Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 228

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 228 228. Winning Against A Heavenly King? 1

Chapter 228. Winning against a heavenly king? (1)

At first, when the ratings of the show was revealed, Tan Zheng and his team had pale faces.

Especially the young producer, he wasn't even sweating with worry. It was like someone had told them that the world is going to be destroyed soon.

It can be understandable. SKB had given them many resources for this broadcast. They have even begged Top star entertainment to get a chance to feature Ren.

And after all that, if the ratings of the show can't even surpass A house date with Meng Meng, then it was all for naught.

'We are screwed!!'

That was their thoughts when the broadcast started but slowly, the tides started to change. The low ratings started to increase. It was like someone was reviving after being declared dead.

Tan Zheng and his team's faces brightened when they saw that as all of them thought.

'Maybe, we can at least get normal ratings.'

They would have a leeway to excuse if they can get at least normal ratings. They can just say that the other party was a heavenly king.

The difference between him and Ren was too large!!

But their thoughts started to change as the broadcast proceeded.

They noticed that current time ratings kept increasing and it was even going to surpass their previous best ratings.

"Why is the rating increasing by this much? There isn't any problem with the system, right?"

The young producer asked one of the staff members but the member shook his head and said.

"No, I already checked it. It's all fine."

"Then, what is the reason behind this exponential growth?"

The young producer didn't want to doubt it but he had no choice but to doubt since the ratings have been increasing without stopping.

"Producer, I just checked and it seems like many people are recommending our show online."

One of the staff members said as she showed the young producer an online forum in which many people were recommending A celebrity daily life.

It was not just one forum or website, the same thing was happening in many websites.

The more surprising thing was that they were denouncing A house date with Meng Meng for being too boring.

A bright smile formed on the young producer's face when he saw all that. His expression was just like someone has told him that the world has been saved.

"Producer, I just watched the broadcast of A house date with Meng Meng and it was really not that great."

"Yes, the two shows can't be compared with each other."

"They were too full of themselves, this time their insides must be churning with frustration."

One by one, all the staff members raised and their voice and the young producer calmed them down with a smile on his face.

"We should not think about them. First, let's monitor the ratings till the end and then, let's go to the party!!"

Everyone cheered when they heard that. At that moment, the mood in the room was filled to the brim with excitement.

"What's up with you? Aren't you happy that the ratings are going up?"

The young producer asked Tan Zheng who was monitoring A house date with Meng Meng on his laptop. From the start, he was just silently staring at his screen.

"No, I am happy but I'm sad about Meng Meng. She must have worked hard to invite a heavenly king on her show but in the end, she is bound to lose."

"Why are you worrying about her? I thought you considered her your rival."

The young producer said as he lightly shook his head.

"Well, yes but that's not the only problem. Think about it, if our program which featured Ren surpassed a program featuring a heavenly king, won't it be a great source of news for the media?"

When Tan Zheng said that, the young producer pondered over it for a while and reached the conclusion that it was indeed correct.

The media was known to intensify news and it would surely be juicy news for the media.

They won't stop until they can squeeze all the juice!!

"What you said was indeed correct but it isn't our problem. We will even benefit from this. So, we should think about the advantages it will bring us."

Tan Zheng laughed when he heard that.

The entertainment industry sure was harsh. Everyone only cared about themselves but Tan Zheng was not any different from other people.

In the end, he also only cared for profits.

"Yes, we should think about the benefits we will get but won't it be a great sight to watch."

"Yes, it will indeed be a sight to watch."

Both the young producer and Tan Zheng had slight smiles on their faces, as they continued to monitor the ratings.

* * *

In a meeting room, several people were having bitter smiles as they glanced at each other.

A young man with an elegant and refined face was sitting in the middle of it. His expression was the darkest out of all of them.

He was the heavenly king that was featured in A house date with Meng Meng, Xiao Yunhai.

"What are the final ratings?"

He asked as he looked around the room but no one answered him. They were all avoiding to answer but when his glare intensified, a woman answered him.

"It was 2.35% for A celebrity daily life and the ratings of A house date with Meng Meng was."

The woman stopped in the middle but she answered when Xiao Yunhai roared.

"Tell me the ratings!!"

"It was 1.93%."

Many people lowered their heads when they heard that. They have just got the ratings from Meng Meng's team and hearing that, they could not help but let out a curse.


Xiao Yunhai was the person who wanted to cuss the most. He can guess the headlines in the media outlets tomorrow.

'The heavenly king, Xiao Yunhai lost against Xin Ren.'


A cuss again leaked out of his mouth.

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