Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Chapter 16. Meet me at the boxing ring

Chapter 16. Meet me at the boxing ring

"You will soon get a call from SK entertainment."

Ren said as he sat across White bear. White bear had a confused expression on his face and he was fiddling with his phone.

"Do you really think that they will call me?"

"I am not 100 percent sure, but I am still 90 percent sure that they will call you."

"How are you so sure of it?"

Ren smiled when he heard that and said while leaning against his seat.

"It's actually very easy. First, they called me after just 4-5 hours of my video getting viral. It means that they wanted to be the first to contact me. They are clearly very interested in me."

Ren stopped for a second as he sipped his coffee and continued.

"Second, I gave the agent a bait. I said that I will not care about the money, if you will be my manager. He was clearly enthusiastic about that."

"Are you really sure that they will call me just because of those reasons?"

"We can only wait and watch."

As soon as Ren said that, White bear's phone rang. He glanced at it and his face was filled with nervousness after seeing the caller.

"Is it your former senior who used to harass you?

White bear nodded and Ren continued with a calm voice.

"Now, don't get nervous and remember the things I told you before coming here. You just had to say those words."

White bear again nodded and picked up the phone. He activated the speaker mode, so that Ren could hear the conversation.

"Hey, Dong Shu, are you there. I have a good news for you."

The voice on the phone was of a man in his 40s. Ren could feel some shrewdness from it.

"Why did you call me?"

White bear voice was filled with anger. He was acting according to how Ren had instructed him.

"Do I have a reason to call you when we are so close. You are my favourite junior."

"I don't remember us being close."

When White bear said that, the voice coming from the other end of the phone changed.

"Ah, you are still like before. You don't understand my kind words."

The voice was little angry and there was a small laugh at the end.

"What do you want with me? Can't you be more straightforward."

"Actually, I felt about you being fired, so I pleaded the boss to rehire you and guess what, he agreed."

Lie!! He was blatantly lying with a straight face. Ren thought that he was a bigger bastard then he thought.

"Rehire? Wasn't I fired by you?"

"That's old news. Now, you are rehired, quickly come to the office. I had some work for you."

"Sorry, I clearly remember filling my resignation letter. I don't know what are you talking about."

White bear feigned ignorance as he said that. He could imagine the boiling and anguished face of his senior.

He felt good thinking about that. He had suffered many hardships because of him.

"Just rip that paper off and come to work. I am not joking with you."

"I am also not joking, senior. I have already signed with another agency."

When White bear said that, his senior scoffed and said with a laugh.

"Another agency? Don't make me laugh. You were just fired and seeing your record, no agency will hire you instantly."

"I don't care either way. I am not coming back."

"Don't be so haughty, you little shit. Don't forget that you are just a insignificant manager."

The senior tone changed in an instant. He was now showing his true colours.

Ren was a bit worried about White bear's response. He was worried that he will not be able to answer properly but White bear answer surprised Ren.

"I don't care, you bitch."

"Wh..What did you say, you..?"

"I called you a bitch."

White bear looked towards Ren when he said that and Ren just gave him a thumbs up and gestured him to continue.

"Hey, you are being haughty now that you do not work in the company. Don't forget that I am your senior."

"What can you do? I don't work under you now."

White bear retorted marvellously and it was the first time he was showing his angry side.

"Look, I am sorry for my previous attitude. You are a good person, right. Please forgive me. The boss will chew me up if you didn't come to the company."

The voice on the other side of the phone pleaded softly. He knew that he had no way to convince White bear, so he resorted to apologising.

"You should have think about it before, you bitch....."

"You bastard. I will kill you if you don't come to the office right now."

In the end, the senior threw away his facade and started to threaten White bear openly.

"You will kill me? Sure, then come to the boxing ring. Let's a death match."

"Whhat, boxing ring?? Death match!!"

The voice on the other side of the phone was startled by White bear's words. Even Ren was startled by them.

Looking at White bear stature and physique, one could only imagine the consequences if he punched them.

His one punch can instantly squash his senior into a meat paste.

"Lo.Look, Dong Shuu, I, I..."

Before his senior could say anymore words, White bear ended the phone.

He blocked his senior's phone number and sighed.

He drowned a glass of water and looked towards Ren and said.

"I kind of feel, refreshed."

"Don't you, it's good to let out your anger sometime."

Ren said as he smiled. White bear's performance was better than he thought.

"Yeah, I feel that a big weight has been lifted from my chest."

White bear said as he placed a hand on his chest.

"It's good, right. You have to show your angry side sometimes or people will quickly take advantage of you."

"Yeah, do I have to frown a little or show a angry face?"

"Yeah, you have to learn to frown a bit from time to time, just like this."

Ren acted to be frowning when he said that. White bear watched him closely and try to frown a bit but Ren just laughed when he saw that.

"Haha, you look like a abandon puppy when you act like that."

Despite his stature, White bear had a hard time frowning and acting angry. He just looked cute acting like that.

"Hehe, I had to act to frown."

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Ren felt good seeing White bear show a sincere smile. In his previous life, White bear always had a weight on his chest because of his previous company.

But this time, Ren had helped him took a small revenge against his senior. He felt good thinking about that.

Ren and White bear talked like that for a bit until White bear asked him a question.

"Do you get the schedule for the next shooting?"

"Yeah, actually before coming here, I got a message from Assistant Director Ming. The next shooting schedule had been confirmed."

Ren had already confirmed the shooting schedule. He was excited to once again act.

"Really? It seems like we will be able to complete the shooting by the next month."

"Yeah, I can't wait for the movie to premiere."

"Me too!!"

Both Ren and White bear laughed talking about the movie.

Nothing much happened in the next two days, Ren just continued to exercise and build up his body.

He was also making plans for his future and practising for his role. He wanted to give a perfect performance at the next shoot.

He also got a call from the SK entertainment. They tried to coerce him into signing a contract but Ren just rejected them and blocked their numbers.

After two days, Ren finally returned to the filming set.

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