Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 229

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 229 229. Winning Against A Heavenly King? 2

Chapter 229. Winning against a heavenly king? (2)

{The battle between two superstars- Xin Ren defeats a heavenly king?}

{The meteoric rise of Xin Ren- In just a year, he has surpassed one of the heavenly kings. Will China get it's new heavenly king soon?}

{A through analysis of why Xin Ren was able to defeat the heavenly king Xiao Yunhai.}

{Chinese industry's new superstar- Xin Ren. A look at his journey till now.}


Director Kang slammed her fingers on her keyboard as she looked at the news articles and online forums on her computer.

She was frustrated with these columns. Just as she thought that everything was going peaceful, something again happened.

And this time, it was a straight face to face with a heavenly king, one that they didn't even initiate.

The person who can be blamed here would be the media and their fate!!

If the media haven't made this incident a big deal, then everything would be alright.

This matter would pass without anyone noticing anything.

But the interest in Ren was too much currently and there was not much news about him coming for sometime since he was on vacation, at the start of the month.

Now that the media has gotten some worthy news and it even involves a heavenly king level of celebrity, they will definitely won't let it go.

"I can't believe something like this happened and we were informed in the morning."

One of the female employees said as she ruffled her hair in frustration.

"Yes, several hundred articles just poured the internet this morning. I'm sure all the reporters would have spent the whole night writing this article."

Another one added.

"The worst part is that the media is showing it like there was some big battle between Ren and Xiao Yunhai and Ren has come on top."

Director Kang sighed when she heard all that. She looked around the PR Team office and asked.

"What is the response of Hongdae entertainment?"

The heavenly king, Xiao Yunhai was actually assigned with one of the giants of the entertainment industry, Hongdae entertainment.

It was good that the relationship between Top star entertainment and Hongdae entertainment wasn't bad.

They would be able to pass this calamity because of that or at least that's what they hope for.

"They are the same as us. They are also trying to stop this news from spreading any further. It looks like they also don't want any trouble, especially since their sides will take more losses."

Director Kang took a sigh of relief when she heard that but the employee wasn't finished. She continued.

"But there's something else."

"What's that?"

Director Kang furrowed her eyebrows and held a frown inside her as she asked.

"I asked one of my friends who works in Hongdae entertainment. She said that there were rumours about how Xiao Yunhai made a scene because he was frustrated with the news."

"Well, he is known for having a short temper and he has a huge ego too. His ego must be hurt by this."

Another employee added and Director Kang let out the frown she was holding.

She rubbed her forehead and asked.

"Is there something else?"

"Yes, there's something much worse going on."

"What is it?"

The situation was already dire and they can't afford to let it grow. Director Kang wondered what could be worse than this.

"The fans of Ren and Xiao Yunhai are fighting online and it just keeps getting bigger. Many people are spectating the fight too."

The female employee showed Director Kang a blog in which both the fans groups of Ren and Xiao Yunhai were fighting with each other.

Curse words were thrown by both of the sides and it was getting ugly.

If the fight wasn't stopped, then both the celebrities will take a hit. The situation was more critical because the announcement of Slayers will also be done shortly.

They don't want it to get affected by this fight.

"Send out some press releases and release an official announcement on the fan group of Ren. Contact Hongdae entertainment and ask them to do the same."

This was the only thing Director Kang can do in this situation. She can only try to pacify the situation and can hope that it will soon die down.

"By the way, where's Ren?"

"I saw him in the office earlier but he left soon as he wanted to revise the screenplay once again. The shooting for Slayers is going to start soon."

"Then, that's good. I don't want him to get affected by this matter. I just hope that Xiao Yunhai doesn't take a grudge against Ren just because of this."

Director Kang muttered that last sentence with a long sigh.

* * *

Chairman's office, Hongdae entertainment

Xiao Yunhai was currently sitting in front of an old man with a skinny figure. The old was obviously the chairman of Hongdae entertainment, Chairman Jing.

"So, what will be the stance of the agency on this matter?"

Xiao Yunhai asked as he leaned against the chair. He was chewing a bubble gum in his mouth as he stared at Chairman Jing.

He was showing an arrogant attitude but he also has the backing and the authority to act like this.

There are only seven celebrities on the level of heavenly kings who are queens in China and he was one of them. Just that much was enough for him to be arrogant.

"We are trying to pacify the media and suppress the circulation of the news. The situation is not very favourable to you anyway."

Chairman Jing answered as he cupped his hands.

"I know that much. So, what is Top star entertainment doing?"

"We got some calls from them and we were able to reach an agreement. We both want that same thing."

"I thought they would want to use this situation."

Chairman Jing laughed when he heard that.

"They are not idiots and Xin Ren isn't a small celebrity. He has quite a lot of potential and we all know about his rapid growth."

"So, you mean he can be the next heavenly king."

Xiao Yunhai asked with a smirk on his handsome face, which looked to be devilish.

"I don't mean that but he has the potential to become one. Anyway, we should choose better reality TV shows from now on. We now know that just your status as a heavenly king isn't enough to ensure a show's popularity."

"I don't like the way you put that but whatever."

Xiao Yunhai shrugged as he thought that he should stop going to reality TV shows for a while.

Even the reason he went on to A house date with Meng Meng was because she was willing to go to 'any' lengths to invite him.

It was not like give and take was uncommon in this industry and Xiao Yunhai won't back away when the meal is coming to him and not the other way.

The talk was mostly finished and Xiao Yunhai was going to leave the office when Chairman Jing's voice suddenly stopped him in his tracks.

"Don't take a grudge against Xin Ren just because of this. We all know that this time our luck was bad."

"I won't harm him this time."

Xiao Yunhai knows best that Ren hasn't gone against him deliberately and even if he retaliated, he would probably be mocked by the media.

The higher you climb, the more people would want to push you to the ground!!

Xiao Yunhai knows that well. That's why he won't do anything against Ren, especially because Ren hasn't made any major mistakes that he could attack on.

He can try to find more about him but it would just be a waste of his important time.

But it was also not like he would be silent after getting humiliated by a newbie who has just stepped into this minefield called the entertainment industry.

He has taken all the right steps until now, dodging all the mines on the field but Xiao Yunhai would like to see if he can dodge all the mines in the future too.

'The future would be interesting!!'

He thought as he started walking towards the exit but he suddenly stopped and turned around.

"The next time, I will not let him off this easily."

Xiao Yunhai showed a vicious smirk in the end as he left the office.

'The future looks thorny.'

Chairman Jing thought as he pondered on whose future would be more thorny.

Xin Ren or Xiao Yunhai?

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