Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Chapter 12. First step

Chapter 12. First step

While sitting in White bear's van, Ren was fiddling with the business cards he received today.

There were the business cards of Jiang Wan, Zhang Yufeng, Director Zhu and Assistant Director Ming.

Although he had received the business cards of Zhang Yufeng and Jiang Wan because they were interested in him but he didn't expect to receive a card from Director Zhu and Assistant Director Ming.

Receiving a business card from a director was not easy, it meant that the director is appreciating your acting and wants to work with you.

Even among the directors, Director Zhu was said to be picky, so Ren receiving his number was a big thing but Ren was more happy that he had received the number of Assistant Director Ming.

Although he's just a assistant now, Ren knew that he will become a big director in the future.

It was something that only Ren knew. Assistant Director Ming would start his directing career by directing a romance movie and it will be a huge hit.

For that, he even received the best debut director award in several award functions. He was very hot after that.

Even until Ren's death, he continued to be a director giving several remarkable films in his career.

'It would be great if he thought positively about me.'

Ren thought as he glanced outside the window. If he really got on the good side of Assistant Director Ming, then he would have chances to play several roles in his movies.

That would be a godsend for his career.

"Ren, are you thinking of which agency to join?"

White bear suddenly said that as he saw Ren lost in thought.

"Huh, no, I will think about it later. I can't make the decision hastily. I don't want to end up like our old agency"

"Do you really think that would happen. You have two agencies trying to recruit you, one is a top agency in the country and the second is also a mid sized agency which have potential for growth."

"Yeah, it will like a dream if I got into either of them."

"It will be more than a dream, all aspiring stars wanted to be recruited by those famous agencies but only a handful of them can get into one."

White bear said with a laugh. He was happy that someone he worked with is getting poached by those famous agencies.

"What about you? What will you do from now on?"

Ren asked a question he was curious to ask. He wanted to work with White bear but he didn't knew his thoughts.

"Me? I am thinking of quitting this job."


Ren was confused by that answer. He didn't expect White bear to say that he was going to quit this job.

He looked at his face and White bear face was as serious as it can get. Ren was able to see some unwillingness and frustration on it.

"Why do you want to suddenly quit this job? You loved this work, right."

"Loving this work doesn't mean that I can continue in this industry. Truthfully, I didn't know what to do. I was fired from my job just yesterday and thinking about how the celebrities had bad personalities."

White bear glanced at Ren before continuing.

"Then, I spent a day with you. You are not like those celebrities and I have a feeling that you will also not change, at least to your friends. You didn't treat as a manager but as a friend and it is enjoyable to work with you but..."

White bear took a deep breath before he continued his words.

"You will be go higher and higher from now on. I was sure of that when I saw your acting. Even a manager from RG entertainment wants you. You can't stay with me forever nor we can continue to work with each other. I am just a fired manager while you..."

"Stop there! Don't say anything."

Before White bear can finish his sentence, Ren interrupted him. He didn't wanted to hear more of this bullshit.

Listening to White bear, Ren realised this pent up feelings and the inferiority complex he's going through.

His first agency got bankrupted and the second company fired him, it will be weird if he didn't feel inferior.

Ren was able to relate with that as he had always considered himself inferior in his past left. That's why he didn't wanted to hear more of this.

Ren sighed and glanced at White bear and said.

"Do you really think that I wanted to work with anyone other than you?"

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White bear let out a surprised voice when he heard that but Ren continued without stopping.

"We have been working together for a long time and I had enjoyed working with you. Not only I enjoyed it, I don't think that I can work with, no I didn't wanted to work with anyone other than you."

After taking a breath, Ren continued.

"No matter how high I reached, I would feel lonely if I didn't have a silly and smiling bear like looking fellow with me."

White bear eyes were moist when he heard that. If he was not driving the car, then he would have surely hugged Ren and cry while feeling grateful to him.

For a manager, the most happiest thing is when the actor he had been assigned to, completely trust in him.

"I, I don't know what to say."

White bear was somewhat shuttering while saying those words. He was still filled with countless emotions.

"Don't say anything. I will call you when I will be informed of the next shoot."

"Yeah, you can call me anytime."

"Take care of yourself more and try to find yourself a girlfriend or you will be single forever."

"Hehe, which girl would like a waking talking airbag and isn't it you who should find a girlfriend. I still remember your mother asking me if you have a girlfriend or not."

"I am still too young for that."


With laughter and smiles, Ren soon reached his house. White bear also left with a face full of smiles.

'It's still the same.'

Ren thought as he glanced at his house. He was happy to see his old house as they had to sold this house for his mother's operation.

He once again thought that it was a blessing for him that he had regressed.

Entering the house, the first thing he saw was his mother cooking in the kitchen.

He smiled seeing this. He had missed this scene in the future when his mother had died.

"Ren, you are back."

Noticing him, his mother turned back and said with a smile.

"Yeah, I am back."

"You are looking like you had come home after playing in mud. Was the shooting hard?"

Ren glanced at his clothes when he heard that. Indeed, his clothes were dirty because during the fighting sequences, there were many times when he had fell on the ground trying a move.

Fighting scenes are not easy and there were many times that someone can get hurt. Ren was lucky that he only had his clothes dirty.

"I got my clothes dirty because of a scene I was doing. The shooting was not hard and the director even praised me."

"Really, then let's go to the screening when it is premiered. Your father will surely feel proud watching you on the screen."


Ren smiled bitterly when he thought about his father. It was not like he did not get along with his father, it was just that his father didn't wanted him to venture into the film industry.

He thought that Ren will not get anywhere if he keep pursuing the path of an actor. He wanted him to get a job and get settled.

'This time, I will prove that my decision was right.'

Ren thought as he got into his room to change his clothes. He had many things to do from now on and it was just his first step.

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