Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 223

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 223 223. First Look 1

Chapter 223. First look (1)

Early in the morning, both Ren and White bear went to the studio no. 5 located near the 3rd ring road.

It was a pretty big studio and most of the staffs were already here. They were setting up the props and handling the expensive costumes, the actors will be wearing for today's look test.

When Ren entered the studio, everyone's eyes were focused on him.

It should be noted that Ren was now considered one of the first tier actors and he has achieved this status in just more than a year.

There was huge interest around him and due to the secrecy of the project before the official announcement, some of the staff don't even know that he's in the drama too.

It was also due to the fact that Ren has signed the contract just two days ago.

Two of the staff members who were carrying the props started whispering seeing Ren.

"I didn't knew Xin Ren is in the drama too. That's a huge news!!"

"Yes, the media will be all over it if it got leaked. I think they will pay a huge sum in exchange of this information."

"What are you saying? We will lose our jobs if we leaked the information."

There are some strict rules among the lower staffs too. They can't randomly blabber their mouth just to anyone or they will lose their job.

The lower staffs also understands it well and no one will disclose any fact to the media.

"I know that but what role do you think he is playing?"

"The male lead, the second male lead or the third.no, the third male lead is below his status. Then, he will be playing either the first or the second male lead."

"But the first male lead is the heavenly king, Hou Qian and the second male lead is Na Wen."

The staff members eyes widened when they reached that conclusion. If their information was true, then the only role left for Ren was the third male lead.

But for Ren's current status, the role of the third male lead was just too low. If he really was playing the third male lead, then he would just be disregarding himself.

The two staff member didn't thought of the possibility of him being the villain, as Ren's most roles have been of a protagonist.

His only villainous role was in Secret spy.

"Hey, you two!! Stop chitchatting and get back to work."

"Ah, yes!!"

After getting scolded by one of the assistant directors, both of them quickly started working, letting out all the thoughts about Ren from their minds.

They value their jobs more than talking about Ren!

* * *

"The hell begins now."

Ren muttered as he looked at the group of females ready to put makeup on him.

In a historical drama, makeup and costume were as necessary as acting. You can't be petty on choosing them.

That's why, CEO Pan has specially chosen the costume and makeup artist from America were called to do the makeup. They have clearly spent a lot in it.

But Ren hated when makeup is being applied to him. That's why, he will only do minimal makeup but this time, he don't know what kind of makeup will be applied to him.

Although he was illegitimate, Cao Xu was still a prince. You can't overlook his appearance which was exquisite and delicate, like god himself have craved him.

That's why, he have to spent hours sitting in one chair while waiting for the makeup artist to finish their work.

"I am going."

White bear said to him as he turned around.

"Where you are going?"

"I want to roam the studio."

White bear left after that. He wasn't able to see the sorry expression of Ren. So, he decided to roam around the studio.

As he was roaming around, he suddenly met one of his acquaintances. It was assistant director Luo.

"Yo, White bear. I am so glad that we are going to work together in this project."

"Me too. We should hold a get together sometime."

"Yes, it's been a long time already. By the way, how's the condition of Ren?"

"He's been putting up his makeup."

In this line, most of the people are acquainted with each other, or at least have heard about each other. The most connected people are obviously the managers.

It was because most of them would go to many get togethers and drinking party.

As they were talking, White bear suddenly recognised two people who were coming out of a room.

One of them was the lead actress of the drama and the other was the second male lead, Na Wen. White bear suddenly thought of the information he has of the two of them.

The lead actress was a first-tier celebrity in China called Tang Lan. By relying on an ancient-style drama to debut, she became an instant hit.

Afterward, she successively starred in a few idol dramas but last year she switched to starring in a bourgeois tragedy with impressive results and even received an award.

This was Director Chen Pu's dream project Slayers heroine, the industry's famous 'Queen of hit dramas.'

As for the second male lead, he was a rich second generation who bought his way to the entertainment industry.

This second male lead has also starred in a few drama series as the male lead before but Na Wen was not able to make a big name for himself yet.

It was because of one reason. If White bear has to summarize him in a sentence, he would say.

'Pretty good acting skills with formal training, it's just that his face didn't have much of a presence, causing him to lose out on a few opportunities.'

"Actually, both of them are from the same agency. I have heard that it was Tang Lan who helped Na Wen get the role."

"Oh!! She seems to be taking care of him as a senior sister."

"That seems to be the case."

Both White bear and Assistant director Luo talked with each other for some time, about the usual gossips going around when suddenly Assistant Director Luo pointed at something and exclaimed.

"Wow!! He's so handsome. Ren has completely changed after the makeup!!"

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