Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Chapter 27. Family shock (2)

Chapter 27. Family shock (2)

Outside the theatre, a group of friends were talking among themselves.

"It's really hard to get hold on the tickets for this movie."

"Yeah, it's been the current hot topic, right now."

"I had heard lots of things about the movie. We are fortunate that we can get some tickets."

"I don't think we should watch this movie. Why don't we watch that romantic comedy?"

A teenager with a cap on his head said. His expression said that he didn't want to watch this movie.

"Why? What happened?"

"Well, it's just that I am not interested in it. Thriller these days are very lousy, same old storyline and same ending, the hero capturing the villain and a happy ending."

Another boy clicked his tongue when he heard that and said.

"You are saying this because you haven't watched the movie yet. I had heard that critics quite liked the movie."

"We can't depend on critics reviews. Critics are critics, we are the audience who can decide if the movie is enjoyable or not."

"Well, we will not know if we just stand there. Look, the people are coming out of the theatre."

A boy with glasses said as he pointed at the swarm of people coming out of the theatre.

The group of friends quickly moved towards the entrance and the teenager with the cap steadily followed them while grumbling.

"I will buy everyone dinner if the movie is good."

It was not just the group of friends but all the people waiting for their turns lined up at the entrance.

They wanted to know about the movie by watching the people's reaction. You could find many things by watching people's reactions in the theatres.

"Hey, look, the people's pouring out of the theatre all had entranced faces."

A teenager said as he pointed at the people exiting the theatre.

Some had happy expressions and some had shocked expressions but all of them had a entranced expression.

"I thought the movie would just be okay but I didn't expected it to be that great."

"Yeah, the final scene was really shocking. I got the chills after watching the ending."

The group of friends could hear the conversation of some girls who had just watched the movie.

After listening to the conversation, they all glanced at the cap wearing teenager.

"It looks like today's dinner would be on you."

Hearing that, the cap wearing teenager just sighed as he grumbled to himself.

"I wonder how the shocking the movie is that the people are so entranced."

* * *

Amidst the crowd of people leaving the theatre, Ren's family was also within it. All the people leaving the theatres had entranced expression but they were the only one who had not came out of the shock.

"What the hell did I watched?"

Ren's uncle muttered as he glanced at the people leaving the theatre.

"Was it really big brother? I didn't knew he can make that kind of expression."

Ren's cousin brother muttered with a shocked face.

As they were standing there, they suddenly heard some suppressed sobs intermixed with sounds of tears falling on the floor.

It was Ren's mother who was quietly sobbing.

"Dear, are you crying?"

Ren's father who was the most shocked out of them quickly broke his daze when he heard Ren's mother crying voice.

His mother just shook his head and lowered it. Her eyes were red and she didn't knew why but tears were falling out of her eyes. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"No, you are crying. Hey, what happened?"

"No, I, I wasn't crying. It's just that, I am, so, hap,happy for our son."

"Mother, what happened? Are you okay?"

Ren also looked at his mother worriedly when he heard her crying.

"No, I, I told you I am okay."

As Ren was talking to his mother, he suddenly heard two girls talking to themselves.

"Hey, what is happening, there. Why is that woman crying?"

"I don't know. Maybe something happened to her."

Hearing their talk, Ren turned towards them and apologies.

"I am sorry, I disturbed you two."

"No, no....."

The woman stopped talking when she suddenly saw Ren's face.

Then her eyes met his....

The same face she had just saw in the theatre. The face that had given her the chills.



The woman's eyes bulged. At the same time, she screamed so loudly that the viewers, who continued to walk only looking in front of them, stopped in their steps from the surprise.

"Hey, are you crazy? Why are you-!"

Her friend's mouth gaped when she saw Ren's face. Her trembling fingers repeatedly pointed at him.

All the people turned their heads to look towards the two woman and Ren. The commotion had diverted everyone's attention.

