Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 224

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 224 224. First Look 2

Chapter 224. First look (2)

Under the bright and glaring lighting a handsome and elegant young man in a gorgeous white brocade lifts up the curtains, coming from the dressing room.

A white as jade hand was first revealed, showing his lean joints and slender fingers. His movement caused the wide sleeves to slip down his arm, exposing a fair wrist. jade

His eyebrows seemed as if it would bring in the world's most profound and rich scenery, clear and unfeeling phoenix eyes, slender eyebrows like a painting, and thin lips slightly pursed up.

His long inky back hair dangled from behind, appearing even more dazzling against the jade white brocade.

He was obviously surrounded by miscellaneous and messy props but when he stood there it seemed as if he was standing in a great river under the golden glow of the sunset.

Red clouds dyed the sky with afterglows of dusk reflected upon the river, the water and sky becoming one color. And when the cool breeze blew, one could hear the gentle trickling of the water.

This man seemed as if he was someone coming out of a painting, his elegant and refined temperament differentiating him from the people around him.

He placidly touched his eye, it was unknown what the people beside him said to him, but his lips faintly curved up and let out a gentle laugh.

At that moment, it was as if the winter snow had melted and in came a warm spring breeze that caressed one's cheek, making one feel refreshed and at ease.

It was like a prince from the ancient times who really descended upon modern earth.

"This is.Ren!?"

White bear could not help but exclaim in shock and surprise, as a strange unknown feeling crept up to his heart.

He has heard that the makeup artists were from America and they were considered as the master of the craft but he never thought that they would change his appearance so much.

Actually, there was another reason behind Ren's appearance looking this dazzling. First of all, Ren never got the chance to apply much makeup in his earlier movies.

Although he applied makeup before, it was either to look like a middle aged man or to look like an alcoholic singer.

The most makeup he used was during the filming of Heirs where he was playing a rich and cold heir of a big business empire.

That's why, after applying makeup today, Ren was looking like a true prince.

With slow but elegant steps, Ren came close to White bear and laughed slowly when he saw his shocked face.

"How am I looking?"

"Too dazzling!! Almost like a prince. How have you changed so much?"

"I think it's because of makeup."

At that moment, White bear thought that makeup was akin to a sorcery. It can change a person to this extent.

He didn't know that there was another reason behind Ren looking this elegant, it was because he was perfectly imitating the demeanor of a prince.

Cao Xu was a prince in a thorough sense, even while killing people, he would have a calm, cold and princely demeanor.

Ren has been practicing that for a while and he was finally able to capture the essence of it.

"Ren, my god!! You are looking exactly like Cao Xu."

Director Chen Pu came towards him with excited steps, swinging his long beard. The excitement in his eyes clearly showed.

"It's just because of the makeup."

"No, no, it's not just that. I can see that you have practiced hard to look like a prince."

It was easy for Director Chen Pu to look through his elegant style. It was no wonder that he was one of the golden directors in China.

"Director Chen, how am I looking?"

At that moment, the heroine of the drama Slayers, Tang Lan, came towards him. She can't let Ren get away with all the praise.

She was wearing a long elegant dress with red embroidery on it, there was makeup all over her face but it only worked towards enhancing her beauty.

"You are looking like a refined princess. As expected of you, only you can perform this role perfectly."

Tang Lan laughed slowly when she heard that. She then turned towards Ren and he greeted her.

"Hello, Senior."

A short and simple greeting, he didn't try to unnecessarily praise her.

Tang Lan actually liked that kind of behavior. That's why she also greeted him politely.

After sometime, the character photoshoot finally began. Most of the photos of Cao Xu were alone, so Ren has to give various poses.

But because he has experienced countless photoshoots in the last year, Ren was making only a few mistakes.

"Yes, just move to the right and lift up your arm. Yes, just like that!!"


The photographer clicked the photos with a satisfied expression and standing on the side, Director Chen Pu had a stratified smile on his face.

He was now feeling that he's choice was right.

Getting the look is one of the major things in a historical drama and Ren has perfectly executed it.

There was nothing much left in the photoshoot after that. The only thing that should be noted would be his meeting with the heavenly king, Hou Qian.

"I am really glad that you were the one who was selected to play this role."

"Why is that?"

"I think you are the only person who will be able to compete against me, at least that's what Director Chen Pu told me and he is mostly right in these sorts of things."

The heavenly king has left after that.

Ren wasn't able to understand what he was saying, but there was no reason to excessively think about it.

After that, White bear and Ren met with some other co actors and actresses and they left the studio after that.

Their work for the day was finished and as it was still evening, they went to a restaurant after a long time.

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