Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 240

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 240 240. Golden Dragon Movie Awards 1

Chapter 240. Golden dragon movie awards (1)

"How did you get here?"

That was the first question in his mind when he saw Xiao Rin entering the training room. 

"I called White bear up for your location and he said that you were here. We were not able to meet for sometime due to the shooting schedules, so I came here."

Xiao Rin as she stared at Ren but there was some nervousness in her eyes.

She wondered if Ren was angry because she had come here without any prior notice.

If it was in the past, she would have not thought of these things but after tasting the sour taste of the entertainment industry and getting some experience, Xiao Rin has grown to be mature.

She was still 17 years old but Ren was able to see the image of her future self on her.

Him interfering with her had brought many changes in the attitude of Xiao Rin.

One of the changes was that she had gradually become more friendly, not only with Ren but with other people too.

She was truly trying to change her attitude for Ren!

"It's fine but why do you have those bandages on your hands?"

"Ah, that, I fell off the stairs."

Xiao Rin said as he tried to hide away her hands but Ren was not naive to believe those words.

First of all, it was really rare to get bruises and cuts on your hands after falling off from stairs.

If Xiao Rin had really fallen from the stairs, then, she would have gotten an injury on her face or legs, not her fingers.

It was easy to gauge that Xiao Rin was telling a lie.

'Should I reprimand her for lying?'

Ren thought inside his heart but he didn't reprimand her after thinking about it. 

He glanced at the box of cookies in her hand and came to a conclusion that she must have gotten those cuts because of cooking.

'Ah, I should have thought of a better lie before coming here!!'

On the other hand, Xiao Rin was scolding herself inside her heart. 

She was so excited to meet Ren that she didn't even think of making a lie. It was not the first time that she had done something like that is excitement. 

At first, she had decided on making some sandwiches herself but she found out that she had never used a knife before but she refused to give up so early.

She tried to use a knife but she only got blood and pain as a result.

In the end, she had to give up on sandwiches but she decided to bake some cookies instead.

It was good that her co actor from her new drama «School days», Mo Yi knew how to cook. She asked her to teach her cooking.

Mo Yi readily agreed to her request.

After some days, Xiao Rin was finally able to bake some cookies for Ren.

As Ren was earlier busy with his shooting, she wasn't able to meet him and gave him the cookies.

When she heard that Ren was getting a break from his shooting, she hurriedly went to meet him, forgetting about everything else.

"Brother Ren, please tell me how the cookies are?"

Xiao Rin said, urging Ren to taste a cookie but, as he was about to taste a cookie, someone shouted from the side.

"Ahh, Xiao Rin!! She's in front of my eyes!!"

'What's up with him?'

Ren thought inside his heart.

For a while, he had completely forgotten about the existence of Xian Ju because of the sudden arrival of Xiao Rin.

"Why are you shouting like you have seen a ghost?"

Ren asked but Xian Ju didn't reply to him.

Instead, he turned around and faced Xiao Rin. He slightly bowed his head as he put his hand forward like he was asking for a handshake. 

"I'm a big fan of yours. Please can you shake hands with me."

It was a completely unexpected scene.

'I thought he wasn't interested in celebrities.'

From what Ren knows, Xian Ju was not much interested in celebrities. The only thing in his mind was his sword and his training.

So, it was really weird that Xian Ju was a fan of Xiao Rin.

"Ah, sure."

Xiao Rin also didn't refuse. It was just a handshake.

She had grown accustomed to giving the so-called fan service to the fans. She will always give some light hugs and handshakes to her fans.

"I didn't know you were a fan of her."

Ren asked Xian Ju who has a satisfied smile on his face after getting the handshake from Xiao Rin.

"I once watched «The stars above» and I became a fan of her after that. Her portrayal of the little sister was really great. I became a instant fan after that."

Xian Ju didn't have any little sisters but he used to take care of a little girl in his neighbourhood. She was just like his real little sister.

Xiao Rin makes him remember that girl.

"You know, I was also in that drama."

"You were? I didn't notice you."

Xian Ju said as he made a smirk. He was obviously trying to taunt Ren. 

Ren was the main lead in the drama. There was no way that he would not notice him but Ren didn't continue talking to him.

He turned to look at Xiao Rin and took the cookie from the box. He held it and chewed it, as he savoured the taste of the crunchy cookies.

'It's good.'

It was somewhat overbaked but the texture was nice and the result was really good for someone's first time.

"How is it?"

"It's good. Really good. You have talent in cooking."

A smile naturally bloomed on Xiao Rin's face when she heard that. She felt like dancing but she was able to control herself, albeit barely.

Ren took out some more cookies from the box and ate them. He had just started to feel hungry, so the cookies were a nice snack for him.

Maybe because of his hunger, the cookies were more delicious to Ren.

As Xiao Rin stood there with the box in her hand, she suddenly noticed someone's gaze.

It was the gaze of Xian Ju who was staring at Ren and the cookie in his hand.

'It would be a bit disrespectful to not give him any.'

Xiao Rin thought as she stooped over to him and held out the box of cookies, as she said.

"Please have them."

At that moment, Xian Ju suddenly thought about the time when the little girl he used to take care of, had baked him some cookies.

It's already been years since he had met her, and she had already gotten married but there were still some memories of her inside his mind.

Xiao Rin was just like that little girl to him.

That's why, Xian Ju hurriedly took a cookie in his hand and ate it whole. 

"How are they?"

"They are really good, really delicious."

"Thank you."

"You don't have to thank me."

Xiao Rin slowly nodded her head and went besides Ren. Xian Ju was still chewing on the cookies.

He wanted to eat more of the cookies, so he looked at Xiao Rin, wanting to ask more but his words stopped when he saw Xiao Rin happily talking with Ren.

There was a sweet smile on her face. A smile a girl will only show when she's in love.

Xian Ju was not that much of a bloke in his mind, so he was quick to understand what was going on. He can also see that Ren was not noticing her feelings at all.

That angered Xian Ju but he didn't do anything.

He just decided to give Ren a warning in the end.

"I will let today's matter go but if you ever hurt her or even tried to hurt her, then I will fight you, not with a practice sword but with a real one."

At that time, that warning seems really weird to Ren.

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