Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 220

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 220 220. A Celebrity Daily Life 1

Chapter 220. A celebrity daily life (1)

Just like usual, Ren's schedule today was also daunting. He would first go to the dojo to do this training, then he have a photoshoot and a interview for a magazine.

In the end, he would attend a meeting regarding his debut album but above all that, there was something special toddy.

It was a reality TV show. It was not a usual reality TV show where Ren has to go a studio and give answers to some questions or play some games.

It was a show in which the interviewer will follow him throughout the day and show the viewers how he spend his everyday life.

The show was called 'A celebrity daily life'.

It was a show from SKB public TV network and it had a fairly high popularity. Many stars like Li Xinru, Jiang Hae and even some heavenly kings and queens have participated in this show.

They have shown their everyday life and work to the viewers and the viewers have quite liked it.

Today, it was Ren's turn in this show.

Two days ago, SKB network has announced this on their official website.

On Sunday, A celebrity daily life will have a special feature episode. The famous interview host, Tan Zheng, shall be taking a step into Xin Ren's daily life and show the viewers what he go through on a daily basis.

It would be Xin Ren's first time on this show and Tan Zheng himself is every excited about this, since Xin Ren's popularity has grown exponentially in the last year.

He will try to find out about the reason behind his success streak. So, remember to watch it on Sunday night.

After this was posted on the website, fans started rapidly sharing it on every community forums and SNS services.

-Ah, finally, Xin Ren is being featured on A celebrity daily life. I was requesting this for months.

-Yea, it will be his first reality TV show after Movie Making.

-I am really excited to watch this show. Tan Zheng is my favourite interviewer.

-I wonder what type of questions will he ask Xin Ren?

-I am more curious about his daily life. I have heard that he will be releasing a debut album.

-Maybe, we will see him recording a song.

-That would be great, almost like Movie making but we can also get some clues about his next project.

-I want to know how he feels about getting nominated for the Golden dragon movie awards.

-That was actually expected. A born star was one of the highest grossing movies of the year.

-But him winning the best actor award would be hard, especially with heavenly kings being nominated too.

-I think he will win the best actor award. His performance was the best!!

* * *

"The people are really excited about this show."

Ren said as he kept scrolling on a community forum where there were various threads discussing about him appearing on A celebrity daily life.

There were mostly positive comments but once in a while, he will see some negative ones, but he just ignored them.

Ignoring was one of the essential things when being a celebrity.

"Of course they are, it was not hard to get you on this show. Our producer kept moving rounds of Top star entertainment to get you on the show."

The interviewer, Tan Zheng said from the back, he was laughing but his eyes was glancing all around White bear's van.

The cameraman was the same. He was swiftly recording every corner of the van.

Ren was currently in the middle of shooting for the show. The staff who has come with Tan Zheng were yawning from time to time, especially because it was really early in the morning.

"Where are we going so early in the morning? Is it some kind of event?"

"No, we are going to the dojo."

At first, Tan Zheng wanted to look at the house of Ren's first. He has heard that Ren was still living with his parents, that was not usual.

So, he thought that he would be able to get some good footage but because it was so early in the morning, Ren didn't wanted to disturb his parents.

That's why, they were now going towards the dojo.

"Dojo? Do you mean a martial arts dojo?"

"Yes, Ren is learning martial arts these days because of some specific matter."

White bear answered him.

Tan Zheng raised his eyebrow when he heard that and a smile slowly crept up on his face. He now wanted to know what that 'specific matter' means.

His intuition as a host and interviewer was telling him that it was something that can increase their ratings.

"Sorry, we can't tell you."

Ren said with a smile. He can't disclose matters regarding Slayers without taking permission from Director Chen Pu and Wheel works production.

Tan Zheng also understood that and after asking for one more time, he didn't force it.

He also knows some of the untold rules of the industry. He still have the whole day left, so he didn't force it.

Just hearing that Ren was going to train in the dojo was enough for him to be happy.

The cameraman besides him whispered to him.

"It looks like we will get some great footage in the dojo. No reality TV show has shown a celebrity learning martial arts."

"Yes, I wish that there would be something like a spar. It will make the viewers excited it. We can also edit it like a martial arts movie."


Both the eyes of the cameraman and Tan Zheng were shining like stars. They can't wait to see the ratings of this episode.

They were sure that it will break all the previous records.

"So, this is the dojo."

"Yes, it's called the Way of the sword. It mainly teaches swordsmanship."

Ren kept replying to the questions of Tan Zheng as he walked inside the dojo.

The cameraman was looking around everywhere, shooting the training of the disciples. He felt that it would become a good opening.

"You are late."

When they reached the training room, they saw Xian Ju who was waiting for Ren with a impatient look on his face.

"Who is he?"

Tan Zheng asked White bear staring at the burly figure of Xian Ju.

"He's Xian Ju, he's sort of Ren's sparring partner."

Tan Zheng's eyes started shining like a snake when he heard that. He was now completely sure that the ratings will break all the records.

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