Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 221

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 221 221. A Celebrity Daily Life 2

Chapter 221. A celebrity daily life (2)

"Can't you tell them to go away?"

Xian Ju asked, pointing at the cameraman who was shooting every corner of the room. He was getting irritated by Tan Zheng and his team.

"They are here for a short while. I already asked the old man, so it's fine."

Xian Ju gnashed his teeth hearing that. He can't go against his master, so he can only cope with it.

Ren smirked when he saw him like that. In the past few days, he has come to understand that Xian Ju's weakness was the old man.

Xian Ju has also changed his perception of Ren.

No matter how harsh the training was, Ren had managed to go through it somehow. He didn't like Ren but he was still rather appreciative of Ren's never giving up attitude.

That's how they had found a common ground.

"So, will they shoot our training?"

"I asked them and they wanted to shoot our daily spar. They told me that they want to see an authentic spar, so we can go on in it like usual."

"You mean I can beat you up like usual."

Ren smiled awkwardly when he heard that but that was also the truth.

Ren had not once managed to beat Xian Ju, he had come to scratch him with his sword but that was it.

Xian Ju was very haughty about it and because of that, Ren really wanted to beat him up for good even if it's just once.

"Anyway, you will also be on the TV, so at least try to act cute or the viewers will be scared by you."

Xian Ju glared at him when he heard that but he ignored that part and asked.

"You mean, I will be on the TV like you celebrities."

"Yes, unless that cut you off in the final edit but the chances of that were rather low."

Xian Ju suddenly thought of something White bear had shown him a few days ago.

During their break period, White bear had shown him the website of the official fan club of Ren. In that, there were many photos of Ren with female fans.

He had asked him if all the celebrities are this popular with women and White bear has nodded his head.

'Isn't that mean that I will be popular with women after the show??'

Thinking like that, Xian Ju became somewhat excited.

* * *

"So, I have heard you have known Xin Ren for a long time?"

Tan Zheng asked White bear who was not surprised by this question.

The reality TV show, A celebrity daily life will often encompass interviews from managers or producers working with the actor.

"Yes, I have. It's been more than 5 years actually."

"That long!! Then, how is it working with Xin Ren?"

White bear thought for a while and didn't give the answer instantly. Instead, he asked.

"Will it come in the program?"

"lt will depend on your answer."

"Then, I will refrain from answering that."

Tan Zheng panicked when he heard that. After that, he assured White bear that it was just small talk.

White bear spoke after he was assured.

"In reality, it's extremely daunting."

"Huh? What do you mean."

He wasn't expecting that answer at all.

Wasn't it a good thing working with a celebrity who was known for his good attitude and work conduct?

"Honestly, just the job of a manager is not something good. It's really stressing and you have to run around all day, going to one place to another."

White bear kept ranting about it and Tan Zheng listened attentively.

"Moreover, you have to bow down to every producer and director. It's good now because Ren is being considered as a first tier actor but it was really worse in the past."

Tan Zheng nodded his head hearing all that. The work of a manager wasn't easy at all.

One has to work 16 hours a day normally and sometimes, you have to sleep in the office. You won't even realise the changing of day and night in that stressing atmosphere.

"Thanks for answering our questions."

Tan Zheng thanked White bear and then, he started talking with the cameraman about how they will shoot the spar between Xian Ju and Ren.

In the end, they decided to shoot from different camera angles.

"We are ready to start shooting. You can go on with it like usual."

Tan Zheng said and the spar between Ren and Xian Ju started.

It was not like the first spar they had, this time, Ren was not a complete beginner. His grip on the sword was tight and his eyes were fierce.

Xian Ju was also giving it all. As he knew that it would come on a reality TV show, he was going to give it his all.

"They have killer expressions on their faces."

"They look like they will kill each other. This scene will surely pump up the users."

The cameraman and Tan Zheng looked excitedly at the scene.


Ren attacked first with a horizontal swing from his sword but Xian Ju just stood on the ground, not moving as he easily blocked it.

Next, he counterattacked but Ren dodged the attack by lowering his waist.

Rather than attacking, his expertise was in dodging. It was because of his quick feets.

"Although it is intense, the difference between the both of them are clearly visible."

"Yes, we have to edit it to make it seem like Xin Ren stood at equal ground but I don't want to edit this scene."

"What do you mean?"

"Rather than making it seem like Xin Ren was on equal terms, it's better to show that he was losing but he didn't give up."

"Yes, viewers will connect more with it."

The cameraman and Tan Zheng kept talking while watching the spar.

"It's the end."

Ren said as he swung at his ankle but with a whooshing sound, Xian Ju blocked his attack and after that, Ren didn't know what happened but he was on the ground.

It was the usual result!!

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