Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Chapter 15. SK entertainment

Chapter 15. SK entertainment

'Ah, I am too tired..'

Ren thought as he sat on a bench in the park. He was continuously doing exercises for a whole hour.

It may look like nothing to others but Ren was too tired after working out for a hour.

His back was drenched in sweat and he was taking deep breaths.

It was inevitable that he had to go through hardships if he want to train his body.

As a man who had spent more than half his life trying to become a actor, he knew better than anyone how essential it is to maintain his body if he wanted to become a star.

Ren was willing to go through these hardships If it means that he can achieve his dream.

'Ring!' 'Ring!'

As Ren was planning to go to this house, his phone suddenly rang.

He took out his phone and saw that it was an unknown number.

-Hello, Is this the number of Mr. Xin Ren.

"Yeah, I am Xin Ren. Who am I talking to?"

The voice on the other side of the phone was of a middle aged man.

"I am a agent from SK entertainment. I wish to talk to you about something."

SK entertainment!! Ren was in a daze when he heard that. It was the company that had fired White bear.

It didn't end there, they had also harassed him and put all the blame on him. Ren voice became cold when he thought about that.

"How did you get my number?"

Ren said in a cold and angry tone.

"Ah, we had some connections. You know that SK entertainment had many connections. It was easy for us to find your number."

The man on the other side didn't noticed Ren's cold voice and said in a somewhat haughty manner.

He wanted to show to Ren that their company had many connections.

"What do you want with me?"

"I wanted to talk about a contract. Actually, I saw the video on the internet. Your expressions were pretty good and your fighting scenes were great. I hope that we can meet."

"Don't joke...."

Ren wanted to scold the caller and cut the phone but suddenly a idea came to his mind.

"Ah, yeah. You want to meet me. Of course, how can I reject a request from your company. I can meet anytime you want to."

"Really? Then, let's meet at 1 PM. I will send you the address of the restaurant."


Ren ended the phone with a devious smile. It was the smile that can even give chills to a devil.

He had first tried to end the call but he suddenly thought of taking revenge for White bear.

At this moment, he can't do much but he can at least help White bear took out some of his grievances.

For that, Ren had a good plan in his mind.

* * *

In the afternoon, Ren meet the agent from SK entertainment. He was the one Ren had talked to before on the phone.

He was a middle aged man who was wearing glasses and he looked at Ren with a smile but Ren only saw him as a scumbag.

Ren was not making that hypothesis just because he wanted to take revenge for White bear.

It was because the rumours surrounding SK entertainment.

If there is a company with the most problematic celebrities and the most scandals, it would be SK entertainment.

'It's a company that continued to produce scandals even in the future.'

Ren who knew the future knew full well how rotten the company is.

In his past life, Ren had a friend who had contracted with SK entertainment and during one drinking session, he had spoken out many of the things that had happened with him in the company.

They were just too rotten. He had talked about how senior actors from the company used to beat the juniors or how offending them would mean the end of one's career.

He had even heard him blabbering about how the higher ups were using female celebrities to gain connections with the wealthy businessman and politicians.

Several female trainees even had to sleep with the higher ups for their debut. It was simply too dark and rotten.

Ren knew that the entertainment industry is usually grey but SK entertainment is a company which stand in the realm of black, pitch black.

Although it was a rotten company, Ren also knew that it was powerful.

Despite facing several scandals, they had continued to operate. They are not a company that someone can go against easily.

Just how easily they were able to found his number was a proof of their connections.

"If you made a contract with our company, then you would receive a good contract. Not only that, we would even help you get a role in NBCs new drama, Parameter."

"I don't care about the money or offers, I am ready to contract with your company."


The agent was surprised when he heard Ren's response. He was planning to convince him some more by giving out some more empty promises but Ren's answer surprised him.

"So, you don't care about the money?...."

"Money can be earned anytime but I just wanted to obtain fame. I wanted to become a famous celebrity and SK entertainment can help me achieve it."

"You, you are right. Many aspiring actors these days only think of money, they should be more like you, Hahaha."

The agent laughed when he heard that. His face was full of smiles. He was thinking that Ren is just a naive child.

Ren on the the other hand was also smiling. His plan was going well.

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Ren thought as he said what he had planned before coming here.

"I will not care about the money and sign with your company but I had a condition."


The agent expression crumbled at that. He was thinking that everything was going too well for him.

He was worried that Ren was going to state some excessive condition. He will do his best to fulfil it until it is not excessive.

"Tell me your condition, if it's not excessive, then we will fulfil it."

"My request is not excessive. Actually, I had previously worked with a manager when I was in my previous agency. His name is Dong Shu, he had actually joined your company after parting ways with me."

"Dong Shu? Maybe, I had heard of him."

The agent didn't knew Dong Shu as he had never met him. That's why he didn't knew the matter of White bear being fired.

"I want him to become my manager. That's my only request."

The agent face which had crumbled before immediately formed a smile once again. He was ecstatic that the condition was pretty easy.

"No problem, I will contact you after we talk things with Dong Shu."

"Okay. Let's meet again soon."

Ren shook his hand with the agent and the meeting ended. Both Ren and the agent left with smiles from the restaurant, just their meanings were different.

After leaving the restaurant, Ren immediately headed to a nearby cafe.

White bear was there waiting for him. It was the time to start the second phase of the plan.

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