Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 230

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 230 230. First Day Of Shoot 1

Chapter 230. First day of shoot (1)

"I can't believe they didn't edit me out completely."

White bear groaned in frustration and anger as he stomped his feet but he kept focusing on driving the van.

It was currently the start of December, one will feel chills just by going outside the house and in this freezing morning, Ren and White bear were going towards the filming set of the drama Slayers.

"It's not like you said anything wrong and people are actually liking what you said online."

The reason White bear wasn't in a good mood was because despite saying that he will edit it out, Tan Zheng had put some parts of the interview he gave in the final edit.

White bear didn't like that at all.

"But because of that, I am getting more popular. I even saw some articles about what I said."

"You were already well known among the fans after Movie making. It's not a bad thing to get some more popularity."

"It's another thing to be known among your fans and to be known among the general public."

Ren laughed slightly when he saw White bear throwing a tantrum like this. It was a rare occurrence, so it was cute to see him act like that.

As for the articles about White bear, there were some but they have been buried because of a bigger incident.

It was an incident which was really unexpected for Ren.

Earlier, Director Kang had called him and informed him all about this incident.

Truthfully, Ren was completely oblivious to this incident. He didn't even know about it until he was informed by Director Kang.

He has thoughts of stopping all of this, as a long fight was occurring between his fans and the fans of Xiao Yunhai, but a wrong move can even intensify the fight.

That's why, Director Kang had told him to stay silent about this and the PR Team had already sent out press releases about the matter.

"What do you think about the incident? Do you think Xiao Yunhai will retaliate?"

"I don't know about him but I am sure that Hongdae entertainment don't have any intentions to fight back or they would not have sent press releases."

"So, you are saying that Xiao Yunhai will be against you?"

Ren just smiled and didn't answer that question. He looked outside at the passing buildings as he gathered his information about Xiao Yunhai.

On the surface, he looked like a gentle, elegant princely type of character but Ren can see that it was just a facade of him.

In the entertainment industry, almost all the stars would have a facade to hide their real personalities. It was done for just one reason.

People think of the celebrities as perfect!!

That's why entertainment agencies will make celebrities act in front of the camera. They can be asked to act gentle and innocent, the ice cold type or even eccentric.

It depends on what the agency wants the celebrity to look like in front of the public.

'Maybe I'm also acting like I'm perfect.?'

Ren thought in his head but he quickly reverted his thoughts back to Xiao Yunhai.

From what he knew about him, he debuted as a singer but after getting famous, his transmission to the acting industry was fast.

He was also successful there with back to back hit idol dramas.

His true potential was then shown in a mystery thriller movie that came out three years ago.

After that, Xiao Yunhai has managed to gain popularity all over Asia and he has ascended the status of heavenly king just last year, making him the seventh heavenly king level celebrity in China.

'He has managed to keep his status as a heavenly king for the next five years but....'

From what Ren remembered, Xiao Yunhai was in a lawsuit against his own agency.

It has created a huge controversy as his name had come in some serious scandals and he was even charged for s.e.x.u.a.l harassment.

It was a pity but Ren knows just that.

'I don't think he will attack me but he won't stay silent either.'

That was Ren's idea about him and it was mostly true too.

A year ago, he wouldn't have even thought about going against a heavenly king but time and his situation has changed.

He was now a first tier actor and he was quickly getting more popular.

If Xiao Yunhai didn't do anything to him, then he would not against him but if he did anything, then Ren won't hesitate to fight back.

* * *


Director Chen Pu shouted as he looked at the second male lead, Na Wen who was stopped abruptly during his scene.

"What are you doing? You are getting dominated by a supporting actor. Bring some more expressions and body presence on the screen."

He may look like a jovial director at a glance but he was pretty strict when it comes to his projects, especially when the topic is about acting.

He will only choose the best actors for his characters but if the actors will not perform to his expectations, then he will quickly lose his temper.

There was another thing.

He would also not move to another scene until he is sure that the actor was giving it his all and it is sufficient for the scene.

In front of his fiery temper, Na Wen can only lower his head and apologies.

"Director Chen, I will give it my best in the next take."

"Okay, let's do another take."

The staff started preparing for another take. Amidst this, two people were talking on the sidelines.

"Director Chen is the same. His temper had not changed with his age."

"Yes, but his will to make the actors perform the best increases the quality of the project. I'm sure Na Wen will learn many things from him, albeit the hard way."

These two were respectively the female lead of the drama, Tang Lan and the heavenly king, Hou Qian.

They have already done their makeup and were now chit chatting with each other. Their talk was mostly about the entertainment news and other stuff.

"Yes, he's particularly hard on young actors. He would always say that young actors will slack off on their acting the most."

"Then, someone had to be careful of him."

When these two are talking, then anyone will think twice before approaching them but there was indeed someone who dared to approach them.

"Are you talking about Ren?"

"Oh, Xinru, you are here. Yes, I think that Tang Lan is indeed talking about Ren."

Hou Qian replied as he looked at the young lady who approached them.

The young lady was pretty but she had an innocent charm to her, she still hadn't changed into the costume and was in a short skirt which was revealing her long slender legs.

She was actually Li Xinru, the lead actress of Secret spy and someone Ren had not met much in the last year.

"I don't think that he would have any problems, especially when it comes to acting."

She said as she sat down in front of Tang Lan.

"Then, we will know about it soon."

As Hou Qian was thinking how he can change the topic, one of the staff members shouted.

"Xin Ren is here!!"

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