Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 227

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 227 227. Two Similar Shows 3

Chapter 227. Two similar shows (3)

All the four girls were circling around the screen as they watched an unexpected and surprising scene being played on the screen.

The screen showed the scene of a dojo.

Two people were clashing their swords with each other. The swords were of wood, so there was not a feel of a fierce fight in which lives were at stack.

But there was still a feel of nervousness, excitement and anticipation.

Moreover, the scene didn't look like something that was scripted. It looked real.

"Oh my god!! Why is Xin Ren clashing swords with that burly guy?"

One of the girls said as she put her hand on her lips.

"I don't know but he seems to be losing."

"Isn't this just scripted?"

Long Lu asked as she furrowed her brows but her three roommates shook their heads a little and replied.

"I don't think it's scripted."

"If it was scripted, Xin Ren would be winning, not losing."

"Yes and the person he's fighting is probably a master."

All the other three girls stared at the girl who said the last sentence. She was someone who used to learn kendo in high school.

She knows much more than the other three.

Seeing all her roommates staring at her, she sighed and began to explain.

"First of all, the posture of the burly guy is refined and he has probably practiced swords since he was young. It shows when he blocks the attacks."

"What do you mean? I can't see anything to refine from that."

Long Lu stared hard at the screen but she was not able to see anything. The other girl frowned and pointed at the screen with her finger.

"Look closely at the time when the burly guy blocks Xin Ren's attack."

The other girls looked closely and they soon noticed something surprising.

The screen showed Ren trying to attack the burly man on his shoulder but before his sword could even get close to his shoulder, the sword was blocked.

The surprising part was that the burly man was moving his sword even before Ren's attack.

It can only mean one thing. The burly man was guessing where Ren would attack and he was effectively blocking the attacks too.

He was truly a master!!

"But why is the burly man fighting with Ren?"

One of the girls raised this question and the others started to discuss.

"Yes, it's weird."

"Maybe we can find something from the comments section."

Long Lu said and opened up the comments section.

The comments section was jammed with thousands of comments coming in every second. One has to pause it to read the comments.

-I never thought that I would see a mock battle in A celebrity daily life.

-Yes, it's really exciting but why is Xin Ren fighting with that burly guy?

-I don't know that either. I just came here after everyone started recommending this.

-Well, I will tell you about it. Actually, Xin Ren is learning martial arts or I should say swordsmanship and that burly guy is his trainer.

-QUESTION: Why is he learning it?

-It was not revealed but the fight is exciting anyway.

-Yes, oh!! It looks like Ren lost.

"The comments section is really intense."

Long Lu said as she went over all the comments but with the rapid speed of comments, she wasn't able to read all of them.

Instead, she focused on watching the broadcast.

Just some minutes ago, she was happily watching the broadcast featuring her favourite celebrity which was a heavenly king to booth.

But now, she was excitedly watching another broadcast.

It was because A celebrity daily life was more interesting and she soon got engrossed in it. She even forgot about A house date with Meng Meng.

As they were all watching the broadcast, one of the girls took out her phone and logged into the university forums. She soon opened a thread.

[Everyone, quickly tune in to A celebrity daily life. It's really exciting!!]

That was the title of that thread and it soon got many replies. It was because the ID of the girl was already famous in the university forums.

-I'm here studying for exams and someone is watching a reality TV show.

-You would not say that if you are watching the show.

-Is it really interesting?

-Yes, it's featuring Xin Ren and it's getting interesting. I'm watching the show with all of my roommates.

-Wow!! Xin Ren is my favourite celebrity!!

-Mine too!! I can care about exams later. It's time to watch A celebrity daily life.

-I'm watching it too.

Soon, the thread blew out and almost half of the students studying in the university started watching A celebrity daily life.

The girl who has posted this thread was also stunned by the speed of the events but she didn't keep monitoring the comments.

She also wanted to watch the broadcast.

Like that, the four girls completely forgot about the exams and kept watching A celebrity daily life for more than an hour.

"Wow!! It was a nice episode."

"I think I will start to watch it every weekend from now on."

"Yes, it's a good show and I like the host. He's quite handsome."

As the three girls were talking with each other, Long Lu was intensely staring at the screen.

"What happened to you?"

One of the girls asked and Long Lu answered like she was in some great agony.

"I am thinking of following Xin Ren instead of the heavenly king now. What should I do?"

The other girls were surprised when they heard that. They all know Long Lu's passion for the heavenly king.

For one second, they even thought that she was sick or something but when they thought about both of the broadcasts, it made sense.

The heavenly king was elegant, refined and looked like a prince but he seems to be arrogant. Anyone can see that he was just being humble.

Ren was the opposite of him. He may not be as handsome as him but he looked to be hard working and he was even looking manly, fighting against the burly guy.

They all know who she could choose!!

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