Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 225

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 225 225. Two Similar Shows 1

Chapter 225. Two similar shows (1)

Many people were excited for the broadcast of A celebrity daily life. It was because it would feature Ren for the first time after A born star.

People were excited to know more about him, just because his previous movie was a smashing hit.

Almost all the people have watched it or at least heard about it. It was actually still running in some of the cinemas in small towns or villages.

People were still frequenting to watch it. That's why, SKB was sure that the ratings of the broadcast would be high.

At least it would be higher than their previous episode.

Tan Zheng and his team has specifically borrowed the media room in order to watch the whole broadcast with his team.

Moreover, they will be looking at the ratings at the same time. Sitting besides was a man with short hair and shaved beard, he looked young but he was actually the producer of this show.

"I wonder what the ratings will be."

"It would surely be higher than the last time. We got some good footage and Xin Ren's popularity is at his peak."

"Haha, you are right."

Both the young producer and Tan Zheng were not worried as the last editing had come out great but there was still a lingering sense of worry in their hearts.

'What if people didn't like it?'

It was a matter of what if but anything can happen, especially in the reality TV show industry.

The success of a show would be determined by the ratings and if one's rating is good, then the show will be running for a long time.

It was also the case with A celebrity daily life.

It was a show that was running for more than a year but because of losing its prime time to another show a month ago, it's rating has gone down.

Although the ratings were still good but both the young producer and Tan Zheng wanted to surpass the current ratings somehow. Their appetite was quite big.

They were expecting good ratings but when the show first started, the current time ratings were not as expected.

"Why is it this low?"

The young producer couldn't help but ask Tan Zheng but he didn't know the answer to this. He shook his head and looked at the broadcast on screen.

"We are here sitting together with Xin Ren himself. It was really hard to get him on the show. What are your thoughts about appearing on our show?"

Tan Zheng looked at the screen for sometime but everything was normal. It was going well but he wasn't able to understand why the ratings were this low.

Suddenly, one of the staff members cried out.

"Damn!! A house date with Meng Meng is featuring a heavenly king!!"


Both the producer and Tan Zheng leapt up from their seats and shouted in loud voices.

They quickly went towards the staff member who was holding the laptop and saw the current broadcast of A house date with Meng Meng.

There was really a heavenly king sitting and talking with Meng Meng. The atmosphere between them was full of smiles and laughs.


Tan Zheng could not help but curse at that.

A house date with Meng Meng was a program from a rival network. The show format was simple.

The host Meng Meng will go to celebrities houses and show the viewers a look of how their houses look and how the celebrities spend their day in their home.

The program was being broadcasted on the same time as theirs and due to Meng Meng being a cute girl, there will be plenty of male viewers who will kick into her show.

Everyone knows that female hosts get more attention than a male one.

It was because of this that Tan Zheng's popularity was decreasing and Meng Meng was making new fans everyday.

The format of A celebrity daily life and A house date with Meng Meng was pretty much alike. It was because of that the competition between the two was fierce.

In the past, A celebrity daily life would always come on top but after they lost their prime time to another show, Meng Meng's show has taken the lead.

Tan Zheng couldn't even sleep properly because of that.

"How did this happen? Why don't we never get the news that a heavenly king would be coming on her show."

The young producer roared with all his might. He was very angry with the negligence of his staff.

Normally, both the shows will keep a look at each other's activity and they will know the celebrities coming on each other shows a week ago.

But this time there was nothing like that!!

The young producer was sure that his staff had slacked off. He was angry because of that. He was even thinking of cutting off their bonuses when one of the staff members said.

"It's actually not our fault. They never released which celebrity is coming on their show. They just kept it as a secret. It was all a well thought out plan from the start."

SKB has announced that Ren will be coming on the show a week ago but the other station hasn't done that.

They were being shrewd from the start!!

"Didn't you feel that something was wrong?"

"We did feel that way but Xin Ren was going to be on our show today. With his current popularity, we didn't think that someone could beat him."

A woman said as she explained.

She was literally saying that they never thought a heavenly king would come on their show.

With Ren's current popularity, only a heavenly king or queen can best him.

Normally, heavenly kings and queens will only go for top rated programs or even international shows. It must be hard for Meng Meng to invite a heavenly king on her show.

"What do we do now?"

The young producer turned towards Tan Zheng and asked but Tan Zheng just shook his head and replied.

"We can only pray now. The best content of the show is yet to come, so there's still hope."

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