Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 222

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 222 222. Signing The Contract

Chapter 222. Signing the contract

"You should sign it already. No need to look at it for so long."

Director Chen Pu said, waving his hand and urging Ren to sign the contract.

They were currently sitting in CEO Xu's office. In front of Ren, there were three people. One of them was Director Chen Pu, the second person was the another old man, CEO Pan and the last person was obviously CEO Xu.

He was currently looking at the contract given to him. Although there was no need to look much, Ren will never sign a contract without looking at it properly.

"Don't rush him, uncle."

CEO Xu said as she lightly glared at him.

"We are already behind the schedule. It took too much time for you to be convinced."

"Yes, it certainly did took too much time but in the end, at least we got a capable actor to play the antagonist."

Some days ago, CEO Xu had invited Ren to dinner. There, she has asked him if he can play the character of Cao Xu without facing any backlash.

Ren has thought about it for a second before replying that he was confident that he would not get affected by it.

It was the result of the training he did!!

It was not just physical training but he also did meditation and his mental capacity has sort of increased because of this. Ren had found that his focusing ability has increased.

Moreover, his state of mind has become calmer. He has also tried getting into the character of Cao Xu and see if he can come out of it without getting affected.

To his surprise, he was now able to go back and forth between characters but it was not like there was no effect at all.

It was very taxing to switch between different characters, especially if one of the character is like Cao Xu.

For some minutes, he would unable to focus on his mind and he has to be left alone for sometime. Other than that, there was not much problems.

Although there are not many any problems, but Ren was still careful when getting into the character of Cao Xu. He don't when something will go wrong.

But he was at least sure that he can play the character of Cao Xu on the screen. That's why, after the negotiations are done, he was immediately signing the contract.

Director Chen Pu quickly wanted to start the project, it was also the same for Ren. He wanted to go back on the filming sites, interact with other co actors, film scenes together etc.

For him acting was not a job, it was his passion.

He can't be away from it for long.

"Now, you are officially cast as the antagonist, Cao Xu. I hope we will have a good time filming."

"I wish the same."

Both Ren and Director Chen Pu shook hands with each other after the contract was signed.

Despite many struggles, Ren was finally officially cast as the villain in the drama Slayers.

"We will announce the whole cast after we are done with the character photos. We will put the character photos along with the introduction of the characters on SNS websites."

The so called look test will be held two days later. One cannot take it lightly as it would be the place where the massive cast of Slayers will meet with each other.

No one knows what will happen there but there was not much chance of a conflict as everyone knows that Slayers is a really big project with millions of dollars in investment.

Just the cost of the costumes was 100 million dollars. They are made to look authentic and were designed by some top designers in the industry.

To get the look of royal clothes, only the top quality material has been used on them. One can feel the quality of these dresses just by taking a look on them.

"By the way, I heard you will be appearing on the next broadcast of A celebrity daily life, hosted by Tan Zheng."

CEO Pan asked and Ren nodded his head.

Yesterday, he has already finished the shooting of the reality TV show and in the end, Tan Zheng and his team has dinner together with White bear and him.

They have left on happy terms and Tan Zheng has even promised that he will edit it with his utmost care.

Ren was looking forward to the broadcast because of that.

"It will be broadcasted on Sunday from what I know and coincidentally, we are announcing our cast on Monday."

"It will be a good momentum for our drama."

Director Chen Pu said as he laughed.

"Yes, I think we will be off to a good start. Ah, I never thought this project will be able to take place this early."

CEO Pan said as he reminisced about the time when Director Chen Pu has come to him with the screenplay of Slayers in his hand. He was startled by how enthusiastic he was acting.

He was continuously shouting that he has finally completed the screenplay that will make him the number one director in China.

That might, he has not slept and kept reading the screenplay of Slayers. He has to admit that the screenplay was really worth of becoming a nation wide craze.

But it will only happen if they can produce these screenplay on screen. Just the cost of production would be more than five hundred million dollars.

Moreover, the cast would be huge, to gain some hype, they would also have to cast big actors. Their signing fees will also be super high.

For sometime, the project was even on halt and he was thinking about telling Director Chen Pu to just drop it but against all odds, they succeeded in the end.

No, they still hasn't succeded yet, the results haven't come out yet. It was just the start but CEO Pan couldn't help but think that the result would be beyond anyone imagination.

Of course, that didn't apply to Ren.

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