It only took a second for them to recognise Ren's face. They had just saw him on the screen. It was the easy for them to recognise him.

Frantic voices could be heard after that.

"Oh my god, it's, it's the same villain in the movie. Jay, right."

"What is he doing here, he's so handsome in real life. I really liked his acting."

"Is he here to watch the movie. Let's ask for a autograph. I really liked his character."

One by one, people started swarming towards Ren like they were bee's who had seen a pot of honey.

It was frantic in the theatre at that moment. Ren was scared at first but the most sacred were his parents, especially his father who can't believe what is happening.

* * *

"I, I thought that I will die."

"That was pure madness out there. I an glad we are safe."

Ren's uncle and aunt muttered as they put up a hand on their chest.

They were shocked by the incident but more than shock, they were feeling surprised by their own nephew as they kept glancing at him.

Ren himself was surprised by that type of reaction. He didn't thought that people will swarmed at him someday.

It was good that the cinema staff came in time and saved them from the commotion.

He was also glad that White bear was with them, he was good at handling these type of situation because of his stature.

'It's good that I bought him with me today.'

Ren thought as he glanced at White bear who was currently talking to the cinema manager. He was good at handling these type of situations.

He then looked towards his cousins who were still shocked because of the incident and were slumped in their chairs.

They were keeping deep breaths and their clothes were messed. Gradually, they started recovering from the incident as they started chatting loudly.

"Wh, what the hell was that. All the people just swarmed at us, it was crazy."

"It was because of brother. He is a star now, his acting was tremendous. Didn't you looked at his emotions in the movie. They were superb."

"It looks like we finally have someone famous in our family."

"Yeah, mother and father would be happy to know that Ren had gotten successful."

His uncle and aunt said simultaneously.

"Ren, what, why did you not told me about it? Your role, that."

His mother also recovered from the shock. Her eyes were slightly red but she wasn't crying anymore and there was a constant smile on his face.

"I wanted to surprise you and father. That's why I didn't told you."

"It's okay, it's the best surprise you could give us."

His mother said as she shook her head. After talking with her, Ren glanced at his father.

His father hadn't said much since the time the movie had ended but his gaze had never left Ren. He was continuously staring at him.

"Father, did you liked the film?"

"Huh, yo-you, it was okay."

His father was shuttering but Ren could see that his eyes were soft while looking at him.

"You should not be over confident now, that you have become somewhat successful. A single movie can't pay you enough to eat for a lifetime."

His father said as he turned his head away. Ren sighed seeing that and took out the paper he had prepared beforehand.

He knew his father's personality well, so he had prepared something.

"What is this?"

His father said as Ren passed him a piece of paper.

"You should check it out yourself."

When Ren said that, his father snatched the paper from his hands and opened it but his eyes got struck at it when he read it.

"Th, this is.."

His father said with shaking eyes.

"Actually, I got scouted by a entertainment agency."

"Entertainment agency? It isn't like your previous agency, right."

His mother titled his head when she heard that and looked at him with worried eyes.

"No, it isn't. Actually, it's a big agency."

"Big agency??"

His father said as his voice trailed. There were unspeakable emotions on his face.

"Yeah, I think I will work in more movies from now on."

Ren said as he scratched his head.

"Big agency? Big brother is really like a star, now. "

"Will he come in entertainment shows from now on."

"Maybe, he will."

"Let's invite mother and father to watch the movie. No, all of our relatives."

His relatives also started talking furiously when they heard that.

At that moment, Ren finally saw a big smile on his father's face. He didn't knew how much time had gone since he had last saw his father's smile.

"Yeah, let's call them."

Ren's father said as he smiled towards Ren's uncle. There was a festive atmosphere going on in the room.

"Ren, it happened!!"

As Ren was watching his family discuss their plans with enthusiasm, White bear approached him with hurried steps.

"What happened?"

"The articles, no the frenzy had started."

White bear said with his eyes shaking and with that, Ren's name reached the top of the real-time search rankings.

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