Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 237

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 237 237. A Talk Between Actors 2

Chapter 237. A talk between actors (2)

Everything was going smoothly for Ren. The shooting for Slayers was going well and he had already gotten acquainted with most of the cast.

He would reach the set in the morning with White bear and leave in the evening.

It was really exhausting to shoot everyday, especially because of the huge scale of the drama but Ren was already starting to get used to it.

He was able to learn various things from the other actors and Director Chen Pu.

He felt that his acting ability was growing because of that.

As there were many actors from different age groups in the cast of Slayers, Ren was able to take advice from different age groups.

"This scene is important and I want you to show the elegance of a prince and the ferociousness of a killer simultaneously at the same time."

Director Chen Pu was explaining the scene to Ren and he was constantly nodding his head.

The scene was of the time when Cao Xu would go to recruit one of the military advisers. It would be the scene where he would show his potential for the first time.

It was because the military advisor was known for not joining any side in the battle of the throne.

When Cao Xu would be able to successfully recruit him, there would be a lot of commotion among the princes and their followers.

Even the emperor would be surprised by it.

It may seem easy but recruiting the military advisor was not easy at all. He was said to be aloof, rarely meeting anyone at all.

To recruit him, one must first defeat him in a game of chess. Otherwise, there was no way he would join any side and would remain neutral.

"I will do my best."

Ren said as he assured Director Chen Pu.

Director Chen Pu knows that Ren was someone who would give it his all in every scene. Very rarely will he ever give a NG.

That's why, Director Chen Pu has a high level of trust on Ren.

As it was close to lunch break, most of the cast was hungry. There was nothing better to do, so they were observing the scenes of other actors.

The whole cast was working nonstop from the morning. It was obvious that they would get hungry.

Ren's scene was the last one before the lunch break.

Most of the cast wanted Ren to give a perfect take, so that they can go and eat. If he prolonged the scene, then they would just become more hungry.

Director Chen Pu was also not a director who would move on from a scene without making the actor give it his all for the scene.

There are many times when young and inexperienced actors would be scolded by him.

As Ren was talking about his scenes with Director Chen Pu, two people were talking from the side.

"What do you think? Will he give a perfect take again?"

Na Wen asked as he turned around to look at Tang Lan, who was busy on her phone.

"I don't know but it would be OK again, especially when he had not made any mistakes till now. I'm hungry anyway, so it's better for me this way."

Tang Lan moved her head to the left to look at Na Wen.

As she was the female lead, no one would say anything even if she ate before them but it would be disrespectful to the other actors.

Especially when there's a heavenly king on the set.

"Yes, he will probably give a perfect take again."

Na Wen said with a bit of frowning.

He knew that Ren was a good actor, probably better than him. He has already accepted the fact but he can't help but feel jealous of him.

That's why, inside his heart, he was wishing for him to give a NG.

* * *

It was the scene of a courtyard. Two people were sitting facing each other.

They were Cao Xu and the military advisor who was known to be a master of chess.

"Why have you called me here? I'm a pretty busy person."

"I know that but today, I suddenly got an itch to play a game of chess. I wonder if the teacher is free to have a game of chess with me."

The military adviser's eyes shined when he heard that.

The illegitimate prince wants to have a game of chess with him. There was no way that the military adviser would not know of the hidden meaning behind it.

"I would decide after tasting the tea."

"As you wish."

As Cao Xu started brewing the tea, the military adviser was in his own thoughts.

He was sure that Cao Xu had a card up his sleeves or he would not have called him here but the military adviser thought that it was interesting.

Maybe he can see the hidden side of the illegitimate prince today.

Thinking of that, a smile appeared on his face but he was still not sure if Cao Xu really had a hidden side or not but his thoughts changed soon, when he saw Cao Xu pouring tea.

The moment his line of sight saw the other's impressive stillness, the military adviser involuntarily stared at the hand comparable to a jade sculpture, only watching Rong Xu gently pouring tea.

His action of pouring tea was very steady, a clear viridescent-colored tea flowed out from the spout of the emerald jade teapot, drawing a beautiful arc in the air.

His handsome mien that was like an immortal caused people to not dare to have any offensive thoughts and could only look on at this refined and unhurried young man gently smiling as he steeps the tea.

A faint intangible aura coming from Cao Xu's person spread out, causing the military adviser to rethink about him.

It was as if the military adviser was looking at a deeply hidden and dignified hermit of the immortal realm rather than a young boy.

To describe it as perfect was not at all an exaggeration!

"So, will the teacher be up for a game of chess?"

The military adviser nodded his head after sipping on the tea. Cao Xu was really not like what everyone has thought. He was much more than that.

The military adviser was now anticipating if Cao Xu will be able to defeat him or not.

Soon, the game of chess started and the military adviser was defeated. It was inevitable as Cao Xu had already readied himself for this.

"I will join you!!"

The scene ended with the military advisor bowing his head to him.


With that sound, the scene truly ended and everyone in the set beamed a smile as they would be able to finally eat the lunch.

Only one person has a frowning expression on his face.

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