Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 226

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 226 226. Two Similar Shows 2

Chapter 226. Two similar shows (2)

"Long Lu, what are you watching? Tomorrow we have our final exam! Quickly start studying!"

In a four-person dormitory room, four girls were sitting in front of a desk, each of them holding a book in their hands.

Yet, one of the girls was sneakily playing on her phone instead of studying. Long Lu was the brave girl who dared to play with her phone in such a critical period right before an exam.

It was not like she didn't fear the exams but for her, there was something more important than exams. It was watching her favorite celebrity, the heavenly king.

Although she was wearing a pair of earphones, she was occasionally talking to herself, which was disturbing the other girls.

The girl sitting behind her reached over and lightly hit her head with a book.

"Ouch!! What are you doing? Can't you see I'm watching something?"

Long Lu cried in protest but the other girl refuted her in a fit of anger.

"Can't you see that we are studying for the test? We can't afford to fail it or there will be a makeup test. The professor was already angry with our previous test results."

"Yes, that old man is really scary."

Another girl said, flipping one of the pages of her text book.

"I don't care about that. Today, my favourite celebrity is being featured in the show 'A house date with Meng Meng'."

"That heavenly king!!"

The other girls became excited when they heard that it was a show featuring a heavenly king.

All people have some little interest in a celebrity that has been titled as one of the heavenly kings of the Chinese entertainment industry.

That's why, the other girls flocked around Long Lu and started watching the broadcast, forgetting that they have exams tomorrow.

On the screen, a man wearing some casual clothes was sitting on a sofa, his demeanor elegant and refined. He was talking to a cute, short girl sitting in front of him.

She was obviously Meng Meng who had a smile on her face as she talked to the heavenly king.

The girls watched with some interest but soon, they felt that the questions being asked to the heavenly king were childish and there was nothing new.

The screen soon changed and the camera showed the viewers a glimpse of the heavenly king's home.

It was magnificent and grandeur like expected. It was like the home of a prince or a king.

"Can you zoom in?"

One of the girls tried to zoom in but she accidentally opened the live comments section.

There were already more than thousands comments on it and several comments will envelope the screen every second. It was too rapid!!

-Wow!! The house is really too big.

-As expected of the house of a heavenly king.

-Is it just me or the show getting boring? For the past thirty minutes, we are only hearing praises of the heavenly king.

-It's not just you. I think the same too.

-You people should not watch it if you think like that. Don't slender Meng Meng.

-We aren't slandering anybody.

"The comment's section is really heated!"

Long Lu exclaimed as she read all the comments. She felt that some people were slandering the heavenly king but it was just because she was his fan.

"Well, I think that the show is getting boring."

One of the girls said while the one who had earlier hit Long Lu with a book chimed in.

"Yes, I watched earlier episodes of it and the show only works because of the host cute expressions."

"The format is something that will get boring for the viewers soon."

The third girl added.

The thoughts of the three girls were practically the same and Long Lu couldn't help but glare at them.

"You three can't see the male god sitting there. Isn't that enough for the show to be running?"

"Only you think like that."

"You are talking like that because he's your favorite celebrity. You should come out of your decision."

"I don't want to keep watching just to hear his praises. Look, the comment section is getting more violent."

One of the girls said as she pointed at the comments appearing on the screen. The other girls focused on the screen.

-I can't watch more.

-I thought it would be exciting since there's a heavenly king appearing but.

-All of you people should go to sleep if you think like that.

-Yes, don't watch the show.

-We are just writing down our thoughts. No need to get aggressive.

-Hey guys!! Change the channels and watch A celebrity daily life!! There's something unexpected going on in that show.

Even though the show was boring, it was still featuring the heavenly king. The number of fans of a heavenly king are a force to reckon with.

The people who were speaking negative about the show were soon kicked out but one of the comments interested the four girls.

"What type of show is A celebrity daily life?"

One of the girls who don't know about the show asked and Long Lu answered her.

"It's a show similar to A house date with Meng Meng."

One of the girls told her about the format of the show and how it was similar to A house date with Meng Meng.

"Aren't the two the same?"

"From what I know, Meng Meng's show is younger. It's the copy probably."

"They have just changed the format a little."

"Yes. Look, many people are recommending ``A celebrity daily life in the comments."

Long Lu pointed to the comments section and the other girls also stared at it.

-Recommending A celebrity daily life!!

-You will miss it if you keep watching this.

-I am going. You all should go too.

-Why are people recommending another show here?

-I'm also thinking about that.

--You should watch A celebrity daily life and you will understand.

"Maybe we should change the channels too?"

"Yes, Long Lu, change the channel to SKB. Let's see what it is all about."


Long Lu changed the channels and the screen changed to out of a dojo.

"Dammit! What's this?"

The four girls couldn't help but exclaim in surprise when they saw the screen.

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