Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Chapter 23. The witch

Chapter 23. The witch

Ren quietly followed the secretary as she led the way to the CEO's office.

As soon as the door opened, Ren was introduced with a exquisite office. His eyes wander around the room and he finally noticed the woman sitting while leaning on the leather chair.

She was a woman who looked to be in her mid 30s and was wearing a skirt and a white blouse. She was looking like a rich woman with a exquisite and graceful atmosphere.

Her name was Xu Ying, she was the CEO of Top star entertainment.

"You can leave, now."

The CEO said to the secretary and the secretary just bowed her head as she left the room.

"Please take a seat."

"Nice to meet you."

Ren slightly bowed his head as he took his seat.

There were countless thoughts running in his mind at that moment. He was clearly observing the CEO.

No matter how he saw it, she looked like a young career woman but Ren knew that she was not a pushover.

She was the woman who had created one of the top agencies in the country and survived many years in the industry.

If Ren really regarded her as a pushover, then he would be called naive.

"You must be surprised suddenly being called here."

"Well, a little. I do not I would be able to meet the CEO, this early."

CEO Xu smiled when she heard that sentence.

"Why do you think I called you here for?"

"Is it for discussing the future plans or you wanted to say some words to me, considering that I will be affiliated with Top star entertainment from now on."

"You know, there are hundreds of actors and singers in the company, do I look like the type of meet them all?"

'So, why did she called me?'

Ren was confused by that question.

As she noticed Ren's confusion, CEO Xu pressed a button on a remote and the giant monitor on the wall started to play out.

"Why do you have that?"

Ren asked instinctively when he saw the clip playing on the monitor.

It was the clip of the shooting of Secret spy, In the clip, Ren was doing a scene with another actor.

The clip was short and after watching it, Ren glanced towards the CEO.

"I know the CEO of Forest production, it was not hard for me to get the clip."

"Why do you saw me the clip?"

CEO Xu pointed at the monitor when he asked that question.

"Do you see the clip carefully. The actor doing the scene with you was clearly more experienced than you but if you watched the scene carefully, you would notice that he was clearly nervous while you were calm."

"Did you called me here to say that?"

CEO Xu smiled when Ren said that and replied gracefully.

"No, I just wanted to show you the difference between you and an ordinary actor."

"Are you saying that I am better than normal actors?"

Ren titled his head and asked that.

"You could consider it as that but I am showing you the difference between a star and an ordinary actor."

Ren again titled his head when he heard that.

'Star and ordinary actor??'

Was the CEO saying that he was a star and the other about was just a actor. He didn't understand much of her words.

"You must be confused after hearing that but don't worry about it, you will understand it in the future. The difference between a star and an ordinary actor."

CEO Xu said as he leaned her back on the leather chair.

At that time, Ren was not able to understand the meaning of her words but in the future, he understood the large difference between an ordinary actor and a star.

* * *

"Was it painful for you? Did she asked you some personal questions? You are not hurt, right."

'What do you think your CEO is? A witch or a demoness?'

Ren really wanted to asked that question, looking at the worried Jiang Wan who was continuously asking him questions.

"No, it was pretty normal."

"Normal? That's good, then."

Jiang Wan squeezed back into his chair when he heard that.

"You really are okay, right."

Ren nodded his head to White bear who was also glancing at him with worried eyes.

"But why do you think that something would happen to me? I was just meeting the CEO."

"You still don't understand it but our CEO, she is....."

Jiang Wan glanced around the room, as to check if someone was eavesdropping their conversation, before continuing.

"She is terrifying sometimes."

"Terrifying? I didn't see any horns on her head."

Ren said in a joking manner and Jiang Wan somewhat glared at him in response.

"I didn't mean it that way. Is just that, she...just remember, never go against her. You would be finished if you did that."

Ren heard a gulping sound when Jiang Wan finished his sentenced, he glanced and saw White bear sweating with a nervous expression.

"Anyway, I didn't think that she was someone who can be called 'terrifying'."

Although, Ren felt pressured by her, he didn't felt fear. He just felt that he was talking to his superior at work. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Ah, you will understand with time but what did the CEO talked with you."

"Well, it was just trivial talk. She asked me about my family and any projects I am interested to take in the future."

Ren didn't hide much as it was not something confidential.

"Well, it's pretty normal but it's really weird for the CEO to call you."

"Is it strange?"

Ren titled his head when he heard that and Jiang Wan replied.

"Yeah, it's the first time she had called up a rookie. Even Chu Min was called after he had a success with his movie."

"So, is it a good thing or a bad one?"

Jiang Wan laughed when he heard that and said.

"Haha, of course, it's a good thing. No matter how she is, the CEO was someone who had created a big entertainment company in a short span of time. Her taking interest in you is obviously a good thing."

Maybe he was feeling good that the CEO had taken an interest in the actor he had recruited or he was just happy for Ren but he was smiling happily.


As they were talking, Jiang Wan phone suddenly rang. It was a message that had come.

He picked up his phone and glanced at the message. After reading the message, he put down his phone and smiled towards Ren and White bear as he said.

"The VIP screening date has been confirmed."

The screening had been confirmed and the release date of the movie was getting closer and closer.

It was finally the time of the premiere of Secret spy.

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