she rubbed her forehead. Her face was also slightly red because she did something embarrassing in front of Ren.

She was trying to make him see the best side of her but she was still too immature.

"You don't have to say sorry. Your head is okay, right?"

"Yes, it is. Sorry, you have to see something unsightly."

"No, it's okay."

Ren said as he looked at her forehead. It looked like the pain was gone now, since she has stopped rubbing it.

"I was not normal before. It was my fault that I got too much affected because of a character but I am okay now. Meditation and martial arts helped me in being sane again."

These past few days, Ren had been meditating in the morning along with going to the dojo for his usual spars with Xian Ju.

Along with the breathing technique that the old man has taught me, there was not much to worry.

"So, are you signing Director Chen Pu's project?"

"Yes, I am signing it but negotiations are still going on, so it will take a week or two."

These negotiations were to determine that Ren would get a fair deal. He will have to shoot for a whole half an year, travelling to many foreign locations.

His fees have also increased after his last movie. It was to the point that Ren was pondering on buying a house.

* * *

After coming back to the shooting, Xiao Rin immediately went to meet Mo Yi to discuss the scenes with her. They have most of their scenes together, so they practice their scenes together.

"Sister Xiao, you are here."

"Yes, I just came back. What is the scene you are practising?"

She asked as she looked at the screenplay in Mo Yi's hand.

"It's the scene in which my character will learn to cook for the male protagonist to help him cheer up in the finals of the basketball competition."

"Does cooking even cheer up people?"

Xiao Xin suddenly asked and Mo Yi tilted her head and answered with a giggle.

"Yes, if the person is cooking for his love."

"Ah, you mean that guys like when girls cook for them."

"Of course. It's basic knowledge."

Xiao Rin has never been in love before and she was just a teenager whose entire childhood has been spent on learning acting.

Moreover, she doesn't have many friends. There was no way she would know that.

"Sister Xiao, do you have a guy you like?"

Mo Yi suddenly asked and Xiao Rin was stunned for a second. She returned from her thoughts and shot a glare towards Mo Yi.

"I don't and why are you asking that?"

"Oh, but I told you about my boyfriend when you asked."

"It was because you have a boyfriend but I don't have anyone like that."

Mo Yi laughed when she heard that and answered.

"But you have someone you like, right?"

"I, I don't."

"But there seems to be someone."

"Do you have a foresight ability or something?"

Xiao Rin stopped talking to her and focused her attention on remembering her dialogues, but her mind was on another matter.

'So, cooking can cheer someone up, especially if it's from a girl.'

The whole day, her focus was distracted from the shooting and she gave several retakes.

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