Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Chapter 121. Encounter

Chapter 121. Encounter

After the talk with CEO Xu, Ren left her office and headed towards the Acting department, Jiang Wan has messaged him to come there.

Throughout his way, he was thinking of whether he should go with the project or not.

It was a request from the CEO, if he rejected it, there can be remunerations.

But he really don't wanted to choose that project. It was a great trouble for him.

'Maybe I should choose Vagabond as my next movie!'

That thought occurred in his mind!

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He was without any projects after Heirs, it would be better to choose Vagabond as his next project, as he knows that it will be a hit.

But choosing it also means that he would be working in a movie, he didn't liked the story off.

Ren held his head when he thought about that.

At that moment, he suddenly saw a familiar face coming towards him.

It was someone he was seeing after sometime, he was the CEO of Arc production, CEO Wang.