Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Chapter 10. A good manager

Chapter 10. A good manager

As Jiang Wan entered his car, he debated on the ways he could convince the CEO.

He knew it was risky but he was willing to take the risk if he could recruit Ren.

Like every manager, whenever he saw a new and upcoming actor, his eyes would brighten just like a toy-loving child that won't let go after seeing a new and expensive toy.

Even if the child already had a toy in their hand, they'd always want another.

Jiang Wan also wanted another toy.

That toy would be so cool that other kids would also want that toy, and that would drive those other kids crazy with jealousy.

The kids wouldn't be able to help but ask their mothers to buy that toy.

Jiang Wan thought that working at a celebrity agency was like a battleground where one had to maintain his calm and work efficiently. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

It might seem slow and frustrating, but once he latched onto something he wouldn't let go.

He was only able to become the manager of a upcoming star like Chu Min by maintaining his patience and playing his moves right.

He wanted to make him one of the top actors in China. It was just like planting a tree and maintaining his foundation.

The reason he had chosen a spy thriller was also because he wanted Chu Min to act under a experienced director.

He felt that it would improve his acting ability and he would be able to do his roles better.

Who was Director Zhu?

He was one of the most experienced director in China and someone who had given many iconic movies.

He may have not done well commercially but he was loved by the critics because of his ability and direction.

Jiang Wan wanted to show Chu Min as a versatile actor, that's why he had chosen a project like Secret spy.

In the last few years, all the thrillers and spy movies had flopped badly on the box office because of their predictable storylines and bad acting.

The company was hesitant to choose this project as they feared that it would flop but Jiang Wan wanted to choose this project.

Chu Min was also offered another film which was a romantic comedy but Jiang Wan had chosen the spy thriller instead of a rom-com.

He had furiously pushed for this project and Jiang Wan had even cancelled his other schedules just to take care of Chu Min.

But who would had known that he would see a precious toy on the set.

It was a toy which he had found ordinary at first but today, he realised that it was a toy engraved with gems.

He didn't wanted to lose this opportunity to recruit him. Even if he got fired, he wanted to recruit Ren to their agency.

He didn't wanted to give this precious toy to RG entertainment.

With those thoughts, Jiang Wan drove towards his agency.

* * *

"He's a good manager."

Chu Min as he thought of Jiang Wan. He knew that he was a good manager.

But he was on Ren's side more than he was on Jiang Wan's side.

He hoped for Ren to get into a good agency with good job conditions. Therefore he'd be able to good benefits and learn many things from good actors. He wanted him to succeed.

He didn't wanted him to lose the chance to enter one of the top three entertainment agencies. He knew he will get more chances if he got into RG entertainment.

Chu Min glanced at Ren. Ren was currently doing his fighting scenes and he looked way more focused than he was in the past.

Chu Min thought about the time he meet Ren for the first time. At that time, his career was on the verge of collapse.

He was thinking of giving up on his acting. He had no money, no connections and his agency had just closed down.

He was broke back then and he was living on the streets. At that time, he had just met Ren.

Chu Min treated him as an ordinary junior at first as they used to work together in the theatre.

But one time when Chu Min was heavily drunk, it was Ren who had taken care of him.

He had took him to his home and listened to his grievances all night. The next day, his mother had even made Chu Min breakfast.

Chu Min had remembered his mother when he was eating that breakfast. His parents were in the countryside, so he couldn't meet then often.

After the breakfast, when Chu Min was leaving Ren's house, Ren had stopped him and gave him all the money he had.

That was the money he had collected after working in the theatre.

Chu Min had refused to take it but Ren was stubborn to the end. He still remembered his words till now.

'Brother Chu, I heard that you have some money problems. You have helped me quite a lot till now, I am just repaying it. I know you are living alone, if you feel lonely, you could come to my house to eat.'

In the end, Chu Min had left with tears in his eyes. He really wanted to repay his favour till now.

After that day, he had started treating Ren as his brother and they had became great friends.

Even after he had gotten famous, he had continued to meet him occasionally.

Chu Min had wanted to help him, so he had made use of his connections and got him a role.

He had wanted to help him to improve his acting but today when he saw his acting, he was stunned.

It was not Xin Ren who was doing the scene with him, it was Jay, a crazy guy.

Chu Min had felt that Ren's acting had improved a ton. It was even better than his acting.

Although he was happy that Ren's acting had improved, he was also confused as how did it happen so suddenly.

'Maybe something had happened in his life.'

It was very feasible to think that a major event had happened in his life.

Your experiences in life can easily change your acting.

Chu Min thought like that but he was sure that it was not something bad as there was no sadness on his face and he was looking far more composed than before.

Chu Min approached Ren after his scene had ended.

Ren was sitting on a box. He was filled with sweat as he had just finished his fighting scene.

"Ren, you're so cool. Aigoo. Look at that sweat!"

White Bear handed Ren a towel.

"Why didn't you use a stunt double? Why are you making this difficult for yourself?"

Ren couldn't answer him as he was gasping for breath. So he just sat on a box and wiped off his sweat.

Ren knew the techniques but his body was not able to keep up with it. He had to practice to make his body tough.

White Bear somehow got a big towel and started flapping it too cool Ren down.

"It is nice working with you again."

Chu Min said as he sat down besides Ren.

"Yeah, it was nice, like the time we used to do theatre."

Chu Min nodded as he said.

"You were so terrible at acting first. You really have improved fast."

"It was all because of you, Brother Chu."

As Chu Min was going to answer him, someone interrupted them.

"Can I talk to you for a bit?"

It was Zhang Yufeng, the manager from RG entertainment who had talked about recruiting Ren before.

'It is getting interesting.'

Chu Min thought as he glanced around, looking for Jiang Wan but he didn't see him.

Jiang Wan had not reached the set yet and Chu Min also didn't had any intentions to distract Ren and Manager Zhang.

Chu Min wanted his friend to choose a better agency. He was leaving it to Ren and fate to decide which agency he wanted to enter.

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